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Published on March 19, 2008

Author: Urban


Welcome to CCMS Cougar Choirs:  Welcome to CCMS Cougar Choirs Parent Night Tuesday, August 28, 2007 CCMS Cougar Choirs:  CCMS Cougar Choirs Sixth Grade Choir Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir Women’s Choir Men’s Ensemble Chamber Choir Choir Opportunities 2007 – 2008 :  Choir Opportunities 2007 – 2008 Choirs will perform at the following events: Winter Concert AVA District Competition AVA State Competition (if choir passes District) Spring Concert Out of State Festivals Southern Star Music Festival (pending board approval) Singabration 2008! Walt Disney World Orlando, FL (pending board approval) Choirs will have other opportunities for performance in the community: Nursing homes Board Meetings Civic functions Honor Choir Opportunities:  Honor Choir Opportunities All – State Honor Choirs Mixed Choir – 7th and 8th grade boys and 8th grade girls Treble – 7th and 8th grade girls Audition: November 7, 2007 at Bluff Park United Methodist Church Cost: Music $26.00 Audition fee $ 5 Registration fee $25 Total due by August 20, 2007 $31.00 to order music Jefferson County Winter Festival Honor Choir Mixed Choir 7th and 8th grade students – Conductor will select students October 17, 2007 Rehearsal at North Jefferson Middle School – students will need money for lunch November 14, 2007 Rehearsal at Boutwell Auditorium – students will need money for lunch November 15, 2007 Winter Festival Concert at Boutwell Auditorium call time 6:15 pm Opportunities:  Opportunities ACDA Young Voices Honor Choirs Junior High Girls’ Choir – 6th, 7th and 8th grades Boychoir – Conductor may select up to 8 – 6th grade boys Junior High Mixed Choir – 7th and 8th grade boys and girls Audition: February 9, 2007 Simmons Middle School Cost: Music $25.00 Audition fee $ 5 Registration fee $30 Hotel $100 (approx.) Total due by September 7, 2007 $30.00 to order music UAB Honor Choir Junior High Mixed Choir – 7th and 8th grade boys and girls Conductor may select up to 12 students Cost: Music/T-shirt/Lunch(Fri.) $50 Total due by November 1, 2007 Attendance Policy:  Attendance Policy Attendance for rehearsals and concerts are critical to a successful choir.  Being on time is also an important part.  The choir cannot properly function without the best efforts of all its members.  YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  For this reason attendance is required to all rehearsals, both daily and extra and all concerts and performances.  All rehearsals outside of the school day will be scheduled well in advance so as to not cause conflicts with students' schedules.  These will be posted in the Choir room and a monthly newsletter with important dates will be sent home.   Below are the specific guidelines for our Choral Department Attendance Policy. Attendance is required to all rehearsal and concerts.  Slide7:  Absences (and tardies) will be excused in the following cases: Medical emergency including illness - A Doctor's excuse and/or parent note may be required for absence to be excused.         Death in the family         Religious holiday         Permission of the director         Conflicts with other school functions or organizations - Must be approved ahead of time. Doctor's appointments, if possible, should be made so as not to interfere with rehearsals or concerts.  Other absences may be approved on an individual basis at the discretion of the director.  The director reserves the right to excuse or not excuse absences. Because participation is such an important part of the choir, students that miss a performance without documentation will lose valuable points from their grades.  Point values per performance may vary but may be as much as 200 points for District Festival, Christmas or Spring Concerts.  Choral Syllabus:  Choral Syllabus All students participating in choirs, choruses, and ensembles are expected to meet these requirements.  Each choir rehearses one class period a week for the entire school year.  If extra rehearsals are needed, they will be scheduled in advance. Audition: Auditions are held in the Spring of each year for all choirs.  All students must audition for purposes of voicing purposes (including present choral members) only. All students wishing to be a choir member will be accepted into the program.  Students will be required to sing a required piece with piano accompaniment assigned my Mrs. Sweatman.  Students will be placed in choirs based on their audition scores.  Criteria for audition includes:  singing on pitch, singing with proper diction, singing with breath support, and quality of sound production.  Each category is worth a total of five points for a total possible score of 20 points.  Fees:  Fees Membership Fee:  All students participating in any choir, chorus, or ensemble will pay a $25 membership fee at the beginning of each year.  This fee will be used to purchase music and other budgetary items not paid through other funding means.   As with all fees, students in need of financial assistance should contact Mrs. Sweatman.  Fees are set by the Jefferson County Board of Education. Uniform Fee:  All choir, chorus, and ensemble members must purchase both a formal and a casual Choral uniform.  The uniform will become property of each student and is the student's responsibility to maintain.  The cost will be determined based upon the expense of the outfit purchased.  Contact Mrs. Sweatman if there is a need for financial assistance to purchase his/her uniform.  Money need never keep a student from being in a choir in our music department. Festival Fee:  Students of all choirs and ensembles attending Alabama Vocal Association District III Choral Festival and other festivals are asked to pay for the cost of attending any festivals.  Fees will be set based on the expense of each festival and trip.  This fee helps pay for the registration fee of the choir and for transportation costs.  A note will be sent home before the festival fee due date.  This fee may be taken from membership fee.  Again, see Mrs. Sweatman if there is a need for financial assistance to pay this fee.  Choir Uniforms:  Choir Uniforms Choir T-shirts $15 Girls Uniform (7th and 8th grade) Black dress $60 to $65 Black dress shoes Black sheer pantyhose Girls may wear small earrings Boys Uniform (7th and 8th grade) Tuxedo pants, shirt, $60 cummerbund, and button cover Black dress shoes and socks Sixth Grade Uniforms Polo shirts $25 Khaki Pants Brown Belt Brown shoes with dark socks Girls may wear necklaces that are not visible and small earrings. All students will need to purchase a new t-shirt each year. All choir students, new or returning, will need to purchase a choir t-shirt. Money for uniforms is due by September 19, 2007 . Please send money in a sealed envelope with your student’s name, id number and class on the outside. A receipt will be sent home as soon as possible. Grading and Assessment:  Grading and Assessment Grading Scale 90-100 A = Excellent work 80-89 = Good 70-79 = Average 60-69 = Unsatisfactory 59 and below = Failing grade Assessments:  Students will have a variety of assessments throughout the grading period.  Class Participation:  Student will receive a weekly grade for participation in rehearsals.  Participation includes actively singing, listening, and having supplies needed for choir rehearsal. Class supplies required: Folder with prongs Loose leaf paper Pencil Colored pencils Pencil pouch 5-subject dividers Other forms of assessment:  Other forms of assessment Performance:  Students will be graded on performance at all concerts (200 points each).  Attendance is required.  Students that are absent must present a doctor's excuse in order to be excused from the performance.  Grades will be lowered for each performance that a choir member misses.  Absences due to emergency will be excused on a case by case basis by the teacher.  The teacher reserves the right not to excuse an absence of any student.  Written assignments and projects:  From time to time, comprehensive musicianship projects will be given.  Students will receive grades on all handouts, written assignments, and individual and group projects. Pass-offs:  Students will be expected to pass off musical selections independently and in groups.  Selections will be given in advance by teacher and ample time will be given for students to learn their parts. Field trips and Travel:  Field trips and Travel Several times a year, our choirs, choruses and ensembles have the opportunity to take field trips.  These trips serve both educational and fun experiences.  Field trips include attending the Alabama Vocal Association District III Choral Festival, possibly the State Festival, as well as trips for community and civic functions.  Parents should sign the Field Trip form that will outline the conduct and bus-specific behavior codes at the beginning of the school year.  This form will be used for each field trips that are inside the state.  If any choir attends a contest, festival or takes any field trip outside of the state, a separate more specific form will be required.  Any member of a choir, chorus, or ensemble is required to attend any field trips that are planned.  Parents will be notified in advance of any fees for the trips.  Fundraising opportunities will be given so students and families are not place in financial hardship because of these trips.  Parents may volunteer to chaperone on all field trips.  The director always appreciates extra sets of eyes and ears to monitor the students. Unfortunately, chaperones must pay their own expenses for all field trips.   Conduct for Field Trips and Buses :  Conduct for Field Trips and Buses Students must always be on their best behavior on any and all field trips.  These trips offer our Choral Department an opportunity to demonstrate the talent of all the students in our choirs.  We are representing our School and our Department on these trips. Students' individual actions, can either build up our choirs' reputations or tear them down.  School rules and Board Code of Conduct policies are to be observed on all trips as well as the following bus-specific rules: All parts of the body are to remain inside the bus at all times. Students are to remain seated while the bus is in moving. Aisles should be kept free of personal belongings. Keep noise to a minimum. If you bring a radio, you must use headphones. No food or drinks unless specifically given permission. (Trip by trip basis) Obey the bus drivers and chaperones. Signed seating will be implemented if behavior becomes a problem. Music Library Policy:  Music Library Policy Because copyright laws have become so strict, the Choral Department feels that it is necessary to set the following policy.   At the beginning of each year, every student will purchase a folder for music.  The teacher with the assistance of the Librarian will issue each student a numbered score of each song for his/her respective choir.  Records will be maintained to insure the teacher knows where a piece of music is and which student is responsible for it at all times.  It is the responsibility of students to maintain his/her folder and carefully place all music in it.  Each student will be responsible for every song assigned.  If a song is lost or damage, the student must pay to have the song replaced.  Under no circumstances will photo copies of songs be distributed.  Copyright law forbid this practice and our Choral Department could be fined thousands of dollars for making copies.  There is only one exception to this law and it is the department's policy not to photocopy, period. While we're on the copyright law subject:  Parents may video any concert in which your child participates.  The director may video and audio tape any performance.  We may not, without express written permission, make an audio or video tape for sale or distribution of any song that our choirs, choruses, or ensembles perform.  The only exceptions are songs that are considered public domain, i.e., songs that are old enough not to be covered under copyright laws.  Behavior Policy :  Behavior Policy Director responsibilities: As your teacher, I am responsible for creating an environment conducive to learning and as free from disruption as possible.  I should model proper demeanor and musicianship at all times.  I will provide opportunities for skill building through all the courses and choirs offered through the Choral Department. Students’ responsibilities: Students will not talk while conductor is talking or the any section of the choir is singing. Students will respect yourself and the rights of others.  There is to be No food of any kind in the classroom.  Students will ALWAYS bring choir folder containing music and pencil to class.  Students will be in YOUR seat ready to warm-up when the tardy bell rings.  Students will keep uniform clean and free from wrinkles. Concert and rehearsal attendance is MANDATORY and each will be worth 200 points of your grade.  At all times, DO YOUR BEST! Penalties: A portion of students' grades will be determined by participation.  Participation includes adhering to the rules above.  Students, who continually disobey the rules, will be subject to dismissal from the choir or ensemble.  Other actions may be taken as listed in the Clay-Chalkville Middle School and Jefferson County Board of Education Code of Conduct. Fundraising Opportunities:  Fundraising Opportunities Tailgate Extravaganza Cookie Dough Sale Forms:  Forms Student Handbook form Field trip forms Parent contact form Thank you for attending parent night.:  Thank you for attending parent night. Question time…..

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