Central Hearing Impairments

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Information about Central Hearing Impairments

Published on June 19, 2017

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1. Central Hearing Impairments Jessica Schleif

2. What is Central Hearing Impairment?  Occurs when there are problems within the brain that interfere with the ability to interpret or understand sounds. This is the rarest type of hearing impairment and the hardest to treat. Who it affects:  This disorder can effect almost anyone at any time in there life if they were to develop it over time, or have a traumatic brain injury.  Some can also be born with damage already done.

3. Causes of Central Hearing Loss:  Damage to the central nervous system.  Damage to the brainstem structures .  Severe head trauma.  Damage to the auditory nerves of the pathways that lead to them.  Brain tumors.

4. Symptoms & Characteristics Symptoms:  Word deafness  Inability to hear certain sounds  Problems studying or reading with the radio, television, air conditioning or a vacuum on.  generally missing the first sentence from people talking to them. Characteristics:  May have reaction to environmental sounds, despite absence of reaction to load noises.  May consider themselves “deaf” in spite of having reactions to sounds in the room.

5. Stigmas & Stereotypes  Frequently leads people to think that they have hearing loss when their hearing is actually normal.  All deaf people sigh.  The ability & desire to sign is different for each person.  Hearing aids make you hear normally.  They can help but it depends on the type & severity of the hearing loss.  A cochlear implant restores hearing.  They can help but it depends on the type & severity of the hearing loss.  All deaf people lipread.  Some people are able to, but many are not. (only about 30% of spoken English is visible on the lips.

6. Treatments & Support  Testing for this condition can be a challenge as there are often on obvious signs inside the ear of any issues.  Educating the persons family and friends about helping to control the environment.  Surgery for tumors/growths  Educational therapy  Adaptive techniques  Specific medication (the hearing loss pill)

7. Activities:  How Does it Sound for People with a Hearing Loss?   Can You Read My Lips?  25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners 

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