Ceramic Car Coatings Gaining Prominence as Waxing Alternative in SW Colorado

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Information about Ceramic Car Coatings Gaining Prominence as Waxing Alternative in SW...

Published on November 21, 2019

Author: Dannmith7225

Source: slideshare.net

1. Ceramic Car Coa ngs Gaining Prominence as Waxing Alterna ve in SW Colorado.

2. Mike Rasmussen, owner of D- Town Mobile Detail is expanding the use and service of ceramic car and vehicle coa ngs in the Southwest Colorado area. Waxing has worked to protect cars and trucks for decades, but is slowly becoming a thing of the past if you want more durable and permanent solu ons for protec ng car surfaces.

3. Nano-Ceramic coa ngs for vehicles are growing as the public educated about it. His aim is to apply coa ngs from manufacturers that have solid reputa ons for more benefits of these cu ng edge coa ngs.

4. D-Town offers a kind of insider perspec ve to all vehicle owners in an effort to help them protect their investment. Nano-ceramic coa ngs offer far stronger and longer las ng protec on,keeping water and harmful road debris at bay.

5. One innova on which is exploding in popularity world-wide is Nano Ceramic Coa ngs . Originally developed for the aerospace industry to protect airplanes from the aggressive elements in the upper atmosphere, Ceramic Coa ngs have become the ‘answered prayer’ for vehicle owners searching for the best way to protect their vehicle.

6. Once applied, a ceramic coa ng creates a semi- permanent bond with almost any surface. It protects against UV radia on and chemical damage, as well as making your paint scratch resistant and easier to clean.

7. Contact Us At: https://www.dtownmobi ledetail.com/

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