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Published on November 19, 2007

Author: Rafael

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Slide1:  The Inflammation Connection What is Inflammation?:  What is Inflammation? Inflammation is the immune system’s first reaction against injury and invaders Inflammation is marked by pain, swelling, redness and heat Short term it is effective at destroying pathogens and repairing damage Long term it causes severe joint and tissue damage and leads to many serious conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration Inflammatory Conditions :  Inflammatory Conditions Alzheimer’s – 10% of those over 65 and 50% of those over 85 affected Heart disease – silent killer, high CRP Gingivitis – almost 5 times more likely to have heart disease Asthma and allergies – 16 million Americans with asthma Fibromyalgia – 16 million Americans affected Autoimmune diseases – on the rise and predominantly affect women Bowel conditions – 50 million Americans suffer with Irritable bowel Eczema - 10 percent of Americans affected Psoriasis – 7 million Americans affected Arthritis – one in 7 Americans have one of the over 100 types of arthritis Pain – 33 percent of Americans are in chronic pain Diabetes complications and cancer are also associated with inflammation Anti-inflammatory Drug Dangers over 6 billion spent annually:  Anti-inflammatory Drug Dangers over 6 billion spent annually 2004 Vioxx voluntarily recalled due to increased heart attack and stroke University of Pennsylvania Medical Center found that Celebrex increases the risk of heart attack and/or stroke by 34% New Jersey University of Medicine and Dentistry found rats given Vioxx or Celebrex took double the time to heal and developed weakened bone. 30 and over 600 cases of severe gastrointestinal bleeding have occurred in Canadians taking Celebrex over the last three years. The Lancet found that NSAIDS contribute to cartilage destruction in the hips of 294 patients taking NSAIDS. The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research has shown bone repair problems related to NSAIDS. NSAIDS cause 20,000 deaths in the U.S. annually. Over 120,000 North Americans are hospitalized with the side effects of NSAIDS. Acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause of acute liver failure and causes ten percent of all cases of kidney failure. What is Celadrin ® :  Celadrin® is a patented combination of special cetylated, esterifed fatty acids containing: Cetyl myristoleate, Cetyl myristate, Cetyl palmitoleate, Cetyl laureate, Cetyl palmitate, Cetyl oleate Celadrin is stable in the presence of oxygen unlike other EFAs Celadrin® reduces inflammation and pain quickly with no side effects. Available in cream and capsule form. Celadrin® has been published twice in the internationally acclaimed Journal of Rheumatology Celadrin® systematically enhances and lubricates cell membranes Celadrin® applied topically works in just 30 minutes with significant improvement. What is Celadrin ® Celadrin Cream (no menthol) Osteoarthritis :  Celadrin Cream (no menthol) Osteoarthritis University of Connecticut 40 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee Topical application of 7.5 % Celadrin cream (no menthol) twice daily morning and night. Randomly assigned, placebo controlled, double-blind trial Tests were performed at baseline, once at 30 minutes and 30 days after treatment Range of motion, getting up and down from a chair, step down and extended reach were measured Compliance was 100% for both treatment and placebo groups. No side effects were noted. No arthritis drugs only lifesaving drugs Improvement on all parameters tested but especially in stair climbing and the ability to rise from a chair was substantial at 30 minutes Only treatment group had significant difference at T2 and T3 Journal of Rheumatology 2004, April 3(4):767-774. Celadrin Cream with menthol Osteoarthritis :  Celadrin Cream with menthol Osteoarthritis 7.5 % Celadrin cream with Menthol (1 week trial) Dr. Kraemer as an extension of the J of Rheumatology study To verify the addition of menthol to the Celadrin cream This study used a single treatment group with a pre-post experimental design to examine the percentage changes. In individuals with knee OA, a significant 12 percent improvement was noted in stair-climbing ability "up-and-go" performance saw a 12 percent improvement in times, balance. Strength improved by 16.5 percent, and range of motion improved by about 3.5 percent. Reductions in pain were also noted. In individuals with severe pain of the elbow and wrist, significant improvements in dynamic (about 22 and 24.5 %, respectively) and isometric (about 33 and 42%, respectively) The percentage changes were consistent with the work published in the J of Rheumatology using Celadrin without menthol. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Celadrin Cream (no menthol) Osteoarthritis :  7.5% Celadrin cream containing no menthol Dr. Kraemer examined the effects of Celadrin cream on static postural stability and plantar pressures in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) in the knee(s) 40 patients with knee OA were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 topical treatment groups to either receive Celadrin cream or placebo. Patients were evaluated at baseline and following a 30-day treatment In the Celadrin group, a significant reduction in the measure center of pressure (COP) excursion length and velocity were observed at 30 days, whereas no significant differences were observed in the placebo group. No significant differences in mean forefoot, rear foot, or rear foot-to-forefoot plantar pressure ratios were observed in either group at 30 days. These data indicate that 30 days of treatment with Celadrin topical cream improves static postural stability in patients with knee OA presumably due to pain relief during quiet standing. Such over-the-counter treatment may help improve the exercise trainability of people with OA. Journal of Strength and Conditioning May 2005 Celadrin Cream (no menthol) Osteoarthritis Celadrin Capsules & Osteoarthritis :  Celadrin Capsules & Osteoarthritis 64 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee Evaluated for knee range of motion and function at baseline, day 30 and day 68 Randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial After 68 days, patients treated with soft gel Celadrin exhibited significant increase in knee flexing compared to placebo. Patient responses to pain, discomfort, walking distances and physical function indicated a significant shift towards functional improvement in the Celadrin group with OA of the knee compared to a modest improvement in the placebo group. 58% of Celadrin group had a significant reduction in pain Journal of Rheumatology 2002 Aug; 29(8):1708-1712 Celadrin Cream & Psoriasis :  Celadrin Cream & Psoriasis Double-blind, placebo controlled trial Dermatologist assigned an initial severity score for each patient using a 6 point scale (0=no psoriasis; 5=significant psoriasis). Evaluation included skin scales, patchiness, raised skin, redness, dryness and cracks. 10% Celadrin super strength (non-menthol) cream was applied twice per day morning and night Each participant was evaluated at 7 and 14 days Measurable improvement was noted in all symptoms Some patients had reached a plateau in their current treatments and after 14 days of topical Celadrin application had marked improvement Third party pilot trial performed by Life Management Group Celadrin Cream & Wrinkles :  Celadrin Cream & Wrinkles 28 subjects between the ages of 25 and 65 average age 45 Washout period of 10 days where no moisturizing cream was used. No change in diet only a request to drink water and limit sun exposure. 10% Celadrin super strength cream was applied twice per day morning and night for 21 days Likert-type scale was used where the changes in skin wrinkling were noted. Each participant was evaluated after 21days of application. Measurable improvement was noted in all areas by both the subject and dermatologist An increase in skin permeability, improvement in roughness and thickening of the skin and it was found to be firmer and better hydrated. Third party pilot trial performed by Life Management Group, participants were staff and faculty of the University of California. Celadrin Capsules & Osteoarthritis in Dogs :  Celadrin Capsules & Osteoarthritis in Dogs 20% or 53 million dogs in the U.S have osteoarthritis Standard treatments are similar to humans including NSAIDS, aspirin or acetaminophen. Side effects in animals include ulcer, diarrhea and vomiting among others. 24 dogs completed the study Dogs were evaluated prior to and 30 days after supplementation with Celadrin in a dose of 150mg per 20 lbs. 75% of owners said pets were happier, had an improved temperament, and were more energetic Vet reported improved gait and stair climbing after 30 days of supplementation Celadrin & Glucosamine :  Celadrin & Glucosamine Celadrin is effective at halting the joint-damaging inflammatory process. Glucosamine can repair damage already done to affected joints. Celadrin works by providing continuous lubrication and allowing the cell membrane to repel inflammatory messengers Celadrin stops the cascade of inflammation and the assaults on the membrane, which cause stiffness. The dual action of Celadrin and glucosamine provides rapid joint cushioning, quickly alleviating inflammation, building cartilage and restoring the entire joint area. Excellent results have been reported by those individuals with OA and RA who have adopted the combination treatment of Celadrin and glucosamine. Mechanism of Action :  Mechanism of Action Celadrin inhibits inflammation in endothelial cells (thin cells that line the inside of some body cavities). Celadrin reduces the production of the immune factor IL-6 and controls other immune factors responsible for inflammation. Celadrin plays a role in the lubrication of affected joints. Celadrin’s special fatty acids have been shown to reduce skin inflammation, while providing an emollient effect at the site of psoriasis. Celadrin also works by inhibiting arachidonic acid, one of the main promoters of the inflammatory cascade of immune factors, by inhibiting 5-lipoxygenase — another mediator of inflammation. It may also alter cellular membranes, protecting them from the action of inflammatory immune messengers. C-Reactive Protein :  C-Reactive Protein C-reactive protein is produced by the liver during an inflammatory response. Those with hs-CRP levels above 3.0 mg/L have a risk of heart attack or stroke three times higher than the risk of those with a reading of less than 0.5 mg/L. High hs-CRP is found in those with the most severe forms of macular degeneration Those persons with high hs-CRP have triple the risk of developing colon cancer Those persons with high hs-CRP have 4 times the risk of developing Type-2 diabetes Optimal: Less than 0.5 mg/L to 1.0 mg/L Should be monitored: Between 1.0 mg/L and 3.0 mg/L Indicates high levels of inflammation: Over 3.0 mg/L Those taking Celadrin have shown lowered hs-CRP levels anecdotally Slide16:  Toxicology and toxicity studies show Celadrin to be exceptionally safe Celadrin is comprised of special fatty acids known to be very safe There have been no reported side effects in any study to date. Participants in the study continued their heart medications without any interactions. Safety of Celadrin Slide17:  Visit www.celadrin.com for more information.

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