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Published on March 6, 2014

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Christian ministry newsletter

From Our Executive Director I cannot and would not want to imagine living life without hope. When a person is on top of their game, life is going well, family is healthy and the finances are all in order, one can understand why hope sometimes gets lost. And hope gets lost because the credit for success lies within self. We have made 2014 our Year of Hope at CCDM. In past publications, I have talked about how it is hard for many to find hope. Again, they search for hope in things not in Christ OR they are not connected with those who share the hope of Christ with others. In this issue, I want to give you a list of things you can do as CCDM strives to share that hope to people with disabilities and their families. 1. Pray for The Hope Connection. Many people search for hope in areas that cannot give hope. The Hope Connection is a new website we will be launching this year to bring people together to share experiences that will introduce hope to those who are searching. Remember, caring for someone with a disability is not a part-time or temporary situation; it is a full-time, 24/7 responsibility and hope is the only way to make it through every day, every year. 2. Pray for our Raising Hope 8 mile/5k run/walk. This is a fundraiser we are doing that will provide needed funds for The Hope Connection but also create an event in our community that will allow us to spread the Gospel to all those who attend or compete. 3. Pray for our involvement with the MERIDIANFOUNDATION.” The MERIDIANFOUNDATION is a credit card processing company that will donate a certain percentage of the processing fee to CCDM. Page 5 can be cut out and given to your local beauty salon, florist, doctor’s office or any 2 Continued on the next page Christian Churches Disability Ministry Gary W. Spangler Executive Director Roy Row Director of Spiritual and Outreach Development Carol Hundley Administrative Asst. P.O. Box 310 Louisville, TN 37777-0310 865.984.5178 Riverwood Campus Rhonna Sanford CCDM Board of Directors Walt Dooley Edwin Griffin Cecil Howard Lynn Howard Bart Jones Scott Kent Bill McLendon Drew Mentzer Richard Mullineux Webster Olgesby Dale Sikes Wayne Spangler Directors Emeritus Ziden Nutt Wayne B. Smith Sam Stone

other business that accepts credit cards. This allows businesses who want to help others but cannot justify additional expense. It is a great way to give. So we have big ideas for HOPE to be shared with people around the world. Please help us by giving these three items your attention and God bless you. Spotlight on our Resident Assistants David “Davy” DaSilva has been working with us since May 2012. He was referred to us by his friend, Micah McCrotty (another of our Resident Assistants). What Davey brings to our Riverwood family is the sense of “playfulness” with the residents. He is always joking and laughing with the residents. He has a genuine love for the residents that is reflected in their friendships. Davey even comes out to Riverwood on his days off to take some of them to the movies. Davey has a heart for urban missions, and wants to share Jesus with everyone he meets. As a child, he starred in a Nickelodeon TV series. So, if you ever have an opportunity to talk to Davey, ask him about his television experience. Davy also works part-time at the local Apple Store. Please pray for Davey as he works with us, and ask the Lord to continue providing Davey with His joy, so that we at Riverwood can share in Davey’s blessing. 3

A Few Thoughts from Roy Row It was the one overwhelming topic of interest last summer as I hiked the Appalachian Trail. Whenever I had an opportunity to meet with or speak to any groups about my hike, the idea of an online community for families who were caring for children and adults with disabilities drew the most response. Over this past year, we have searched the internet to see what is offered in the way of support for families, and we found that there is really nothing there that provides hope, encouragement, and connection for parents as they walk through the challenges of each day. We found medical information, financial advice, legal rights issues, and educational information. Nothing is there, however, to support or refresh parents, especially from a Christian and spiritual viewpoint. We found no one reaching out with the good news of Jesus to a community that desperately needs to hear our message of hope and renewal of life. Out of that search, The Hope Connection was born. Beginning this spring, we will launch an online community filled with stories, information, resources, and fellowship for the ever growing disability community and the families surrounding it. It will be a “work in progress,” for the site is designed to grow and take shape around the stories and needs of those who use it. We also are building a database of churches and places of fellowship who welcome families and offer encouragement and support for their needs and spiritual care. What can you do now to help us? 1) Pray for this project as we work hard for a spring launch date. 2) Make us your friend on Facebook (Christian Churches Disability Ministry) and share our site and story with your friends and church. 3) Pray for our resources financially that are so critically needed to cover the costs of launching this project. 4) Most of all, give thanks with us for the opportunity today to be in a place to potentially impact so many thousands of people around the world with the message of Hope through Jesus Christ. 4

HELP US HELP OTHERS CCDM needs your help. Each month thousands of dollars are spent by business for processing credit cards. Wouldn’t it be great if part of those fees were routed for ministry? Now that can happen! The MERIDIANFOUNDATION is a credit card processing company that will donate a percentage of the fees to CCDM. If you will share this information with your local businesses, our friend, Parker Cates, will make a seamless transition for businesses to allow them to help our disability community here at Riverwood. All you need to do is cut out this page and give it to your hair stylist, barber, or any merchant who accepts credit cards and ask them for permission to give their name to Parker and he will take care of the rest. Once you have their permission, give me their name and telephone number and we will take care of the rest. This is an excellent opportunity to help us financially and it costs you and the business nothing. Thank you! Start cutting now to Help Us Help Others. Send names and numbers to Gary Spangler at or call 678-614-4115.  Name ___________________________________________________ Phone number _______________________________________ or Email address ____________________________________________ 5

Replacement Windows There is an old saying, “if it’s not one thing, it’s another.” Well, that’s how we’re feeling right now. Riverwood I is almost 30 years old, and, as it is with any building, there is always upkeep, repair, and replacement. That’s where we are now with the windows. The windows in this home are seriously “showing their age.” During this bitter winter weather we are experiencing, you can feel the cold wind blowing in around the edges. As if this isn’t bad enough, whenever you open one of these windows, you have to go OUTSIDE to close it. We have received an estimate of $14,000 to replace these windows (this does include a lifetime guarantee. Needless to say, we do not have that in the budget for this year. We would be honored if you or a group of friends would undertake this as a project for this year, or even a portion of it. Perhaps you would like to do one wing of Riverwood I. If you would like more information about this project, please call Gary Spangler at 678.614.4115. Our Residents' Birthdays February March April 7th 27th 27th 8th 10th Christy Mark Kim Deborah Scott F We appreciate your remembering our residents on their birthdays. Please mail your cards to our residents at: Riverwood Campus 3123 Pride Road Louisville, TN 37777 6

Gifts to Remember Through December 31, 2013 In memory of Tracy Adams John Faulkner Robert and Clara Judd Nancy Ramsey Gib Rannick David Spangler Ed Spencer Shari Sprouls Tony Stallings Gene Turner Barbara Williams Given by Rhetta Adams Morales Harry and Sandra Fuller Gary and Pat Faust Lou and Peggy Martin anonymous Harry and Sandra Fuller Dirck Spencer Tom and Phyllis Hendrickson Lou and Peggy Martin Harry and Sandra Fuller Harry and Sandra Fuller Lilly and Mark Smith Val and Donna Walden Jamie and Betty Wright Gifts to Honor Through December 31, 2013 In honor of Julie Bassett Dorothy Merriman Lamar and Barbara Merriman Jim and Norma Pierson Glenna Sandefur Rhonna Sanford Dale and Dianne Sikes Mary Witt Given by Bill and Nancy Bassett Josh and Mandy Adkins Gene and Jo Merriman Gene and Shirley Wigginton Paul and Suzie Greene Kathy Miracle Mortons Gap (KY) CC Mary Helen Sandefur Steve and Denise Sandefur Tim and Ann Sandefur   Shirley Tanner Gordon Dickerson Jim Witt 7

Volume 5 Number 2 Winter 2014 P.O. Box 310 Louisville, TN 37777 865 - 984 - 5178 and Riverwood Campus The Servant Return Service Requested Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN Permit #573 For as little as $25 a month, you can help to sponsor a resident at Riverwood. We currently have four (4) residents who need financial assistance. If you, your Sunday school class, small group or anyone would be interested in helping one of our residents, please call us at 678.614.4115, or visit our website at for more information. We will send you a picture and information about the person you are sponsoring. Won’t you help us to help them? “Me Buddy?”

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