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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: WilliamHarvey3

Source: slideshare.net

7th-10th January CES2013 Consumer Electronics Show 2013 Ogilvy London Labs findings By Will Harvey @WilliamEdHarvey As I hope you’ll all recall (from my last year’s report!), every January, the world’s tech and innovation community descend upon Las Vegas for 4 days, for the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show : CES. The event is held in high esteem as a vision into the future of consumer’s lives, with users becoming ever more connected, social and tech savvy! The event acts as a stage for mini and enormous companies alike to launch their latest, greatest, new & innovative gadgets and widgets. Tech solutions and Screens developments that will continue to change and evolve the way consumers engage with content, in-home, at work and at play. Some scary stats.... : CES is in its 45th year It plays host to 150,000 attendees from 170 Countries There were1.92m. sq. ft of exhibition space 20,000 new products were released in just 4 days CES is therefore the place to be for anyone in the tech, innovation and new media space. 1 This was my second year representing Ogilvy London Labs. My job: Pick up on the biggest new trends, most innovative potential partners and gain insight into how future consumers will engage with the world around them specifically through new technology! This year I was joined by fellow staff member Matt Doherty representing the New York office. There was also as A mix of Ogilvy Speakers including Doug Scott, Brandon Berger, Matt and myself. What follows is a compilation of my findings, trends for 2013, insight into the connected home, new products our consumers may be using and particularly the power of 2nd screen.

BIG TRENDS Trends What will be big in 2013 Voice, Gesture and Facial recognition Our interaction with the devices in our lives through keyboards has been the primary input method since we all first engaged with computers. That looks soon to change. Consumers evergrowing need to engage with every day technology means huge growth and an increase in consumer demand for constant innovation. This years big focus seemed to be how we can login, type faster and browse more effectively through face, voice and gesture recognition. One company that made big waves this year was Leap Motion. A little device placed on your worktop in front of a Mac or PC which allows you to interact with it through gesturing in the air above the device. Smart Cameras A continuing trend throughout the show, was the release of numerous Smart cameras. The growing popularity of ‘pro-sumer’ photography and demand for instant sharing with friends and family. With the historical low pixel quality of the last generation smart-phones, there seemed to be a perfect gap in the market. Samsung released their own android powered Galaxy camera with ‘Constant connected’ feature allowing users to snap, edit and share v. high quality pics from one device on the go very quickly. This creates a fantastic opportunity. This next generation of good quality, live and therefore instantly available content means advertisers could explore this trend : instant user generated content from potential brand advocates within communities. Making a Splash Samsung Galaxy smart camera (left) and Samsung’s keynote announcing 4K 85inch TV to the market! 2 “Ask what consumers are expecting to get, then create a service for that expectation” Joseph Tripodi -Chief Marketing officer -Coke Technology Hardware from Kickstarter With the growing popularity of Kickstarter and crowd-funded ideas and creativity, the number of start-ups flooding the market means a shift in the consumer electronics market. More small companies can more easily bring their own products to market, to compete with the giant manufacturers. One fantastic example of this is the ‘Valve steam box’ It has the potential to disrupt the portable gaming market. A low cost portable PC, packed with power easily connectable to most TVs on the market. One to watch! 4K The biggest buzz of CES 2013 without a doubt, was 4K. Basically 4x the picture resolution quality of HD as we currently know it. The market is about to be flooded by 4K-ready televisions from virtually every major manufacturer. This presents an interesting challenge for our Clients. The understanding of the need, coupled with the desire and ability to produce 4K-ready content to supply this increase in consumer knowledge of and therefore demand for higher picture quality. Prices are prohibitive at the moment but it’s only a matter of time.

NEW PRODUCTS New Products What our Consumers will be using “People don’t walk round with a TV in their pocket, but they do have a mobile” Samsung ‘Youm’ The technology that really stole the focus on true innovation at this years CES was Samsung s ‘Youm’ flexible technology. It allows a full colour display to be curved round an object, say a watch or binder. It is incredibly flexible with very high quality display. Samsung says they will begin supplying it later this year. The use of flexible display opens up whole new generation of devices moulded to fit user needs, perhaps worn on the body and displaying content in multiple ways around curved surfaces. You could easily wrap iconic buildings with 1off flexible curved displays overnight to turn them into giant canvases rather then the traditional square box OOH formats. Sony Xperia Z CES is the stage for the year’s hottest phones. All eyes were on the usual suspects : Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. Surprisingly, the company that stole the mobile handset of the show was the Sony with Xperia Z! It sports a 5” display using Sony’s TV Bravia display tech. NFC comes completely waterproof with a Quadcore processor inside. The processing power packed into this device is the interesting element, moving it into the space of ‘Superphones’, putting the power of a desktop PC in the pocket of users. This opens up new possibilities for more powerful and impactful mobile campaigns and more sophisticated onthe-go engagement, traditionally restricted to the home PC as a channel. Keith Weed - Chief Marketing & Communications Officer - Unilever “Everything is now connected, its not a question of ‘Is our customer connected?’ ” Josh Silverman - U.S Consumer Services -American Express Pebble smartwatch Leading up to CES there was a lot of talk around the space of wearable technology being a big focus this year. The Pebble smartwatch made a big splash in this space. Pebble is a Kickstarter funded smartwatch that sports An e-paper display that can pair with your iOS or android device. It allows users to see Caller id, notifications, control music and track sporting movements all on their wrist. The element that is most interesting is the open source app. development. There are endless possibilities for brands to create companion applications between mobile devices and a user’s watch. Helmann’s might for example create an app with user downloads. On arriving home, it delivers a daily recipe of how Displair Projecting on air Touch what you see The Dislpair takes a range of inputs and displays them using a water vapour display, and is gesture interactive. 3 This year one surprise technology really stood out to me as part of the Eureka park : Displair. Displair is a Russian based start-up that really made an impact on the show floor. It is a technology that produces a thin steady upward blowing vapour wall , back projected and with multiple gesture recognition! The translucent display created a very engaging piece of theatre but also provided very accurate gesture recognition. For an emerging technology, the quality of the image to use ingredients straight to the users hand, freeing the other up to cook! Hapifork Continuing the trend this year of connected devices was the surprise sensation of CES - the Hapifork. It monitors your eating habitats from how fast and how often & with its built-in vibrator and LED indicator, helps you eat slowly, lose weight and feel great. This might be developed into a perfect partner for any of our health brands in the digital health sector now worth £6.7Tr. a year worldwide and climbing. Few problems to iron out, an develop further but interesting insight and food for thought...... and various compatible apps that it works with is stunning! The experience with the technology is the really interesting element. You can completely put your hand through the display, and it has a holographic feel - very exciting. They are currently producing 26” retail units (image left) but they can produce large custom set-ups for events and installations.This could be used as a key part of a large scale experiential event, and give great impact, with users able to walk through the display and interact with the content using different body parts.

CONNECTED HOME “We interact with innovative technology through our daily lives, the home is the dumbest part of that ... for now....” Will.i.am - Director of Creative Innovation - Intel The Connected Home Homes are about to get a whole lot smarter Throughout the whole of CES there was one trend that kept on resurfacing, from speakers, exhibitors and visitors alike, they were all talking about the connected home! As everyday consumers lives becomes more enabled through use of connected devices, users are able to control their lives from social interactions, sharing of opinions and consuming media on the go. This drives expectation that everything in their daily life can interact and be synched and controllable at a touch of a button. The home is the one space that has lagged behind with this trend. This year’s show featured a multiple demonstrations of how a home connected eco system could work. Big brands like LG, Samsung and Panasonic each demonstrated how their connected eco system was the best! The home of the future is coming fast with lots of exciting possibilities; the growth of smart appliances such as fridges, digitally unlock-able doors, the old classic - robot cleaners, but also connected light bulbs and remotely controlled washers. This continuing trend will change forever users perception of brands and everyday consumable products in the home. A good example is the LG connected fridge. 4 Consumers scan in products as they are put in the fridge and once expired it notifies your mobile which can add it to a shopping list on the go to replace your item! The connected home offers the opportunity for even better brand recognition and affiliation. The behavioral & buying habits of consumers at home will change. An example ; as surfaces and appliances in the home become more sensitised through pressure pads, image recognition etc., when an item is near or finished the home now can potentially add it to a digital shopping cart of all the items needing to be replaced. Links to retailers or manufacturers can then suggest you stick with that brand of item and re-order it or more interestingly recommend an alternative and or complementary product and offer relating to that, all gathering direct product feedback. Useful too for measurable stats. of product satisfaction and use. This more connected home can enhance users lives through time saving innovation, allowing brands need to keep connected with them, offer them time saving ideas and offers, and therefore build more loyal relationships.

FUTURECAR’S Future Cars Just what has the automotive industry got up its sleeve? “The car has become one big Smartphone accessory, with how powerful smartphones are becoming, it is now the car’s brain” Car coverage at CES Year on year CES grows its automotive focus and this year was no exception. Most major car manufacturers were launching new products. From hooking up your iphone to use its GPS, Android powered AV to heads-up display systems that project live direction data to your windscreen. CES showcased a wide range of interesting new technologies and systems to make the most of your driving experience.They also present great new opportunities for Advertisers as new spaces for consumer engagement on the go open up. 29% of CES social chatter was about the Automotive sector. Smartphone Brain The ability to hook up your smartphone to your car is not new thing. However now car manufactures are working with handset providers to allow greater integration of the phone into the car. As we become ever more phone dependent, the ability to make use of all features on the go is becoming more apparent. GM, BMW and Audi have started building in Siri integration to future cars, allowing what they call ‘Eyes-free’ control of a smartphone. Ford, for example are opening up developer programs for their car systems, allowing developers to explore new, deeper integration of the huge processing power fast becoming the norm in consumer handsets. Self Driving Technology As some of you may know, Google have for some time been looking into selfdriving cars, having converted a number of its street-view fleet late last year. They have no plans to commercialize it yet.... This year also saw companies such as Toyota and Audi throw into the ring their versions of self- driving assisted technologies. From auto parking for small spaces & difficult spots through to research tools for autonomous driving. At this stage, all systems do still require a human to pilot the vehicle, but the development in the space suggests that it will be more about the car intervening in the event of driver error, rather than sporting fullyon autopilot! Navmii Navigation in a New Direction Who are they? Navmii Demo of how smartphone integration could enable the car to the new possibilities of navigation, live Data and Insurance benefits. 5 Navfree were at CES demo-ing their solution alongside Pioneer's AppRadio, Pioneer's answer to the connected car's interface. Navfree's app. allows embedded and cloud-based navigation as part of the Pioneer AppRadio compatible app. line-up.  They are now considered one of the best free mobile GPS apps available, with 12.1 million users as of January 2013.  Electric and Hybrid technology A new addition this year in the automotive section of CES was the ‘Go Electric Drive’ space. It featured 20 stands showcasing the future of electric and Hybrid technologies for cars. With the technology to produce more powerful electric cars and our desire to go Green what does this mean for the fuel industry? Batteries and charging for electric cars is finally making leaps. Wireless charging solves one of the greatest limitations, the lack of accessible charge points. However far in the future the full roll out of electric cars is to be, providers like BP should perhaps look into future proofing their position within the electric car market we are only talking 5-10 years now for it to come to fruition fully. Why should I check it out? Navfree was presenting new app. features : Integrated Google Streetview, live parking information, dynamic traffic overlays and Cyclops Safety Camera information. Navfree is disrupting connected car areas with OSM navigation in emerging markets, mobile telematics products and new solutions in embedded navigation How could I use it? With live telematics a client like BP could provide messaging for consumers when a mile radius from a BP garage, or on a route for a planned journey that is pushed to the user interface!

2ND SCREEN SUMMIT 2nd Screen Summit A whole new channel of communication I was lucky enough to be invited to participate on a panel as part of the 2nd screen summit being held the day before CES kicked off. I have spoken before about the use of 2nd screen, as last years CES report identified 2Screen as an upcoming trend and the consumer engagement which would have massive impact on living spaces. With 70% of TV viewers looking at some form of mobile, tablet or PC at least once a week whilst viewing TV, what effect is this going to have on traditional TV advertising if we can switch our attention form the main screen in the room to the one in our hand! Second screen is a broad term and is now starting to splinter into different sub groups, depending on the content, situation and the desired outcome. Hardware - Nintendo Wii U The way of the service providers Want to Know More? As the concept of 2Screen gets bought into by brands, it is the service providers that will be the ones in the best position to full embrace its possibilities. Network providers like Sky, Virgin, BTVision and Talk Talk are likely be the successful brands in this space, by allowing full control and integration of the device to the set-top box or on demand services. A physical technology that is looking to take up the concept of 2nd screen is the Nintendo Wii U. Users have a controller in their hands with a built in screen that communicates to the Wii console plugged into the TV and delivers experiences across the two. Software - Microsoft Smart Glass Just over a year ago, Microsoft announced a ‘smart glass’ application that allows Xbox an extended experience. Going across handsets and tablets to complement the main experience on the home screen from the Xbox, through controlling music and giving you additional information in games, plus exclusive content access, to what is being viewed. We hope you found this interesting and perhaps came across some interesting findings you can use. We have a number of documents from the event if you would like to know more, Please get in contact. Will.harvey@ogilvy.com @WilliamEdHarvey “Second screen isn't a trend to watch; It’s a living, breathing phenomenon that has already arrived” Darrell Etherington, Techcrunch “You should use the second screen experience only if it complements the creative idea, not trend for trend’s sake” Will Harvey, Ogilvy Labs 6

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