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Published on April 17, 2019

Author: cdrreportwriters


slide 1: CDR Report Sample for Agricultural Engineers slide 2: CDR Report Sample for Agricultural Engineers For getting an employment in Agricultural Engineering Industry a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in engineering science is required which is a pathway of four years. For agricultural engineers there are jobs offered by farming industry environmental and government agencies as well as non-profit organizations. The chance of getting employed in Australia is higher for those who have enough knowledge and skills in agricultural machinery soil science fertilization irrigation systems and crop nutrients along with some knowledge on mechanical and civil disciplines. CDR report sample for Agricultural Engineers includes all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae CV Continuing Professional Development CPD three Career Episodes CE and Summary Statement. The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below: slide 3: CDR Report Sample for Agricultural Engineers Curriculum Vitae CV: Resume on the basis of a professional template. Continuing Professional Development CPD: The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 350 words. Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Assessment of Different Rice Milling Machines” – 2405 words Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Adaptation of Dehusking Machines” – 2070 words Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Preparing Strategies of Farm Mechanization Project” – 2160 words Agricultural Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Detailed explanation of all the competency element – 2065 words. slide 4: Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 1 Project Name: Assessment of Different Rice Milling Machines In the first Career Episode the author presents a project entitled “Assessment of Different Rice Milling Machines” where she worked as an Agricultural Engineer for two years. Her responsibilities in this project were: To conduct meetings and define the project’s scope among the members and subordinates of the project. To decide on gathering various samples of rice. To design the experimental process of various samples of rice at several dials of milling machines. To evaluate various mills of rice as per the broken percentage of various types of rice. To specify the milling capacity and efficiency of several milling machines. To recommend the best practices of milling to the farmers and to authorize for buying several milling machines. To prepare a report as well as train the subordinates on the process for testing and experimenting with various machines of mills and agriculture. slide 5: Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 2 Project Name: Adaptation of Dehusking Machines In the second Career Episode the author elaborates the project “Adaptation of Dehusking Machines” which she carried out as an Agricultural Engineer of Agricultural Machinery Centre. During this project her major responsibilities were: To design the dehusking machine with the help of AutoCAD and to obtain information regarding buckwheat and buckwheat husk in detail. To design the dehusking machine’s grading and sieving unit with the help of AutoCAD. To perform the fabrication of separator using various mechanical tools and machines. To prepare samples and carry out the procedure of dehusking for testing the machine. To check the machine’s performance for finding maximum rpm for dehusking buckwheat. To assess the dehusked buckwheat and prepare a report on it. To implement the designed dehusking machine in the field. slide 6: Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 3 Project Name: Preparing Strategies of Farm Mechanization Project In this Career Episode the author explains her work experience in a project entitled “Preparing Strategies of Farm Mechanization Project” which she executed as Deputy Executive Engineer at Agriculture Machinery Centre ACM. She performed the following duties: To research the recent practices of agriculture with farm machinery / need-based farm machinery by farmers and get familiar with them. To suggest several solutions strategy and necessities while preparing strategic planning. To coordinate in basic calculations such as power and work speed flow rate consumption of fuel and so on in designing the machinery of farm and to solve aroused problems. To test the prototype design with the help of different tools approve and analyze the developed design in software based on FEM. To monitor and assess research activities regarding farm machinery going on across the country. To supply the machinery and spare parts as per the order requirement of the farmers and assure the availability of backup services in time. slide 7: Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 3 To provide training to main farmers private manufacturers and stakeholders on different technologies utilized in the machinery of farm their purposes benefits and applications. To investigate and control the quality of any farm machinery imported to the country. To prepare and assess the standards of various machinery of farm. To prepare essential documents and reports in different stages of the project. slide 8: is registered in Australia and we are familiar with the standards set forth by Engineers’ Australia. It is of paramount importance that your CDR is being written by an Engineering Major Writer rather than any other academic writer. Thus choosing a writer possessing a deep understanding of the engineering occupation you plan to apply to the technicalities involved with that occupation and exceptional English language skills are vital in preparing a good CDR. We have Engineers from all the sub-streams of Engineering who have a significant amount of experience in writing good CDR. are familiar with the immigration process set forth by the Australian Government and the migration skills assessment stages as well. Therefore we can write comparably great CDR and help you achieve your dream of migrating to Australia.

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