Central and Eastern Africa

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Information about Central and Eastern Africa

Published on April 2, 2008

Author: Teresa1

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Central and Eastern Africa:  Central and Eastern Africa Geography of the two regions. Central and Eastern Africa:  Central and Eastern Africa Central Africa: The Congo River:  Central Africa: The Congo River The second longest river in Africa, the Congo River, travels through parts of Central Africa. The river has created one of the worlds largest rain forest that covers the central basin of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The river travels from the lakes that border the eastern part of Central Africa and the waters empty at the Atlantic Ocean. Many people of Africa depend on the river for its hydroelectric power to provide electricity to all parts of Africa. Congo River:  Congo River Central Africa: Economy :  Central Africa: Economy Much of Central Africa, especially Democratic Republic of the Congo, depends highly upon the diamond industry and mining. Diamonds are not only sold as jewelry, but many have found out that with the strength of diamonds that they can be used to cut metal. Many of the people of Central Africa also depend on farming for survival and their way of living. Diamond Mine:  Diamond Mine Central Africa: History:  Central Africa: History The Portuguese were the first to begin trade in Africa, soon followed by the French and the British. (1400’s) As European power grew, so did there need for land. Soon Portuguese were enslaving people of the Congo River region and sending off to places to be slaves on plantations and farms in Europe and the America’s. Today, all Central African Countries are free from European Colonial Control, which began to end after WWII. Trans Atlantic Slave Trade:  Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Eastern Africa: Lakes:  Eastern Africa: Lakes In between Eastern And Western Africa contains the longest Freshwater lake in the World, Lake Tanganyika, which is also the second deepest. The largest lake of Africa is Lake Victoria which lies between Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, this lake is one of the sources of the Nile River. Lake Tanganyika:  Lake Tanganyika Lake Tanganyika:  Lake Tanganyika Lake Victoria:  Lake Victoria Eastern Africa: Mountains, Valleys and Highlands :  Eastern Africa: Mountains, Valleys and Highlands Africa’s tallest mountain is located in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro. Tanzania and Kenya also contain the Great Rift Valley, which is a extremely lush land that is great for farming, with many grassy plains. The valley lies on a fault, which it was created by. Within Ethiopia, you will find the highlands an area rich in farming. Great Rift Valley:  Great Rift Valley Kilimanjaro :  Kilimanjaro Ethiopian Highlands:  Ethiopian Highlands Eastern Africa: Modern History Issues:  Eastern Africa: Modern History Issues Eastern Africa: Modern History Issues:  Eastern Africa: Modern History Issues Rwanda Civil War clash in 1994 between the Hutu and Tutsi clans, led to over 1.3 million Tutsi’s and Hutu’s being killed. As well as over 2 million becoming refugees. All were over the course of 100 days. (April 6 to mid July, 1994) Kenya Kenya is constantly threatened with drought, so that it makes it tough on the farmers when growing there crops. Rwanda: Genocide:  Rwanda: Genocide Eastern Africa: Economy:  Eastern Africa: Economy Kenya and Tanzania have become popular places of travel for eco- tourism. The government has taken steps to preserve lands so that the economy can flourish off of tourism. Kenya relies also on a free enterprise system. Farming is popular, especially herding, but it is not a very successful way to make money in this region of Africa. Central/ Eastern African: Ankole:  Central/ Eastern African: Ankole Kenya:  Kenya Tanzania:  Tanzania Central Africa: Okapi:  Central Africa: Okapi Central Africa: Mammals:  Central Africa: Mammals Central Africa: Elephants:  Central Africa: Elephants Central Africa: Hippos:  Central Africa: Hippos

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