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Information about Celtic mythology

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: moherring

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Overview of gods and goddesses of Celtic mythology.

Celtic Mythology

The Gaels, Gauls, Britons, Irish, and Galatians were all Celtic. 7th or 8th century B.C. First evident. Romans name: Galli and the Greeks name: Keltoi– both meaning barbarians. 3rd to 5th century B.C. Occupied much of Europe north of the Alps. 2nd to 3rd century B.C. Arrived in British Island and Ireland, probably displacing and absorbing exiting tribes.

The Book of Invasions Leabhar Gahbala Pseudo-history. One group of gods conquers the older group Reflects This mythology roughly parallel Invasions of one people migrations of various people groups to Ireland. another group after • • • • • Partholonians Nemedians Formorians Fir Bolg Tuatha de Danann • Milesians

Tuatha De Danann Means Tribes of the Gods equivalent to Greek Olympians Formorians equivalent to greek Titans

Danu Mother Goddess Waters, Fertility, Abundance & Protection Mother of the Tuatha de Dannan

Bile Shining one “Sacred Tree” Welsh: King Beli Mawr Greek: Zeus Spring holiday “Beltane” build a bonfire to celebrate spring.

daghdha Eochaidh Ollathair – The All Father God of earth, magic, time, protector of crops Symbols: Club Cauldron Harp Unique to Irish Pantheon

During a war, a rival tribe stole Dagda’s harp and took it to an abandoned castle. Dagda followed Harp continues to be a the tribe and called to the harp. The harp came to Dagda and he struck Celtic symbol the chords. The harp let out the Music of Tears and everyone in the castle began to cry. Dagda struck the chords again and the harp played the Music of Mirth and all the warriors began to laugh. Then, Dagda struck the chords a final time and the harp let out the Music of Sleep. Everyone but Dagda fell into a deep sleep, allowing him to escape with his magical harp unharmed. HARP

BRIGID Three daughters of Daghdha Goddess of Sovereignty, Fertility, Poetry, Craftsmanship.Healing. Fire Welsh: Cerridwyn

Angus or aengus og God of love, beauty, dreams Son of Daghdha Lover of Caer Symbols: Harp Four white birds Unique to Irish Pantheon

Mannan mac lir God of the Sea Otherworld

NUADA God of War, weapons, oceans, poetry, writing, magic First Leader, king Silver hand Abilities :Leadership Invincible Sword Welsh – Nudd British – Nodens Roman – Neptune Norse – Tyr (also lost a hand) Read his story here

Dian cecht God of healing Abilities: Crafts Healing Welsh – Bran the Blessed Greek – Apollo

LugH Sun god Abilities: Champion (battle), Craftsman, Poet, Historian, Sorcerer Symbol & gift – Long Spear Read his story here

The Morrigan Goddess of battle, strife, fertility, fate Abilities: Assist or hinder warriors Sovereignty Symbol: Raven One of the Babd trio Welsh Similar to: Valkyries

Eponia Goddess of Horses, Fertility, Crops Symbols: Cornucopia, Crops Eponia also worshipped by Germans and Romans Welsh – Rhiannon (ushered dead into afterlife) Greek - Demeter

balor God of death One-eyed giant (The Greeks had those too!) Fomorian – Evil Giants (similar to the Titans or Frost Giants) Welsh - Ysbaddaden, Chief of Giants Read his story here

donn Lord of the dead Father of the Irish race Millesian – came after the Tuatha de Danann

Welsh celtic mythology


avalon Welsh called their Otherworld Annwyn or Afallon. Eventually the Arthurian Legends called it Avalon.

faeries Sidhe– a portal into the Otherworld, a parallel universe where fairy folk dwell. The myth is that the Tuatha de Danann retreated to the otherworld and appear in this one as fairies

Leprechauns Tricksters Spend most of their time making shoes.

banshee Fairy woman who screams when someone is about to die. Scottish – Bean Nighe

Stone of destiny

• Stone of Destiny is used as part of the coronation ceremony for kings of Ireland and Britain. The Irish stone sits on a hill at Tara. The mainland stone was brought by Gaels from Ireland to Scotland and resided in Scone. It’s travelled over the British isles between Britain, Scotland, Wales. In 1996 it was returned to Scotland and sits with the crown jewels in Edinburgh Castle

Cu Chulainn Celtic Hero AKA Setana Strong, brave ( like Achilles) Demi-god son of Lugh Also known as the Hound of Chulainn

The hound of culann

Finn Mac Cool AKA FIONN MAC CUMHAILL Giant hunter-warrior

The Fianna

druid “OAK – KNOWER” Priests of Celtic religion Mythology Seers, magicians, wizards, foretell future, shape-shifters

Tales with welsh celtic roots Sir Gawain and the Green Knight King Arthur

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