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Information about Ceylon module repositories by Aleš Justin

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: UnFroMage

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Discover how Ceylon modules are implemented.

Module repositories Aleš Justin, Red Hat

Modules? • History • • • Java SDK monolith JSR-277, JSR-294, … OSGi ! • Should be part of the language! • Well, you cannot ignore legacy • A ton of cool Java libs, … ! • It’s all about modules in Ceylon! • (at least that’s what Stéphane tells me ;-)

Compiling the app? • Something needs to know how to *find* dependent modules • • • Typechecker “talks” to Ceylon Module Repository (CMR) ! Once an app module is compiled, it goes into local module repo → *ready* to be used by other modules ! But how do we share it “globally”?

Running the app? • Directly — MyApp::main(String… args) ? • • BOOM!! … as nobody knows how to *load* dependent modules ! Custom “Runtime” • • • JBoss Modules based (WildFly AS proven; p2p classloading) “Talks” to CMR to lookup modules Lazy initialisation; build minimal transient closure of dependency info

More module lookups • • Sources, module list view and compiling JavaScript backend • IDE • Lookup .js files

Module lookup • <name,version> → module or <null> • No range lookup • Set of repositories • • Local Remote • • • • File system Maven WebDav Herd • Transferring module’ bytecode bits and *dependency info* • Type of repository • Remote → Local

Dependency info • • import org.acme.poke “1.0” Maven • • From pom.xml / via Aether • JBoss Modules • module.xml Custom jar • • module.properties • OSGi (wip) Native

Maven trouble? • Some Maven pom.xml files are “invalid” • • Transitive dependencies / flat classpath 2nd level dep used directly ! • Fix? • • • • • Current workaround = overrides.xml Add Remove Replace Any better idea?

Repositories configuration • • Distrib, Project, User, Cache, Herd, … Add your own • • —rep <repo config> Customise things in .ceylon/config • Default

Module sharing? • Herd (http://modules.ceylon-lang.org/) • • • • • Upload your modules Upload permission Dependency pre-check Integrity validation check Set-up your own Herd ! • Query for modules • If supported by repository type

Misc • • Can be used in the app; but not encouraged Language and JDK are added by default • • Yes, even JDK is a module (actually multiple modules) Logging module(s) have special treatment • • So all logs end-up at the same place — JBoss LogManager CMR is pluggable — RepositoryBuilder • CMR, Runtime, Typechecker, … are also all modules • Impl your own Repository

Thanks! ! ajustin@redhat.com Q&A anytime

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