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Published on February 18, 2008

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Concord Academy-Petoskey:  Concord Academy-Petoskey Learning from its History; Examining its Present; Creating its Future Presented By Triple L Enterprises Larry L. Lindquist April 13 & 14, 2007 VISIONING :  VISIONING “Do not go where the path may lead; go where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson “Where there is vision everyone learns, not because they have to, but because they want to.” Peter Senge Historical Perspectives on Concord Academy--Petoskey:  Historical Perspectives on Concord Academy--Petoskey Presented by Kim Overton Co-Founder & Former Director Of Concord Academy-Petoskey FROM THE BEGINNING:  FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE PRESENT FROM THE PRESENT :  TO THE FUTURE FROM THE PRESENT TEAMWORK:  TEAMWORK WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER EYE TEST:  EYE TEST Count every “F” in the following text: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS . . . . FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS . . . Group Reflection:  Group Reflection Why are you here? What do you hope to gain from this process? What understandings or information do you want to leave with that you didn’t have before you came? WHAT IS A GREAT ACADEMY?:  WHAT IS A GREAT ACADEMY? What does a great academy look like? What characteristics does a great academy possess? What are the key elements that must be in place for Concord Academy--Petoskey to be a great academy? GROUP EXERCISE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GREAT ACADEMY:  CHARACTERISTICS OF A GREAT ACADEMY Student Achievement Success—State and Federal guidelines High rate of student retention—Return rate High rate of staff retention—Program continuity Positive academy culture—environment for teaching and learning Established written method to evaluate leadership Facilities that follow the function—assist to implement the vision Alignment of vision, mission, beliefs, curriculum, instruction, assessment, etc. Human and financial resources directed toward implementation of vision, mission, and beliefs Compliance with laws and contracts Strong leadership directed at accomplishing the vision, mission, beliefs adopted by the Board of Directors GETTING FROM DREAMS . . .:  GETTING FROM DREAMS . . . TO REALITY . . . HOW CAN WE DO THIS?:  HOW CAN WE DO THIS? First, by recognizing that, in general, education has suffered from a terminal disease of certainty. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Understanding the need to adapt our mind set about education to meet the needs of a changing global society. So what changes have effected education over the last two decades? GROUP EXERCISE THE EFFECTS OF CHANGE ON EDUCATIONAL REALITY:  THE EFFECTS OF CHANGE ON EDUCATIONAL REALITY The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be. CATEGORIES OF CHANGE Social Educational Political Economic Demographic Technological Others SECOND AND THIRD WAVE COMPANIES Adapted from John Sculley, Odyssey, Harper & Row, :  SECOND AND THIRD WAVE COMPANIES Adapted from John Sculley, Odyssey, Harper & Row, A LOOK AT THE WORK ENVIRONMENT:  A LOOK AT THE WORK ENVIRONMENT 20th Century Independent Semi-skilled/skilled Management as Problem Solvers Supervisor Focus—Routine Some Data Shared 21st Century Interdependent Multi-Skilled Workers as Problem Solvers Supervisor Focus— Improvement Timely/Data-Based Results Work Environment Page Two:  Work Environment Page Two 21st Century Many Teams Fewer Job Classifications More Flexible Organizations Integrated Support Groups Our Problem Embrace Change 20th Century Some Teams Many job classifications Semi-Flexible Organizations Departmentalized Their Problem Resist Change A CHANGING EDUCATIONAL WORLD?? :  A CHANGING EDUCATIONAL WORLD?? INFORMATION AGE Learner-Centered Participatory Cooperative Multiple paths Diverse Results-Based (Data Driven) INDUSTRIAL AGE Teacher Centered Authoritarian Competitive Single-path Uniform Time-based MICHIGAN CAREER & EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS:  MICHIGAN CAREER & EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS APPLIED ACADEMIC SKILLS CAREER PLANNING DEVELOPING AND PRESENTING INFORMATION PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS NEGOTIATION SKILLS UNDERSTANDING SYSTEMS USING EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS Slide22:  According to our sources, chartered public school academies are expected to teach good nutrition habits; give specialized instruction for the hearing impaired, the blind, and the neurologically impaired; treat the emotionally impaired; train the mentally challenged; teach the gifted; do eye testing, teach first aid, insure 100% immunization, provide counseling, assist in disease prevention, provide education about drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, help students develop political know-how, provide anti-bullying techniques, develop civic responsibility, maintain birth information and age certification data, provide instruction in good health care; provide civil rights and racial tolerance, foster integration, teach the principles of free enterprise; assist in career planning, report suspected child abuse; teach telephone manners and etiquette, eradicate head lice, scabies and other diseases, Slide23:  assist in school and community fund raising provide vocational training, serve hot lunch and breakfast, teach bicycle safety, teach the difference between good and bad touching; promote physical fitness, provide bilingual instruction, foster metric education, teach consumer education, follow due process when dealing with discipline issues, protect student privacy, eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination, develop an appreciation of other people and cultures, promote the use of technology and other sources of information, build patriotism and loyalty to the ideals of democracy, build respect for the worth and dignity of each individual, develop entry level job skills, teach money management, develop a curiosity and thirst for learning, develop leisure time skills, teach pride in work, build a feeling of self-worth, teach problem solving and critical thinking, avoid teaching religion, deal with peanut allergies and bee stings, complete the LSSU compliance AOIS requirements . . . . . AND Slide24:  Oops! I almost forgot . . . . teach reading, writing, science, social studies and math too! The implementation of genuine school reform requires transforming the belief system, norms, values and underlying assumptions about reality. . . it represents a mind, heart, and soul transplant. John Hilary Some might say that this means a total cultural change within a school. :  The implementation of genuine school reform requires transforming the belief system, norms, values and underlying assumptions about reality. . . it represents a mind, heart, and soul transplant. John Hilary Some might say that this means a total cultural change within a school. THE CHALLENGE:  THE CHALLENGE In the barrage of suggestions for improvement offered to education every day, we may feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony, we know what we must do, we just don’t know where to begin. Stages of the Grieving (Change) Process:  Stages of the Grieving (Change) Process 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4 Depression 5. Acceptance Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Slide28:  What is the Business of Our Business? Curriculum Frameworks Curriculum Alignment Teaching for Mastery Multiple Assessments School Imp. Frameworks & Action Plans Data Based Achievement for Kids “The main thing is to MAKE the main thing, the Main Thing!” George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky The Power of Alignment Slide29:  So how do we get there, that is, to the great academy we envisioned earlier this evening? Setting a course for tomorrow . . . . Elements of a Quality Organization (Academy):  Elements of a Quality Organization (Academy) A Board of Directors with Vision and Tenacity Vision Statement Mission Statement Beliefs Statement Strategic Plan School Improvement Plan (SIF Frameworks) Action Plans with Goals and Objectives Visionary yet Open Minded Leadership Dedicated Staff as Effective Team Members Involved parents and community The Role of a Board of Directors in a Successful Academy:  The Role of a Board of Directors in a Successful Academy Set direction for the academy; vision, beliefs, and mission statements Hire and monitor for continuing competent leadership Adopt and monitor a strategic plan to implement vision Develop, adopt, and monitor the budget Adopt and follow Board policies Monitor student achievement The Role of a Board of Directors in a Successful Academy:  The Role of a Board of Directors in a Successful Academy Monitor customer satisfaction Model a cooperative working spirit; teamwork Conduct Board self-assessments Monitor progress at achieving the Board’s vision Ask tough questions and expect follow up Establish high expectations for success Ensure compliance with legal and contract requirements Components of a Strategic Direction :  Components of a Strategic Direction What we honor and believe, thus how we do things at CA-P (Core Values) Why do we exist, what business are we in? What do we do? The mental picture of the future you wish to create. Where are we going? BELIEF STATEMENTS:  BELIEF STATEMENTS We believe that every child can and must learn the academic knowledge, personal management skills and attitudes necessary for success in life. We believe our most important task is to help each student develop a positive self-image both personally and academically. We believe our students must learn to be effective and conscientious citizens in our local and world community. We believe we must foster cooperative commitment to education among our students, parents, staff, community and governmental agencies because such cooperation is prerequisite to a successful educational program. BELIEF STATEMENTS:  BELIEF STATEMENTS We believe that we have the responsibility and ability to adjust the learning environment so that all students will learn. We believe in the worth of every student. We believe that we must achieve quality in all we do. We believe our students must understand and contribute to the needs and well-being of others. We believe our students must acquire the basic skills, habits and attitudes needed for successful careers and life-long learning. We believe that we must set high expectations for staff and students alike. Slide36:  WHAT ARE THE BELIEFS (CORE VALUES) HELD TO BE THE PILLARS OF CONCORD ACADEMY—PETOSKEY? GROUP EXERCISE MISSION STATEMENTS:  MISSION STATEMENTS A mission statement is a short, succinct, statement that describes the major purpose of the organization. The mission statement addresses the following points: What do we care most about? What business are we in? What is so important about what we do? What is the driving force for our actions? A mission statement clearly expresses the group’s commitment, beliefs, and acceptance/ownership of responsibility. A mission statement focuses on the bottom line of the group’s purpose and impact on those it purports to serve. A mission statement inspires attitudes and actions consistent with the “noble cause” expressed in the group’s vision statement. SAMPLE MISSION STATEMENTS :  SAMPLE MISSION STATEMENTS ABC Academy recognizes and accepts the responsibility to educate each student to become a productive caring member of an ever-changing global society. XYZ Academy will transition high risk girls into productive and healthy adulthoods through a comprehensive continuum of care that: Fosters emotional healing Creates a safe and stable environment Improves family relationships Builds moral development consistent with individual beliefs Increases personal competency and responsibility in relationships, and Improves educational and vocational performance. Do these mission statement meet the criteria that we just reviewed? Why or why not? Concord Academy—Petoskey Mission Statement:  Concord Academy—Petoskey Mission Statement Concord will provide an inspiring and challenging educational environment conducive to critical and creative thinking by integrating a strong fine arts program into the traditional academic curriculum. Does the Concord Academy—Petoskey mission statement meet the criteria we just reviewed? TEAM/TEAMWORK:  TEAM/TEAMWORK WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS OR PHRASES BEST DESCRIBES THE WORD TEAM OR TEAMWORK ? WHY? Serving one constituency Synergy Reporting to one boss Co-operation A group of people Sharing one aim Whole > Sum Working together Slide41:  The future of PSA depends on the of its Board of Directors! VISIONING:  VISIONING When Alice in Wonderland was wandering in Wonderland, she came to a crossroad where she met the Cheshire Cat. “Which path should I take from here?” asked Alice. The cat replied, “That depends on where you want to get to.” “I don’t much care where,” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which path you take”, said the cat. Vision: What is it?:  Vision: What is it? Webster Dictionary Definition: (vi-sion) n. A picture formed in the mind; visions of greatness. Bill Blockker Definition of Vision (adapted); A succinct statement that uses simple, but emotion laden words to describe the ideal. Marilyn Semonic’s Definition of Vision; Vision is a clear, specific and inspiring description of the desired state. VISION:  VISION A vision is . . . Your mental PICTURE of the FUTURE YOU PREFER TO CREATE . . .A detailed description of what your organization will look like when operating at its IDEAL BEST. Characteristics of Vision:  Characteristics of Vision It must conjure up a vivid picture of the ideal. It must be both in one’s head and heart. It must stretch the group for which it is designed. It must be magnetic for everyone in the organization. SAMPLE VISION STATEMENTS :  SAMPLE VISION STATEMENTS ABC Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for women and their families so that they reach their full potential. Our focus is to build strong individuals and families with a positive foundation of values while providing a quality education leading to gainful employment; thus ending the cycle of abuse, neglect and poverty. SAMPLE VISION STATEMENTS :  SAMPLE VISION STATEMENTS Every ABC Academy student will attain mastery of essential academic skills, demonstrate exemplary character, and understand his/her unique giftedness, becoming confident leaders and life-long learners. The vision of ABC Academy is to become an exemplary, fully accredited public school academy that provides academic skills that are mastered by 100% of our students who will be prepared to contribute to society and continue to learn. Slide48:  SAMPLE VISION STATEMENT Bright Star Academy will ensure that: No less than 95% of its students master and apply academic skills at a level that exceeds State standards; All students become adaptable, flexible life-long learners capable of meeting the needs of our ever-changing society and world; The academy produces self-aware, intrinsically motivated students who master and demonstrate exemplary oral and written communication skills as a platform to ensure the future success of each graduate; The academy becomes the center of community physical, cultural, and educational development. Vision Statement Criteria:  Vision Statement Criteria Do the previous sample vision statements: Offer a mental picture of the future that the academy wishes to create? Do these statements provide: A detailed description of what the academy will look like when operating at its ideal best. Do the statements: Conjure up a vivid picture of the ideal. Appeal to both one’s head and heart. Stretch the group for which it is designed. Appear to be magnetic for everyone in the organization. SAMPLE VISION STATEMENT FORMATS:  SAMPLE VISION STATEMENT FORMATS Concord Academy-Petoskey will _____________________ Every student at Concord Academy-Petoskey will _______________ The vision of Concord Academy is to ____________________ Concord Academy-Petoskey will educate its students to become ______________________ WHAT SHOULD WE INCLUDE IN OUR VISION?:  WHAT SHOULD WE INCLUDE IN OUR VISION? Targeted student population Grade Levels Served (Elementary, MS, Secondary, K-12) Academically gifted College Preparatory Academically challenged Culturally underprivileged Homeless Suspended/expelled youth Program based Career Preparatory Community Service Learning Styles Based Collaborative—parents, students, staff, community Character Development Community Center based Integrated Technology Leadership Development Arts Integration WHAT SHOULD WE INCLUDE IN OUR VISION?:  WHAT SHOULD WE INCLUDE IN OUR VISION? Personal Qualities Develop the whole child; physically, morally, emotionally, socially; Good written and oral communicators Civic minded—community involvement Focused on common good Family atmosphere Collaborative spirit Caring, self-disciplined students Achieving above State standards Good conflict management skills Slide53:  What is your VISION For Concord Academy--Petoskey? Using the information from the previous slides, we (you) are going to create a vision statement for Concord Academy—Petoskey! Slide54:  GROUP EXERCISE Divide into groups Elect a secretary and spokesperson who will write and report your results Discuss what key statements you would like to see in the Concord Academy--Petoskey Vision Statement. What is the ideal that you wish to create? Use the keys that were presented about what a vision statement should include or be like as a guide for your work. Post your results on the wall. We will identify priorities using a group process, and then compare the results as a whole group. SO NOW WHAT???:  SO NOW WHAT??? You have belief, mission and vision statements that should provide the emotion, content and direction necessary for Concord Academy-Petoskey to become a GREAT ACADEMY—Like the academy first identified last night. There are few if any excuses for failure to implement vision, but, . . . SIGNS OF A STRUGGLING SCHOOL CULTURE:  SIGNS OF A STRUGGLING SCHOOL CULTURE Focus is not on the “business of our business” Focus on personalities not vision, mission, beliefs, SI goals Appearance of destructive sub-cultures—us versus them; lack of teamwork Tolerate mediocrity in the interest of tranquility Failure to use the established vision as a decision screen Lack of intentionality--lack of a strategic plan or long-range goals School Improvement Plan isn’t used to drive change Limit professional development Don’t acknowledge or reward employees who perform well for fear others will be jealous. Never, ever change. Do things the way they have always been done. Individual people or groups of people try to maintain control. Unwillingness to listen to and involve all constituencies. KILLER PHRASES:  KILLER PHRASES A SWELL IDEA, BUT . . . WE’VE NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY . . . . IT’S TOO MUCH WORK . . . WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME . . . IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE . . . . WE’VE TRIED THAT BEFORE . . . TOO MUCH PAPERWORK . . . . THERE ARE BETTER WAYS THAN THAT . . . I JUST KNOW IT WON’T WORK . . . . LET’S NOT STEP ON THEIR TOES . . . IF THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA, THE TRADITIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL WOULD BE DOING IT . . . . WE’RE TOO SMALL FOR THAT . . . HAS ANYONE ELSE TRIED IT? . . . . WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY . . . TOO MODERN . . . . THAT’S NOT THE WAY STEVE AND KIM WOULD HAVE DONE IT . . . TOO OLD FASHIONED . . . WHY START SOMETHING NEW? . . . . THE TEACHERS ARE TOO NEW . . . TOO HARD TO ADMINISTER . . . . THAT’S THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S JOB . . . THAT’S NOT THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S JOB . . . THE TEACHERS DON’T FOCUS ON THEIR JOBS . . . THAT’S THE TEACHER’S JOB . . . . THAT’S NOT MY JOB . . . THAT’S AN OLD IDEA COMING AROUND AGAIN . . . . THE STATE SHOULD JUTS LEAVE US ALONE AND LET US DO OUR JOBS . . . THE ADMINISTRATION WON’T LISTEN TO US . . . THAT’S THE STATE’S IDEA—LET’S WAIT FOR THEM TO MAKE UP THEIR MINDS ABOUT WHAT THEY REALLY WANT . . DECISION MAKING:  DECISION MAKING Consensus Positional Input Site Based Slide59:  The art of not blocking (Get on the train or find another train—Jim Collins; From Good to Great Sounds so simple, but oh how hard it is sometimes! TEAMWORK VERSUS CONFLICT:  TEAMWORK VERSUS CONFLICT Conflict is the natural tension that sometimes arises among those who share different perspectives on similar topics or ideas. When this occurs, conflict can result because we’re not all on the same train. Consequently, teamwork and group productivity suffer. Slide61:  PRACTICE DISCREPANCY LEADERSHIP NEXT STEPS:  NEXT STEPS Now that you have Belief Statements, Vision and Mission Statements and you recognize some of the pitfalls of not focusing on them; where do you go from here? Strategic Plan Goals/Objectives Alignment of curriculum, instruction, assessment, budgeting, staff development, SIF School Improvement Action Plans to implement the items above Development of conflict resolution model as needed The Success Cycle:  The Success Cycle The smarter you work The better you perform The better you feel The more you like it COGNITIVE and AFFECTIVE DOMAINS Slide64:  Accomplish all of this and you will be well on the road to becoming . . . . . . . . THE GREAT ACADEMY YOU DESCRIBED LAST NIGHT!! Best wishes as you journey down that pathway to success! Concord Academy-Petoskey:  Concord Academy-Petoskey Learning from its History; Examining its Present; Creating its Future Thanks for the opportunity to share with you this weekend

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