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Published on November 28, 2007

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Presentation by Carol Coletta, president and CEO of CEOs for Cities, on the opportunities cities have to attract and retain creative workers

CityOpportunities CityOpportunities

The Talented City The Connected City The Distinctive City The Innovative City CityOpportunities

25-34 year olds are most educated and work hard CityOpportunities

4m fewer 25-34 year olds 1990 2000 Two-thirds of top 50 metros lost 25-34 year olds CityOpportunities

Talent is mobile: 1999 - 34% of 20-29 year-olds moved, 22% of 30-34 year-olds moved CityOpportunities

64% choose place first CityOpportunities

Clean, green and safe CityOpportunities

25-34 year-olds living within 3 mi of the CBD 1980: 10% more likely CBD 1990: 12% more likely 2000: 33% more likely 47 of Top 50 Metro Areas CityOpportunities

Creative & cultural industries CityOpportunities

2.2m Creative jobs 1.8m Transportation equipment 1.3m Computers & electronics (115.7m US Jobs) CityOpportunities

Super Creatives CityOpportunities

4.4m Creative Workers = 3.4% of all U.S. Workers (115.7m US Jobs) CityOpportunities

4m Live in Metro Areas 3.1m Live in Top 50 Metro Areas (4.4m Workers) CityOpportunities

3.4% Creative Occupations 3.7% Creative Occupations Metro 3.9% Creative Occupations Top 50 CityOpportunities

2.2m Creative Jobs in the U.S. CityOpportunities

1.9m Jobs in Metro Areas 1.5m Jobs in Top 50 Metro Areas (2.2m Jobs) CityOpportunities

Creatives 53% more likely to live close-in 6.5% live within 3 mi Top 50 Metro Areas CityOpportunities

41% Creative jobs within 3mi 17% Total jobs within 3mi (Less Sprawl) Top 50 Metro Areas CityOpportunities

25-34 year-olds 33% more likely to live within 3 mi of CBD 41% of creative Creative workers 53% more likely jobs are located within 3 mi of to live within 3 mi CBD of CBD CityOpportunities

Kids in Cities: Young people are coming back CityOpportunities

images.... Safety Space Schools CityOpportunities

The market is there CityOpportunities

78 m people repurposing their lives • Youthfulness • Impact • Possibility CityOpportunities

• Maximizers (15%) Your targets: • Diss/Contenteds (8%) • Re-Activists (15%) CityOpportunities

Green is in • Sierra Club membership up 1/3 in 4 years • Concern for environment 77% up from 62% in 2004 • Public transit is up • Recycling is up CityOpportunities

Greenest action: Get out of your car Best place to do that: Downtown CityOpportunities

Baby Boomers Young people Cities attract prefer downtown creative workers and jobs sustainability Young families 5 Trends favoring cities CityOpportunities

Cities are the solution CityOpportunities

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