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Published on January 5, 2017

Author: ExisInnovation


THANKS: exis nnovation llc CCTV camera (Closed circuit Television) We provide a variety of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) services which range from inexpensive analog systems to more robust intelligent IP and/or High Definition based monitoring systems for intrusion detection in small medium or large venues. THANKS: Why Use CCTV CCTV should not be perceived as a magic wand for preventing crime - it is just another crime prevention tool from a long list available to a business. There are many reasons why CCTV is the most cost effective security solution. In our experience we have found that most businesses suffer from the same few security problems. - . Industrial Safety Premises Monitoring Theft Monitoring of high secured Zone Monitoring of Public Areas Worker Management Staff Collusion Staff Protection Car Park Security Deterrence Etc …… THANKS: Outdoor Indoor IP66 IP67 Enclosure + Indoor Camera Weather proof Vandal proof Fan Heater Vandal proof THANKS: Lens Selection Lighting Condition Auto-Iris WDR Fixed Iris Outdoor lighting Challenging lighting Indoor lighting THANKS: Type of camera and their Use Dome Camera Dome cameras typically are best choices whenever possible When the camera is within someone’s reach domes cannot be easily manipulated or vandalized Domes Installs easy in drop ceilings – usually 2 screws Since a dome has a covered lens the direction the camera is pointing is hidden Dome can accommodate infra-red for night vision Dome are not always weather proof camera so these are not suited for outside peripherals. As the dome camera themselves are typically small the lens size are limited, Although some dome camera comes with vari-focal lens but the size are limited THANKS: Type of camera and their Use Box Camera Box camera are to be considered when When mounting to a wall or any vertical area When viewing distance where a long lens is required which would not fit inside a dome or bullet camera When extreme low light (moon light, or a very far street light) are not a consideration Box camera comes with WDR and Day Night technology Can incorporate various lens like Auto IRIS, Manual IRIS and Fixed IRIS etc. Requires a housing for weather proofing and vandal proofing When considering this camera accessories like lens, housing, stand etc are to be considered THANKS: THANKS Please contact us or +1 571 429 3529

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