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Published on March 15, 2014

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Case Study Going Digital

What is Going Digital? • National roll out migrating from analogue to digital TV signal • Regional roll out from September 2012 to 1 December 2013 • To keep watching TV, you’d need Freeview, Sky, Telstra Clear or IGLOO before region goes digital • High penetration of digital TV, but some people didn’t have the equipment they need (High Priority Households) Government requirement to cover every household, so a very robust plan was developed 2

New Zealand Post’s Solution •Three projects to cover different target audiences; – Door knocking to high prior households – Personalised DM to Ministry of Social Development customers – Unaddressed packs to the remainder •Post’s Analytics team created a model to rank mesh blocks to identify high priority households (older, less affluent, key ethnic groups) in the Hawkes Bay area using; • Deprivation Index and NZ Post’s Genius Segmentation model • A Custom built door-to-door iPad mapping application designed and built for the Going Digital Project team in the mesh block areas identified – SKY TV customers were also plotted as they were already digitally enabled and could be omitted. •Printed Direct mail Packs were produced for the other target audience •“Building and using the model to identify priority mesh blocks provided a much better effectiveness for the teams efforts” 3

What is Genius®? NZ Census NZ Post Rural Delivery NZ Post Lifestyle Survey Property IQ (House value) MarketView (Credit & Debit Card spend) Over 1,000 Data Variables in the mix Other NZ Post Proprietary Info Meshblock level Sub- Meshblock level Meshblock level DPID level DPID level DPID level Genius allows us to segment based on lifestyle and life stage, as well as by wealth and other geo-demographic variables. 4

Genius™ - Urban

iPad App enabled a mobile, real time solution • The App displayed high priority mesh blocks maps based on the model findings • NZ Post’s NPAD addressing data loaded in • Addresses colour coded to identify existing SkyTV digital customers • Project team able to update in real time once visit completed • The App also had pre loaded survey which was completed face to face 6

Direct Mail activity Personalised DM letter to MSD customers with finance support offer. 7 Non personalised generic DM pack printed by us and delivered by Reach Media.

Top line results The app enabled more than 21,000 home visits.  While there, door-knockers were able to capture residents’ answers to specific questions into the cloud based solution in real time via the Mobile App. In addition the Mobile Map also provided Going Digital with invaluable insights into which households were using analogue television. “At the end of the day it saved us a lot of shoe leather, and helped us to inform the community to the best possible level.” 8

New Zealand Post Solutions/Strategies used •Data Analytics (propensity modelling) •Genius Segmentation •Mapping •Semi addressed consumer data supply •Print and mail services •Campaign Management & Liaison with Reach Media 9

Yellow Page Business Re-engineering

Market Situation •The first Yellow book was launched back in the 1960s and it’s a big part of NZ history. •But, times are changing - print and delivery numbers did not reflect the growing and declining geographic areas of certain parts of New Zealand – or the increase in digital preferences. •Yellow’s complete supply chain management costs from printing to moving and delivering the books are based on producing the correct number of books for every business and residential house in New Zealand. •Yellow had information at a high level, but the logistics of breaking down this information to be useful for multiple community groups delivering the was the major problem. •The key for Yellow is to get their books to the people that want them. 11

New Zealand Post’s Solution •A forecasting model was built utilising a combination of data sets; •NZ Post addressing data •Stats NZ business census •Previous Yellow business feedback •Industry ANZSICs and employee counts in the businesses. •A flexible model was implemented which allowed business rules to over ride the model where necessary. For example the ability to create a very different set of business rules for urban Auckland compared to other regions. •A largely automated map production process was implemented 12

The solution also includes an online look up tool that enables Yellow to manage the link between business delivery addresses and distributors. Predictive address entry Management of delivery agent details

We then enhanced the data to display the address in Google maps with the Yellow pages distribution boundaries overlaid (using Google Fusion tables).

Top line Results •This tool is in its second year of successful use and has a proven ROI of over 320% •Over 400,000 less books are now able to be effectively distributed “NZ Post delivered a new national mapping and forecasting tool which has significantly reduced waste and introduced efficiencies throughout our supply chain. 15

NZ Post Solutions/Services used •Data Analytics •Modelling •Mapping •Npad (National Postal Address) address data. 16

Case Study YouShop

Why? 18 The YouShop team were keen to increase sign-ups (and therefore hopefully sales) via the YouShop Service. In February 2013, a DM test was sent to 15,000 people. Lifestyle Data, as well as Movers, Rural and LTNZ Datasets were used to select the 15,000 people but a generic DM was sent to ALL 15,000 people. In May 2013, another DM Campaign was completed, again using the Lifestyle Data but this time we used the detailed responses from people’s responses to determine the best categories to use to personalise the DM copy text. The top 3 categories for each target were selected from: Gadgets, Sports, Clothing, Home/Kitchen/Beauty.

The DM 19

The Results 20 February 2013 DM Campaign May 2013 DM Campaign Mailed 15,000 30,000 New Registrations 375 1,564 Registration Response Rate 2.50% 5.21% The focus on lifestyle survey data and personalisation of the text, more than doubled the response rate compared to the original test DM. NOTE: 5.21% is an extremely high response date (it is fairly common to see response rates of around 1-2%)

NZ Post Services/Strategies Used •Data Analytics •Lifestyle Data and profiling •Print and Mail Services •Campaign Management •Post-campaign evaluation 21

Case Study IRD – eGST Launch

Background 23 •In September 2012, Inland Revenue (IR) launched their new eGST service, allowing customers to file GST returns through their “myIR” secure online services account. This was in response to IRs strategic objective to move customers to cost- effective channels while still making it easy for them to manage their tax requirements. •The overall communication strategy was for a concerted below the line push from launch date, with the following specific strategies: •A targeted direct marketing push closely after the service goes live •A DM to specific customer segments •Where there is an active email address for a customer, send an email •As a result, 10% of all GST returns filed in September came from the new service (the target was 4%!). This increased to 13.6% in October and 14.1% in November.

How we helped? 24 Provided a best practice eDM process for their digital communications

Multi-Channel Communications 25 Produced and deployed both their print and mail packs and their eDMs

NZ Post Services/Strategies Used •Data Processing •Print and Mail •Digital Strategy (Business Analytics) •eDM design, build and deployment – using Silverpop •eDM Campaign reporting – using Silverpop 26

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