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Information about CES JHCBML

Published on January 31, 2008

Author: Paola

Source: authorstream.com

Mission Impossible:  Mission Impossible PDA’s Out of the box and into the future Christy Blauer Jennifer Holvoet Michael Lowe Franklin eBook:  Franklin eBook Franklin eBook:  Franklin eBook Typical PDA with ability to play music and books (MP3 and proprietary) Audible Reader http://audible.com Accommodation for persons with visual handicaps or LD Student literacy project - involve students in providing k-6 books in kid voices GoReader:  GoReader GoReader:  GoReader Designed for higher educational market Easier to read and navigate than ebooks Highlight and save material for review Lost all PDA aspects Palm Pen:  Palm Pen Palm Pen:  Palm Pen Translation Literacy tool for capturing information Research support tool Palm Pix:  Palm Pix Palm Pix:  Palm Pix Portable - pictures anytime Quality of pictures - grainy jpeg (640X480, 50mb average) Palm Voice Recorder:  Palm Voice Recorder Palm Voice Recorder:  Palm Voice Recorder Voice input into the Palm Nice for persons with disabilities Palm Software Find!!!:  Palm Software Find!!! Downloadable software developed by Synergix(?) Control PowerPoint presentation from cradled Palm Read notes from Palm without having them on screen Navigate easily (jump to any slide) Sony Vaio:  Sony Vaio Sony Vaio:  Sony Vaio Lightweight and very portable; camera swivels opposite keyboard Camera for science observations Easy video capture for interviews by students Field trip notes and pictures Cybiko:  Cybiko Cybiko:  Cybiko Designed for teens and tweens Great industrial design - easy and comfortable to hold Best use of software to encourage interaction Integrated with a wide variety of peripherals Cybiko:  Cybiko Wireless chat and email Anytime, anyplace swarm technology Send photos to a friend - across the mall, stadium, or school Meet a new friend with similar profile Interactive gaming- new games downloadable daily - FREE. Cybiko Peripherals:  Cybiko Peripherals Turn your Palm into a Cybiko with the cartridge Cybiko Peripherals:  Cybiko Peripherals Base station - integration into local malls, schools, libraries, and recreation centers Safety issues with this tool? Intel - Anypoint Technology:  Intel - Anypoint Technology Chatpad Web Tablet Intel - Anypoint Technology:  Intel - Anypoint Technology Nicely integrated into wireless classroom setting (similar to Newton but wireless) Kids can move anywhere within the classroom (150 ft. range) Do not require line of site transmission Qubit:  Qubit Qubit:  Qubit Touch screen technology Messaging, internet, current events, weather Skinnable Adaptation of this wireless security system could have lots of “Out of the box” applications in classrooms of the future Developed in Golden, CO Some Really Cool Other Stuff (non-PDA oriented):  Some Really Cool Other Stuff (non-PDA oriented) Digismell WatchCam

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