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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: TataDocomo_Business

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Centrex is a fully managed, hosted service that offers the functionality of PBX system. The solution offers to connect all your offices within the city limits as well as all across India.

1 entrexConnect all your offices and save on calls

Business Services What is Centrex? Centrex is a service which simulates features of an EPABX on the service provider network. The user gets: • All features of an advanced EPABX without investing on same. • Short digit dialing between offices spread across nation with subsidized rates. • Freedom from risk of Technology obsolescence. Private numbering plan within the offices. This can be 4/5 digit dialing . Prefix 0 or 9 for outside calling. 66889601 6688960366889602 Dial 9602 Office Telco Switch

Business Services Centrex : Benefits Savings on Capital and Operational Expenditure • No CAPEX investments on EPABX • No OPEX related to AMC of EPABX and other maintenance costs Freedom from Technology Obsolescence • The service provider takes care of all technology upgrades. • Carrier Grade service Easy scalability • Want to increase the number of extensions to your office? Just call Tata Docomo and we’ll simply add more lines. • Opening new Office at a different location. Just connect them using same Centrex extensions.

Business Services Logical Network Architecture City A • Short digit dialing between offices spread across cities and nation • All features of an advanced EPABX without investing on same. • Short digit dialing between offices spread across nation with subsidized rates. Office A 1101 1102 1109 2201 2202 2209 Office B City B Office C 3301 3302 PBX City C

Business Services • DID number for each extension • Short Digit Dialing between offices spread across nation • Call Hold and transfer • Calling Line Identification (CLI) • Call Waiting • Call Forward – (no reply /on busy / immediate) • Multi party conference • Call pickup (Direct and Group) • Reminder Call • Hotline • Voice mail • Dynamic Locking and user level restriction • Authentication code : make calls using roaming password • Hunt Groups • Operator Console • Automated Attendant/IVR services Centrex - Features 5

Business Services Short Digit Dialing (SDD) Short Digit Dialing and Private Numbering Plan • Calling Convenience - Short digit dialing between group members – Users can dial last 4/5 digits for calling each other * • Savings – Subsidized rates for Calling within the group. • Exclusively designed tariffs for meeting small office requirements • Low local calling rates • Special calling rates between Centrex Group. * Private numbering plan feature is available in circles having NGN switches: AP, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kolkata, MP, Mumbai, Rajasthan, ROM, TN and Punjab

Business Services Call Hold and CLI Call hold and transfer - Allows the user to hold the incoming call before transferring to a third party. Calling line identification (CLI) • The Telephone number of the caller, Including the STD code will be displayed on the phone. • It enables the customer to see the calling party’s number on any compatible instrument.

Business Services Call Waiting Get an alert for incoming call, while your phone is engaged You can toggle between both the calls To activate: Dial 118. To de-activate: Dial 119 • If a second call comes in while you are talking on the line, you will hear a series of beeps. Just press FLASH, followed by 2, to take the new call • To return to the first call, while keeping the second call on hold, press FLASH again, and then press 2 • To connect to the second call while disconnecting the first one, press FLASH, followed by 1 • To connect to the first call while disconnecting the second, press FLASH, followed by 0 Call Waiting

Business Services Call forwarding If you are out of your office, forward calls from office landline to any number. Call forwarding can be on • if phone is busy • no reply •unconditionally • No Reply: All incoming calls to your telephone will be forwarded after 7 rings. • Unconditional or Immediate: All incoming calls will be automatically and immediately forwarded . • Busy: All incoming call will be diverted to another telephone or mobile number when the line is busy. Call Forwarding

Business Services Multiparty Conference Multiparty calling Have a 10 party conference on your Centrex Phone Now set up a conference even when you are in the middle of a conversation • Simply press FLASH and wait for the dial-tone • Dial the telephone number of the third subscriber.(If it is Centrex line dial 0 and the number of third subscriber) This will put the first party on hold • To activate three party conferencing after dialing the third party, press FLASH, followed by 3 • Repeat the same process to add up to 10 participants.

Business Services Call Pickup Call pickup – Don’t miss the call ringing on other extension, as you can pick the call from your extension • Direct Call Pick Up: • Answer a call which is ringing at other extension of the Centrex group by dialing a service code and the number of the ringing extension • Group Call Pick Up : • Answer a call which is ringing at any other extension of your pick-up group by simply dialing a service code Tata Docomo Telephone Exchange

Business Services Multiline Hunt Group Multi line hunt group – Do not miss any important call as calls move from one desk extension to another if not answered.

Business Services Voice Mail Worried about missing important calls when we not close to phone. With Voice mail, your callers can leave message in your mailbox which you can access at our own convenience. Voice mail and its benefits: ·You’ll never miss your important messages. ·Your unique password will keep your message secure. ·You won’t have to invest in expensive answering machines. ·You can create your unique personal mailbox. Voice Mail How to Use? 1. To access Voice Mail: Dial 1500 from your phone .Enter your password followed by # (Default password : 1234) 2. To leave message n the mail box • If your TTSL line (subscribed to VMS) is busy or if you are not able to receive the call, VMS will greet your callers with your personalized greeting and record their messages for you. VMS will then notify you periodically to inform about the stored messages. 3. To listen to stored Voice Mail Services •· Access your voice mail by dialing 1500/1501 followed by password entry. Press 1 to listen to your messages

Business Services Dynamic Locking Dynamic Locking This service enables the subscriber to lock his extension service level thus preventing unauthorized use of STD and ISD calling. • To register the Password : 123 0000 xxxx • To Lock STD/ISD: 124 xxxx 2 • To lock ISD : 124 xxxx 3 • To lock ISD/STD/Local: 124 xxxx 4 • To unlock : 124 xxxx 0. • To Change the Password: 123 + old password + new password The term xxxx being the customer choice of 4 digits secret number.

Business Services Authorization Code Authorization Code is a feature in which a user has the option to make outgoing calls from any phone in the Centrex network, within the same SDCA, as per his defined calling level Note: Authorization Code feature is available in circles having NGN switches: AP, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kolkata, MP, Mumbai, Rajasthan, ROM, TN and Punjab 15 Here a user is provided with a unique Authorization Code (4 digits) & four digit PIN for making STD/ISD calls The user can go to any extension within the Centrex group, and make a STD/ISD call using his Authorization Code and PIN The billing would be against his allocated authorization code and extension.

Business Services Authorization code : How to use? 16 To change first time PIN: • 123 + old PIN + new PIN (default PIN for each user shall be 1234). To dial a number using auth code dial: • * 55 + auth code (yyyy) + PIN (xxxx). After this the user gets a dial tone to make a call. • Note:- • The term “xxxx” being the customer choice of 4 digits Personal Identification Number (PIN) • The term “yyyy” being the Auth code/ short digit extension number of the user. Password Rest • To reset the password user will have to raise a request with Enterprise support team (1515 team) for “Password Reset”.

Business Services What do you get with Tata Docomo Centrex? 17 What’s in it for you Short digit dialing between Centrex- Centrex; Centrex –PRI, PRI-PRI Private numbering plan of 4/5 digit Preferred rates for Intra office calling both for local, Intra-circle and Inter-circle Widex calling No CAPEX investments in PBX’s. Fully managed by Service provider No operational costs like AMC. Future proof. Ease of scalability both in terms of capacity and locations No fear of technology obsolescence High end EPABX features like: Auth code, Multiparty Conference, Voice Mail, Operator console

Business Services Centrex Phones Beetel M59 • FSK/DTMF compatible • 16-digit LCD display with Backlit • One-Touch Memory. • Mute Function. • Call log • Redial function Pause Function. Alarm Clock. • Basic Calculator function. • Two ways Speakerphone Speaker Volume Control • levels Ringing volume level selection Binatone Concept 710 • 2 Line Display • 3 Touch memory Keys • Green Backlight • Two Way Speaker Phone • Dual Mode FSK/DTMF Compatible with Auto-Detection • Date and time display • 30 incoming caller memories with missed call indicator • 10 Outgoing Call memories • Red Visual Ringer LED • Mute Note: Phone models may change as per supply and stock availability

Business Services Thank You For further details, please contact us at mktg@tatatel.co.in

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