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Published on December 1, 2007

Author: Francisco

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e-Census System:  e-Census System Sep. 2006 Korea National Statistical Office Agenda:  Agenda Why e-Census System? Implementation Steps Major Supports of this System e-Census System Now Internet Survey Future Works Why e-Census System?:  Why e-Census System? Changes of Census Environment No more cooperative env’ to Census Difficulties in meeting interviewees Cost increasing for recruiting enumerators Needs of Managements Process Management Enumerators & their works Needs of nation-wide management for Census Materials Why e-Census System?:  Why e-Census System? Needs of timeliness Results of Census are used as sample frames of other surveys Statistical Information was needed earlier Verification of Appropriate Model through the pilot censuses OCR based System Web based System KNSO took advantages of both systems Implementation Steps:  Implementation Steps Pilot Censuses OCR based test (3-times) Web based test (3-times) Preparations for Introduction Hardware : Servers, Storage, Backup, Network devices Software : Databases, Middleware, Packages for business, System operation software, Development tools Implementation Steps:  Implementation Steps Schedules Realization 3rd Test Integration analysis design Installment test Introduction & Installment Pilot Operation (Integration systemTest) Normal Operation Employment Application for Internet survey Selecting census tract Sampling census tract Calculating goods and human resource Main survey /data processing Provisional compiling Introduction & installment of system S/W Environment composition of system S/W Introduction & Installment of application S/W Unit Test Realization Detailed design Integration analysis/design Realization Unit Test 1ST Test 2nd Test Implementation Steps:  Implementation Steps Processes of development 1. Analysis of requirement 3. Design of UI 4. Design of DB 5. Realization 6. Test 8. Training of users 7. Installment of system 2.Design of architecture 9. Operation of system Repetitive,, Gradual development (repeat of two times) Major Supports of this System:  Major Supports of this System Major Supports Management of Census & Enumerators Census proceeding status Cyber education for enumerators Communication with e-mail & cellular phones Internet Survey Online application to attendance and input Major Supports of this System:  Major Supports of this System Web based input & Checking Input and checking in the field(distributed process) Data is collected in central database Post Survey Surveys for verification of accuracy Tabulation & Analysis Tabulation using ICT e-Census System Now:  e-Census System Now Diagram for entire system e-Census System Now:  e-Census System Now Diagram for hardware IBM p5 590 IBM p5 590 IBM p5 570 IBM p5 595 IBM p5 595 파티션 3 파티션 4 파티션 1 파티션 2 Web server #1 Web server #2 Mail/Short message transmission server WAS server #1 WAS server #2 Gigabit Backbone Network Compiling/analysis server Backup management/SMS server DB server #1 DB server #2 IBM p5 595 IBM p5 595 IBM p5 550 IBM p5 570 Heartbeat Network Oracle RAC Sync Fiber Channel StoregeTek L80 HDS TagmaStoreTM USP HDS TagmaStoreTM USP Storage for data storage Storage for data duplication Backup equipment SRDF Link e-Census System Now:  e-Census System Now Diagram for network e-Census System Now:  e-Census System Now Diagram for security system Internet Survey:  Internet Survey Goals Preventing survey omission for the vulnerable who are difficult to have interview survey Accepting household that avoid interview survey for privacy Target people who want Internet survey for population & housing census Periods Application submission : Oct 29. ~ Nov 10. (13 days) Input : Oct 29. ~ Nov 12. (15 days) Internet Survey:  Internet Survey Effects Possible to identify real-time proceedings Inducing active participation of applicant by automatically sending information notice Flow of Internet survey Internet Survey:  Internet Survey Characteristics To minimize input errors by applying input editing by proceeding step To Minimize input work through automatic linkage with applicant address and census tract information To adapt security policies such as application of encryption of application & input data To induce to participate by SMS, e-mail. Real-time monitoring of proceedings of Internet applicants Internet Survey:  Internet Survey Results 44% of participation rate in contrast of the goal Status of input by survey date / by input time Internet Survey:  Internet Survey Results Required time for input & Status of drop-out of applicant Internet Survey:  Internet Survey Improved Non-stop operation of the system Identifying real-time status Immediate response to correction matters Simultaneous noticing and giving directions To be improved Low participation rate Waiting time was needed after application Some user PCs occurred errors for low spec’s Renewal automatic grant system of census units Future Works :  Future Works We should consider the followings: How can we improve the rate of attendance to the e-Census? How can we minimize the errors in input? How can we elevate imputation techniques for this system ? How can we speed up for data processing? What should we prepare systematic supports for better services to the users of e-Census system? Thank you very much for your watching:  Thank you very much for your watching Ryu, Gi Hyong, Kim, Kyu Young nonl@nso.go.kr kkyoung@nso.go.kr Korea National Statistical Office

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