Certified EU GDPR Practitioner Training Course

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Information about Certified EU GDPR Practitioner Training Course

Published on October 19, 2018

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slide 1: +353 1 4 111011 gdprcourse.com Certified EU GDPR Practitioner Training Course +353 1 4 111011 / infogdprcourse.com gdprcourse.com / slide 2: +353 1 4 111011 gdprcourse.com Personal data of individuals is an important asset and needs to be properly protected without causing breaches. Apart from creating good business sense the reputation and progress of your organization can be under warning if personal data isn’t handled properly. In becoming a Certified Lead Professional everyone can also set the highest standard of data protection tailored to the organization. This training course will help to learn from the specialists about how to satisfy the demands of the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. Also obtain a practical and theoretical understanding of the tools and methods for executing and maintaining an effective compliance structure for the organization. In GDPR practitioner course individuals will be taught the importance of developing their compliance strategy thoroughly in order to estimate for the accurate details of the GDPR’s articles and recitals and to ensure that their organization does not face financial catastrophic fines of up to €20 million. The GDPR Practitioner Training course is mainly aimed at a practitioner level or with those who already have pre-knowledge about GDPR regulations. Once you are done with this course you will have the ability to understand the privacy assessments lawful basis for processing data and data breaches. It will also teach you on how the data principles work in practice as well as important elements of effective data security management. It can help the employees to develop the skills needed to deliver the practice and compliance in your organisation. For attending the GDPR Practitioner Training Course every candidate must have qualified the Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Foundation exam prior to attending this course. Main Objectives Of GDPR Practitioner Training Course: ● Employees will be able to understand the history of personal data protection in an organization ● Obtain a complete knowledge of the concepts and approaches required for the effective alignment with the General Data Protection Regulation. ● Get the new demands that the General Data Protection Regulation causes for EU organizations and non-EU organizations and when it is required to execute them. ● Able to acquire the required expertise to assist an organization in assessing the implementation of these new requirements. ● Candidates will be able to learn how to handle a team executing the GDPR. ● Get the knowledge and skills required to advise organizations on how to manage and process personal data. ● Obtain the expertise for analysis and decision making in the meaning of personal data protection and regulation. slide 3: +353 1 4 111011 gdprcourse.com Who should attend GDPR Certification Courses GDPR training and certification courses are proper for: ● Data Protection Officers DPOs ● Senior marketing managers ● Professionals or individuals associated in Personal Data Protection ● Compliance officers ● Risk Managers The course takes a realistic approach using: ● A real-life case study to demonstrate the best methods and methodologies ● A DPIA tool to help assess and discuss privacy risks and ● A GDPR assent gap estimation tool to help develop a compliance plan. With a sufficient blend of focus and commitment employees can become certified and distinguish themselves in the competitive market. So keep your organisation’s data safe secure and compliant.

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