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Published on September 17, 2013

Author: ReseauLIEU

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description of the laboratory skills (09/03/2010)

18/03/10 1 Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines (C.I.P.)  Université de Liège  Prof. Bernard JORIS  Director  University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  2  Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines Founded in 1990 Multidisciplinary and interfaculty centre University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  Acquired expertises, skills and specific instruments Recruited “key” researchers Built a network of collaborations (national and international) Developped lines of research including: Along the years, we have BiochemistryBacteriology Applied quantum chemistry Biophysics Protein structure Molecular biology

18/03/10 2 3  Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  Academics and senior researchers : 11 PhDs : 27 PhD students : 41 Master students : 12 Trainees : 38 Technicians : 11 Secretaries : 2 Members 2009: 142 Biologists Protein chemists Biochemists Physicists Pharmacists Quantum chemists 4  Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines Research units Biological macromolecules and Biochemistry Prof M. Galleni and Dr G. Feller Bacterial diversity, physiology and genetics Prof B. Joris, Dr C. Duez, Dr S. Rigali, Dr M. Terrak and Dr A. Wilmotte Enzymology & Protein folding Prof A. Matagne and Dr M. Dumoulin Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules Prof P. Charlier Applied quantum chemistry and modelling Dr G. Dive University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010 

18/03/10 3 5  Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines - Hybrid proteins (vaccins) - Allergens - Amyloid fibrils …. Examples of biomedical applications Protein chemistry and protein properties Study of protein supramolecular assemblies Protein structural properties Biocomputing Chemical reactivity Modelling Bio- technology facilities ... ... ... ... ... New inhibitors …. Structures of new bacterial targets…. Protein production/ purification … Applied projects …. - Bacterial anti- biotic resistance - Search for new bacterial targets - New natural antibiotics - Hybrid proteins (vaccines) - Allergens - Amyloid fibrils …. University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  6 University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  • β-lactam antibiotic detection in biological fluids • Hybrid proteins : vaccines, biosensors, drug delivery, epitope mapping • Production and purification of proteins for industrial companies • Genetic engineering of Bacillus subtilis as cell factory for production of recombinant proteins • Metagenomics for mining new enzymes useful in food biotechnology • Protein arrays • Group B streptococci diagnostic • Monitoring and characterization of cyanobacterial blooms • RNA aptamer array • Non-ribosomal synthesis of Bacillus subtilis lipopeptides • Industrial applications of cold-adapted enzymes • … Founded applied research Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines

18/03/10 4 7 University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  Centre d’Ingénierie des Protéines «  Facilities  » Applied molecular biology Protein expression Protein purification Protein characterization 8  University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  Protein Cloning Bacillus subtilis Streptomyces lividans Pichia pastoris Lectures Training Collaboration Escherichia coli Service Gene Applied molecular biology

18/03/10 5 9  University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  Protein Expression Flasks (5 ml to 2 liters)‫‏‬ Fermenters (1 to 60 liters)‫‏‬ Microtiter plate Tubes (0,5 to 5 ml)‫‏‬ Lectures Training Collaboration Service 10  Protein purification Lectures Training Collaboration Service Analytical scale Large scale University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010 

18/03/10 6 11 University of Liège ‐ 9 March 2010  • SDS-PAGE analysis • 2D electrophoresis • Isoelectric focusing • Western blots • Thermostability studies • N-terminal sequencing • Biological assays • Surface plasmon resonnance • Microcalorimetry (DSC, ITC) • … Biochemistry Protein characterization Biospectroscopy • UV-visible absorption spectroscopy • Fluorescence spectroscopy • Circular dichroism • … Enzymology and Protein folding Protein crystallography Applied quantum chemistry and modelling Lectures Training Service Collaboration

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