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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: indiandentalacademy

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CEPHALOMETRIC ANALYSIS: CEPHALOMETRIC ANALYSIS Leader in continuing dental education www.indiandentalacademy.com INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY www.indiandentalacademy.com ANALYSIS UTILIZING THE CEPHALOMETRIC TRACING: ANALYSIS UTILIZING THE CEPHALOMETRIC TRACING 1) Describe the subject’s dento-facial morphology 2) Quantitative description of morphological deviations 3) Make diagnostic and treatment planing decisions 2) Evaluate change over time - treatment induced and growth process www.indiandentalacademy.com Morphological Description: Morphological Description Skeletal - horizontal and vertical Dental - horizontal and vertical Comparing individual subject’s tracing to the “ideal” Reference sample Cross-sectional Longitudinal - growth studies eg. Bolton-Brush, Ann Arbor and Burlington www.indiandentalacademy.com Cephalometric Analyses: Cephalometric Analyses Down’s Steiner’s Tweed’s McNamara’s OSU www.indiandentalacademy.com Cephalometric Evaluation: Cephalometric Evaluation Identification of anatomic landmarks Landmarks: stable reference structures and maxillary and mandibular skeletal and dental Graphically relating the dento-facial elements to these reference structures Angular and or linear measurements www.indiandentalacademy.com METHODS OF CEPHALOMETRIC ANALYSIS: METHODS OF CEPHALOMETRIC ANALYSIS Two basic approaches Metric approach - use of selected linear and angular measures Graphic approach - “overlay” of individual’s tracing on a reference template and visual inspection of degree of variation www.indiandentalacademy.com Metric Method - Use of selected linear and angular measures: Metric Method - Use of selected linear and angular measures www.indiandentalacademy.com Graphic Method - Use of a Composite Template: Graphic Method - Use of a Composite Template www.indiandentalacademy.com GOALS OF CEPHALOMETRIC ANLYSIS: GOALS OF CEPHALOMETRIC ANLYSIS Evaluating relationships, both horizontal and vertical of 5 major functional components of the face: the cranial base; the maxilla; the mandible, the maxillary and mandibular dento-alveolus www.indiandentalacademy.com REFERENCE LINES: REFERENCE LINES Frankfort’s Horizontal (porion to orbitale) Sella - Nasion line True horizontal plane True vertical plane www.indiandentalacademy.com Reference Lines: sella nasion porion orbitale Reference Lines www.indiandentalacademy.com SKELETAL HORIZONTAL - MAXILLA:  SKELETAL HORIZONTAL - MAXILLA SNA 82 ± 2 deg NA TO FH 90 ± 3 deg s n a F H www.indiandentalacademy.com SKELETAL HORIZONTAL - MANDIBLE:  SKELETAL HORIZONTAL - MANDIBLE s n b P g F H SNB 80 ± 2 deg N-PG TO FH 88 ± 6 deg www.indiandentalacademy.com SKELETAL HORIZONTAL - MAXILLA TO MANDIBLE:  SKELETAL HORIZONTAL - MAXILLA TO MANDIBLE N A B ANB 2 ± 2 deg www.indiandentalacademy.com SKELETAL VERTICAL: SKELETAL VERTICAL F H S G N M E G O FH TO GOGN 22 ± 5 deg Y AXIS 59 ± 6 deg LFH 55% OF TFH www.indiandentalacademy.com DENTAL - UPPER TO LOWER INCISOR:  DENTAL - UPPER TO LOWER INCISOR INTERINCISAL 130 ± 5 deg www.indiandentalacademy.com DENTAL - MAXILLARY INCISOR:  DENTAL - MAXILLARY INCISOR F H N A U1 TO FH 110 ± 5 deg U1 TO NA 22deg U1 TO NA 4mm www.indiandentalacademy.com DENTAL - MANDIBULAR ANTERIOR:  DENTAL - MANDIBULAR ANTERIOR GO GN B N L1 TO NB 25deg L1 TO NB 4mm L1 TO GOGN 91 ± 6deg www.indiandentalacademy.com SOFT TISSUE: SOFT TISSUE NASOLABIAL ANGLE 102 ± 8 deg L.LIP TO E PLANE -2 ±2mm www.indiandentalacademy.com Limitations of the Metric Method: Limitations of the Metric Method Stable reference structures are only relatively stable Validity of landmarks Error in landmark identification www.indiandentalacademy.com Graphic Method: Graphic Method Template Changes between 2 time points www.indiandentalacademy.com Superimposition Method - on the cranial base: Superimposition Method - on the cranial base www.indiandentalacademy.com Maxillary and mandibular superimposition: Maxillary and mandibular superimposition www.indiandentalacademy.com Limitations of Cephalometric Analysis: Limitations of Cephalometric Analysis Individual variability Ethnic variability Gender variability www.indiandentalacademy.com PowerPoint Presentation: Leader in continuing dental education www.indiandentalacademy.com Thank you www.indiandentalacademy.com

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