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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: khalidinho96


Large black font for Beyonce’s name and smaller grey font for the title of the CD cover. Shows the importance of her name to her audience (I could use this large Beyonce font to attract people to my CD cover). The dash on her name (the “E” in Beyonce) is very thin which is barely noticeable. The font is slightly taller than it is wide and has a horizontal line on top and below her name. The grey font is around half the size of Beyonce’s name. The greyish colour used in this font slightly blends with the background of the CD cover, which I don’t want to happen when I make my CD cover. The placement of the font is on the top left of the CD cover so when someone holds the CD cover the title of the CD and Beyonce’s name isn’t covered by their hands (good for promotion, easy for everyone to see the name of the CD even when held by someone else). The text used in this CD cover isn’t obstructing the photography used on the right hand side of the CD cover. I would like to use this type of font and alignment of text and font colour in my CD cover. MISE-EN-SCEN: Beyonce wears plain black/greyish clothing (simple clothing compared to her other albums), bright lighting which is evenly spread throughout her face, grey background in the back which matches her skin complexion in this image, natural make up making her look as neutral as possible, jewellery wrapped around her hand making the overall image not too simple and lots of hand gestures to show her feelings using body language. I want to recreate this CD cover by making my artist dress in plain clothing, wearing a bright piece of jewellery, facing the camera to interact with the audience (eye level camera angle, with a close up) and making the photography into a greyscale to compliment my artists skin (also using air-brushing techniques to remove unnecessary spots). I will also recreate the font in Adobe Illustrator in a similar font type, font size and colour to make my CD cover look as professional as Beyonce’s. Camera angle/Shot type/ Editing: Eye level angle, close up to show that the album is all about her. This eye level angle was used so that Beyonce can interact with her audience through the CD cover using her eyes. Close up to show emphasis Beyonce’s natural beauty as much as possible to attract as much of her male target audience as possible. Her right hand which is touching her head is slightly trimmed off but it also allows more space for the text of her name on the left. The top of her head (hair) is also trimmed off to also allow more space in this CD cover. The framing in this image isn’t that good because it cuts off too many parts of Beyonce’s face. The use of editing also emphasises Beyonce’s beauty because of the use of airbrushing to remove unnecessary spots, blemishes and wrinkles. Editing is also used to make her skin colour complexion more lighter then it would normally be by making the whole image into a grey scale and increasing the exposure and brightness using a professional piece of editing software.

On the Beyoncé’s back cover of “I AM SHASHA” she has a long list of tracks for her album that are listed in Roman Numerals (20 tracks), and it also contains a DVD that contains a couple music videos and behind the scenes clips of her making these music video. All of this information of the content of this album is listed on the back of the CD on the top left hand side. I wanted to use this method of listing songs in my own CD cover but only with a couple songs because the CD I will be making will be a single not an album so I only need 2/3 tracks for the listing. In all of Beyoncé’s CDs she always has the logo of her publisher (Sony Music and Columbia) because they own all the tracks Beyoncé makes, therefore their logo has to be on each of her albums. I will make sure to include the logos of Beyoncé’s publishers in my CD cover. In this CD cover Beyoncé also has legal information placed right above the barcode so that people know who the publishers and distributors are so that they can’t violate the copyright law because they know who own this album. I will make sure to add legal information in my CD cover as well. The last bit of information on the left hand side of Beyoncé’s CD cover is the barcode which is placed right on the bottom of the CD so that it can be scanned easily. I will make sure to add a barcode as well. Beyoncé’s face is framed in the same position (right hand side of CD cover) as the front cover so there’s more space for information about the CD to be places on the left. This is an eye-level angle shot used to help Beyoncé interact with her target audience using her beautiful eyes to also attract other social groups (not her target audience) towards her album. I will make sure to have an eye-level angle shot in my CD cover to interact with my target audience. A Close up is used focus on Beyoncé's face because this album is all about Beyoncé that’s why there aren’t that many featured artists in this album. I will also used a close up in back cover to emphasis the fact that my CD is all about my artist (there isn’t any featured artist as well). Grey background used in the back cover which is darker then the grey used in the front cover. The colour scheme throughout the album is grey, gold (jewellery) and black. I could use a similar colour scheme for the background and the photography in my CD covers. Beyoncé’s hair style is done very nicely/stylishly to attract more of her target audience to this album (adds more interest to her album). I will make sure that the hair style for my artist isn’t too plain and boring. Grey-scale used on Beyoncé’s face to match the house style. Basic make-up used on her face to hide spots and blemishes which she obviously have (spot-healing tool used in the editing process to remove all the spots and other skin complications she might have). The lighting is directly on her face to show that this album is all about her. Lighting is evenly spread all around her face, probably using a light reflector disc). I will make sure that the lighting is evenly spread around my artist’s face the same way Beyoncé has done in her albums. The large piece of jewellery around her shoulders and the back of her head is in colour unlike the rest of the image to add some flare to this album. This large piece of gold that is in colour could be replicated in a smaller version when I make my CD cover using Photoshop techniques/tools I learned.

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