Celtic Spirituality for Christians

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Information about Celtic Spirituality for Christians

Published on December 9, 2007

Author: andii

Source: slideshare.net


most of the info in this was in-class materials, questions and answers etc. Outline of the group exercises and a few main points here.

Topic: Celtic Christianity -intro for CYM details: Advent 2007 LR5 Learning objectives. Understand some background so that: -you can make decisions about how to make use -some idea of resources available, -to begin to developed ideas of things to try out Follow up http://andii.edublogs.org/celtic-christianity-intro/

Welcome and Opening prayer ...

what's in it for me? The big picture Outcomes

Materials: what do they 'say' to you? What kinds of people? What kinds of ideas are important?

Triplets: What theories or guesses do we have about why these things are or have been growing in popularity? Aim to present main idea to rest of group ?

Which of the reasons for growth in popularity might apply to the young people you know?

Bit of a buzz: what do we know - or think we know - about Celtic spirituality?

Aspects I think are important for today: environmentally friendly; gender equality; culturally sensitive; bottom-up power; artistic; charismatic; scriptural; Trinitarian

Follow up http://andii.edublogs.org/celtic-christianity-intro/ Break: 5 minutes.....

Some contemporary definitions of Celtic Christian spirituality. Groups of c. 4: each group look at a definition: aim to summarise and to critique

Some examples of Celtic liturgies. Look over in groups . Choose a 'bit' that is liked and one disliked: say why in plenary

Sharing results ...

review note one thing learnt: one question to follow up; headline summary; one word characterisation of session Follow up http://andii.edublogs.org/celtic-christianity-intro/


note one thing learnt:

one question to follow up;

headline summary;

one word characterisation of session

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