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Published on January 13, 2009

Author: aSGuest10337

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Slide 1: skyline marketing Transforming the Network: Implications for Telecom Power Marketing Intelec 2004 Chicago September 22, 2004 Wireless/Wireline Parity : skyline marketing Wireless/Wireline Parity POTS to PIPES : skyline marketing POTS to PIPES Circuit switches to packet (C2P) Narrowband POTS to broadband PIPES (P2P) “Triple-Play” services: POTS + Internet + TV on unified networks Reduce costs: redirect capex and reduce opex Major Telco Priorities : skyline marketing Major Telco Priorities New revenue streams to replace POTS Bundled services to boost ARPU and replace profits Significant and sustainable OPEX reductions Retain and win-back customers Shift CAPEX to new technologies … C2P and P2P DC Power Systems : skyline marketing DC Power Systems Primary Distribution System Control Batteries Utility AC in -48 VDC out AC/DC Rectifiers -48VDC Loads DC/DC Converter DC/AC Inverter AC Loads Other DC Loads Secondary Distribution … only the packaging changes! Local Exchange Carriers : skyline marketing Local Exchange Carriers ILEC Network Before C2P : skyline marketing ILEC Network Before C2P ILEC Network After C2P : skyline marketing ILEC Network After C2P Access Network Infrastructure : skyline marketing Access Network Infrastructure “Subscriber” MDF F1 “Feeder” Plant F2 “Distribution” Plant Service Drop F2 Service Terminal Tandem (via IOF) T1 trunks on copper or fiber DLC (COT) Central Office Service Drop F2 Service Terminal Building Entrance Terminal “Subscriber” MTU or MDU Class 5 Switch CO Loop ~ 296 M “Equipped” Loops in Major Telcos ~ 168 M “Working” Loops in Major Telcos DLC (RT) SAIC Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) : skyline marketing Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) Remote DSLAM (300-500 Subs) 5,000 ft max. Copper distribution SAIC Voice (PSTN/TDM) Data (ATM/FR, IP/Ethernet) CO 12,000-18,000 ft. Fiber feeder cable Power Node Remote DSLAM (300-500 Subs) SAIC Softswitch 48/190 VDC Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) : skyline marketing Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Circuit/Packet Switch Optical Line Terminal (OLT) Splitter Central Office Residential Optical Network Terminal (ONT) ONT ONT Ethernet N x POTS Small Office/ Home Office Upstream Data Rate = 155 Mbps Downstream Data Rate = 622 Mbps Separate Wavelength for Video = 1550 nm DC Power AC AC Slide 12: skyline marketing In-Building/Near Building Picocell Neighborhood Microcell Vehicular Macrocell Integration with Wireline Network Cell Site Trends Mobility Access Slide 13: skyline marketing In-building/ Near-Building Picocells 2.5G/3G Neighborhood/ Pedestrian Microcells 2G/2.5G/3G Vehicular Macrocells 2G/2.5G Cell Site Deployments Wi-Fi Hotspots DC Power System Trends : skyline marketing DC Power System Trends Serving Area Small Power Plant (150-800 A) Customer Macro/Micro Power Plant (5-100 A) CEVs, Huts, Cell Sites ONUs, Fiber Nodes, Micro/picocells “Power plant on a pole; power plant in a cabinet.” CO/Hub Large Power Plant (2,000-10,000 A) Global Telecom Power Market, 2008 : skyline marketing Global Telecom Power Market, 2008 5-Year CAGR = 6% Source: Skyline est. Power Product/System Features : skyline marketing Power Product/System Features Energy efficiency 90-92+%; thermal performance Power density Smaller size, weight for same output Ease of handling Installation, maintenance Improved system control Remote operation Short-interval provisioning/maintenance Telco Decision Factors : skyline marketing Telco Decision Factors Packaging Reduced size/weight in compact package Performance Increased power density High availability/reliability Energy efficiency Remote intelligence, hands-off operation Price Competitive first costs Lower life-cycle costs Strategic Marketing : skyline marketing Strategic Marketing Know your customers Network topology, customer base, key issues/drivers Adapt to price pressures Bigger carriers looking for capex, opex reductions Develop value-adds Turnkey packages - Equipment + Services in one stop Time = money - JIT, Inventory management Scope aftermarket opportunities Equipment add-ons, site management/maintenance Growing outsource opportunities Strategic Considerations : skyline marketing It’s a small systems market! Access gateways/remote terminals closer to customers < 1 mile Small power plants will predominate Sell telco-by-telco Each situation is unique Develop a USP for each Follow the money! Focus on key accounts Need to assess opportunities/risks Develop OEM channels Strategic Considerations Slide 20: skyline marketing Skyline Marketing Groupwww.skylinemarketing.com We help you make your numbers!!

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