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Published on September 19, 2014

Author: AlessiaAva97

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Certificate Ratings By Alessia Carofalo

To creating my own film opening I need to find out about how the classifications work as well as gain knowledge on how to link them into my film opening. However all of this knowledge and understanding needs to be gained before I even consider creating my film opening. To help me I will use the BBFC website to help me achieve my goal of learning all the classifications for each certificate ratings. After I’ve completed this I will decide will one will best fit my film idea as well as which one is the most appropriate one to use. Moreover when I get round to deciding which certificate rating is best suited for my film, I will have to make sure my film ideas fit the allocated guidelines of the classification of my choice.

S uitable for all These types of films shouldn’t have the following terms of discrimination, drugs,, imitable behavior, language, nudity, sexual scenes or violence. With in U films people expect very mild bad language, nothing that would be too inappropriate for a child of four plus. The type of language that would be used is words such as goodness sake, damn or even hell. Nothing like f*** should ever be used as that sort of language is seen as inappropriate and is therefore used in 12 and 12A films. The following themes would not be permitted within a U film: • Bad language • Nudity • Sexual scenes and relationships • Violence and threat • Weapons • Drugs • Discrimination • Anything to do with horror and supernatural themes An example of a U certificated film would be ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ , ‘Help I’m A Fish’ and all Disney films. A U certificated film would have the biggest audience however you couldn’t make a horror film and put the certificate as U as it’s not an appropriate rating. Would my film opening be suitable for a U certificate? As I will be creating a horror it would definitely not be suitable for me to have a U rating. I plan for my horror film to be scary, violent as well as gory therefore as these are not focused or mentioned in the certificate ratings I can’t have a U rating. My aim is to scare my audience not humour them as U films would.

Parental guidance Parental guidance films are suitable for general viewing, however some scenes may be unsuitable for young children aged eight or over. Moreover this certificate means that any issues within the film should be appropriate for the majority of age groups as well as being appropriate for children therefore not upsetting them. In addition in comparison to U films they explore issues such as bullying, bereavement and racism. What you expect to see in PG films: • Mild bad language such as ‘son of a bitch’, ‘shit’ and ‘ass’ • Sexual themes are unlikely, however if sex is mentioned it’s in the use od comedy, such as the use of innuendos • Some violence, and sometimes blood will be present by fighting scenes for example • The only horror present is if the film makes the viewer jump • Weapons are accessible in a PG film • Smoking and drinking are present – however are usually portrayed as being bad • Drugs are mentioned and are sometimes seen however they are portrayed as being bad A PG films means the child needs an adult present whilst watching due to the fact that dependant of the individual child you don’t know what can scare/upset them or not. Some examples of PG films are ‘Monster House’, ‘Step Up’ and ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. You wouldn’t use a PG rating certificate on a horror film due to that fact that the viewers would end up being disappointed with the film as it wouldn’t have anything horror related in the film as PG ratings don’t allow a scary, gory film therefore this certificate wouldn’t be appropriate. Would my film opening be suitable for a PG certificate? I wouldn’t have a PG certificate rating due to similar reasons why I wouldn’t for a U rating. Within my horror film I’m planning on using explicit language and blood scenes however I won't be able to do so as blood isn’t acceptable and isn’t a key element in a PG film.

Cinema release suitable for 12 years and over Video release suitable for 12 years and over Films that arte of the rating 12A are not generally suitable for children below the age of 12. No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless adult supervision is with them. Cinema staff enforce the matter that parental supervision is needed as the cinema could lose their license if adult accompaniment is not enforced for children under 12. Within a 12/12A film rating individuals expect to see sexual scenes and nudity as well as hear sex references however they must not be too explicit as the fil still has to be suitable for teenagers. If there is any sexual activity or nudity in the 12/12A film it would be brief as it wouldn’t ne acceptable otherwise. Furthermore another classification that in a 12/12A is violence and horror, there are sometimes gory aspects in some films however they’re not focused on too much. Moreover violence includes weapons, fighting scenes, sexual violence scenes such as rape are in 12/12A but once again the themes are only brief. Language is also another classification in a horror film, in a 12/12A there is strong language used like ‘f***’ for example, for language like this to be used in a 12/12A film it wouldn’t be allowed to be used in a aggressive manner. Moreover in my horror film strong language may be used in an aggressive manner therefore a 12/12A film rating wouldn’t be acceptable for my film. Lastly illegal drugs may be casted but it’s unlikely it will be portrayed in a prestigious way. Would my film opening be suitable for a 12/12A certificate? I haven’t anticipated using a 12/12A certificate as I will mainly have gory scenes that will be too much for 12/12A viewers as the gory scenes will be violent and dwelled on which goes against regulations of this certificate.

Suitable only for 15 years and over This sort of certificate means if your not 15 years of age you can’t watch the film in the cinema as well as watch it on DVD and Blu-ray. Within a 15 certificated film bad/violent language such as ‘f***’ is acceptable, where as in a 12/12A language like that could only be used if it weren’t in an aggressive manner. Another classification in a 15 rated film is violence and horror, within a 15 it’s acceptable for violence and a little bit of gore however as long as it doesn’t focus on pain or injury. In addition verbal and sexual violence is allowed where as in a 12/12A its not as excepted. The really gory scenes will be in an 18 rated film as they allow the most violent and gory scenes. Moreover sexual activity as well as nudity is also allowed, however as long as its not too explicit as it wouldn’t be appropriate for a 15 year old. If the reference to sexual behaviour are too strong then they may not be accepted. The use of drugs in a 15 certificated film is very common and used widely, moreover it doesn’t promote the taking of illegal drugs. Would my film opening be suitable for a 15 certificate? My film opening is more than likely to be given a 15 certificate this is due to the fact that the guidelines I’m looking at would in the 15 rating as a 12/12A wouldn’t be allowed or appropriate as I plan to have strong violence and bad language within my film opening which wouldn’t be appropriate for a 12/12A. Moreover my horror film opening isn’t likely to have a certificate of 18 as I’m not looking to have explicit sexual violent scenes as well as language such as ‘c***’. Therefore my certificate is more likely to be a 15.

Suitable for adults only An 18 film rating means that anyone below the age of18 shouldn’t be watching the film as the classifications used are not appropriate for views of under 18 years of age. One classification used in an 18 certificated film is violence and horror, moreover violence in an 18 rating film suggests that there could be scenes that focus on pain and injury that’s occurred possibly in violent gory manner that doesn’t make it suitable for younger aged viewers. Younger viewers shouldn’t watch this rating of film as the certificate has very loose guidelines to meet therefore they can also be offensive. Moreover another classification is drugs; the same as a 15 rating drugs (illegal) are widely used and aren’t promoted in a good way. Bad language is not limited on an 18 certificated film, in addition the swearing and vile language used will continually relapse it’s therefore not making it appropriate for a rating less than 18. Another classification used in an 18 certificated film is sexual activity and nudity, moreover within 18’s there it a lot of constant nudity like the film Hostel for example as it shows full nudity of individuals. Sexual references, as well as sex scenes also have no limitation however films containing scenes of real sex aren’t acceptable. Would my film opening be given an 18 certificate? My film could potentially be given this certificate rating as I plan to have very gory images, however the images may not be gory enough to be classed as an 18 certificate. I don’t plan on having lots of explicit bad language or sex scenes therefore my film opening is probably going to be rated as a 15 and not an 18.

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