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Published on August 22, 2008

Author: pasturasdeamerica

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Grasses and Legumes.
Perspectives for Tropical Zones.

Centrosema Spp
- History
- Agronomic performance
- Future perspectives


Agronomic evaluation Future perspectives

Agronomic evaluation Future perspectives Centrosema spp.

Centrosema spp. C. acutifolium C. brasilianum C. tetragonolobum

Centrosema acutifolium DMY Seed yield IVDMD t ha –1 kg ha –1 % 2–4 1 – 30 45 - 50

DMY Seed yield IVDMD t ha –1 kg ha –1 % 1- 6 0 – 90 44 - 58 Centrosema brasilianum

Centrosema tetragonolobum DMY Seed yield IVDMD t ha –1 kg ha –1 % 4 – 5.5 0 37 - 52

Centrosema spp. Agronomic evaluation Future perspectives

Centrosema spp. High incidence of mycoplasma Leaf spot Rhizoctonia Low seed yield

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