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Published on January 5, 2009

Author: s_neha24

Source: : : is an online testing and learning support service, developed by Edulabz International, a fast growing Online Educational Media Content Development Company. Why : Why As an important initiative to make assessment of practicals fair, uniform and reliable as well as to emphasize on Science Practicals in schools, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had introduced a new scheme of assessment in science for Class IX-X from the academic year 2005-06. We have in support of this laudable initiative of CBSE board, created the website This is an effort to ensure that all that is required by both teachers to enrich their practical classes and students to hone their practical skills is comprehensively present at one place, at the touch of a button. Details of CBSE Practical Skills Exam : Details of CBSE Practical Skills Exam As per the new scheme, theory and practical examination will have a weightage of 60% and 40% respectively and will comprise of two components. One component of this practical examination will be in the form of a multiple choice type theory paper test, to be conducted by the Board in Class X as an independent paper. Question paper will be of 20 marks and 1 ½ hour duration. It will aim at testing of practical skills through MCQ They will be based on forth mentioned skills. Most questions involve multiple skills and it may not be possible to precisely assign a particular skill to a specific question. Procedural and Manipulative Skills Observational Skills Drawing Skills Reporting and Interpretative Skills The second component will also have a weightage of 20 marks but will be conducted at school level on the lines being followed presently. SYLLABUS Slide 5: STRUCTURE 3 practical-wise tests 15 questions each 50 cumulative practical skills tests 30 questions each Test Details… : Test Details… Coverage of all practicals listed by CBSE for both 9th and 10th class. Flexibility to pause the test. Tests can be reset, this unlimited practice attempts possible. Instant Report. Graphical Analysis. Explanation of Answers. Salient features of our website: : Salient features of our website: ALL EXPERIMENTS, part of the Class IX-X Curriculum, can be viewed as ANIMATIONS. Animations demonstrate the ENTIRE EXPERIMENT PROCESS along with complete VOICEOVERS. Students can attempt 3 Practical Skills TESTS BASED ON EACH EXPERIMENT which can be further reset to add more tests. Students can attempt 50 CUMULATIVE SET OF MCQ TESTS COVERING THE ENTIRE SYLLABI. Class IX Syllabi for Class IX Subscribers Class IX and X Syllabi for Class X Subscribers More Salient features… : More Salient features… Each test addresses all 4 skills delineated by CBSE viz: Procedural and Manipulative Skills, Observational Skills, Drawing Skills, Reporting and Interpretative Skills. Instant Reports generated which offer Detailed Diagnostic Analysis and Feedback along with Correct Answers and Detailed Solutions. Students can Ask Questions and get queries addressed by experts. Access to the latest Solved CBSE Sample Question Papers Access to Previous Years’ Solved CBSE Question Papers Useful downloads in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Subject Areas enabling students to prepare better for the Science Practical Exam. OUR USP : OUR USP The 365x24 access advantage also helps to bridge the gap induced due to schools finishing up the syllabus almost three to four month prior to the final examination. During this hibernation period, the students loose touch with the hands-on practice that they need especially in the case of practical. At the same time, CBSE has also included the class IX practicals to be tested in Class X, starting 2009 exams. The site thus provides methodical and scrupulous recapitulation of all these Class IX practicals as well. SUBSCRIPTION : SUBSCRIPTION ONLY FOR Rs. 99.

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