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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: cgiarclimate



Theory of Change: CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

Working  with  partners  to  collect  the   evidence  and  to  change  opinions  and   worldviews   Theory  of  Change   Open   Data   r Lea g     nin Working  with   partners  to   understand  what   works   l   Regiona s   Strategie Gender   Working  with  partners   to  make  it  happen   Capacity   Building   1&3:  CSA  Alliance,  World  Bank,  IFAD,  Green  Climate   Fund,  PROLINNOVA,  climate  finance  orgs,  ministries   2:    World  Vision,  Na8onal  Meteorological  Agencies,   Disaster  Risk  Agencies,  Insurance  Agencies     •  Mul8ple  local  partners  (e.g.  CARE,  Vi   Mediae,  PROLINNOVA,  Na8onal   Insurance  Company  of  India,  NARES)   IDO3:  Enhanced    adap8ve  capacity  to  climate  risks   IDO5:  Reduced  GHGs  and  forest  conversion       Flagship  1:  Climate  –smart   agricultural  prac8ces      Out  Roll IDO2:  Benefits  to  women  and  marginalised  groups   ale   adsc  bro  & ages   t  vill mar dop8on le   a ate  s enab Clim nce   sura ke   ta nd  in ces  a t  CSA  up rvi e  se protec at Clim and   out   lled   ns  ro n  pla ga8o  mi8 onal Na8 CSA IDO1:  Enhanced  food  security   n   ta8o adap es   cal   ess ed  lo oc hanc ning  pr En lan   p onse  resp encies   nd ng  a nal  ag arni ly  w  in  na8o s   Ear ted n8ve  ince issions   egra d int s  an  em nism ow echa ed  for  l ent   M or   lish velopm b ork  f esta de mew ity;   a cy  fr secur    poli d   oved ing  food ols  use Impr anag n  to 8o m ri8sa prio nal   tu8o Ins8 y  &   nge   Cha Engagement     Polic 1.  CSA  Alliance,  World  Bank,  IFAD,  Climate  Finance  Orgs,   Ministries   2.  World  Vision,  Na8onal  Meteorological  Agencies,   Disaster  Risk  Agencies,  Insurance  Agencies     3.  IIASA,  FAO,  Global  Research  Alliance  for  Agricultural   GHGs   4.  Food  security  and  climate  adapta8on  agencies,  GFAR,   CFS   IDO4:  Policies  suppor8ng  climate-­‐resilient  agriculture   Key   Flagship  2:  Climate  – informa8on  services  and   climate-­‐informed  safety  nets   Flagship  3:  Low  emissions   development   Flagship  4:  Policies  and   ins8tu8ons  for  climate   resilient  food  systems  

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