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Published on April 24, 2008

Author: Bernardo


Slide1:  A Presentation… Slide2:  Our History - I 1986 – Established as Computer Bank S.A. Local assembly and distribution of IBM compatible PC’s Trading in local and international software 1988 – Value-Added Distributor (VAD) agreement with BANYAN Inc. (VINES network O.S.) 1990 – Redefinition of Company’s strategy Discontinuation of PC assembly Focusing on addressing IT & Telecom network needs 1992 – VAD agreement with PROTEON (now Nx Networks) 1994 – Changed name to Computerbank Networking SA to signal strategic choice of being Value-Added Distributor for Networking Products/Services Slide3:  1995 – VAD agreement with OLICOM A/S 1996 – VAD agreement with DIGITAL Inc./ Networking Products Division 1996 – VAD agreement with MOD-TAP (now Molex Premise Networks) 1998 – VAD agreement with CABLETRON SYSTEMS (and now, all its affiliates) 2000 – VAD agreement with JUNIPER NETWORKS 2000 – VAD agreement with GARRETT COMMUNICATIONS Our History - II Slide4:  Consolidated Group Turnover: Drs. in Billion Growth Index: 1994 = 100 Computerbank Networking Group Turnover Our History - III Slide5:  SOURCE: GREEK IT YEARBOOK & CBN ESTIMATES (INDEX based on 1994 = 100) The growth of IT & Networking Markets in Greece And Computerbank Networking ‘s progress Our History - IV Slide6:  Number Of Employees Our History - V Slide7:  Our Vision To continue being the Best and Largest Value Added Distributor of Integrated Networking Solutions & Related Infrastructure in Greece Slide8:  To offer complete networking services of high reliability, quality and know-how To import, sell, install and support spearhead-technology from the World Wide Cabling & Networking industry To create the right conditions for successfully addressing even the most complex Networking Infrastructure Requirements for Enterprise Information & Telecommunication Systems Our Strategy Slide9:  Our Advantages Direct relations with Manufacturers Distributor pricing On-the-Spot high level of Technical Know-How In-Depth knowledge of products Extensive IT & Telecommunications Networking Experience The Only distributor with Pre-Sales, Support & Training departments Slide10:  Determination of specifications Cost effectiveness studies of networking solutions Network Design Project management & logistics LAN, Campus, WAN & MAN installation LAN, Campus, WAN & MAN quality control LAN, Campus, WAN & MAN technical support Training installers and network users Our Services Slide11:  Value Added Distributor for: CABLETRON (USA): Integrated telecommunications networking solutions GLOBAL NETWORKS (USA): Independent Network Consulting Firm RIVERSTONE NETWORKS (USA):Products & Solutions for hi-speed Metropolitan Area Nets ENTERASYS (USA): Integrated enterprise networking solutions APRISMA (USA): Network management software & e-Business Network infrastructure management software DIGITAL (USA): Multi-technology Enterprise Networking solutions NX NETWORKS (USA): WAN networking & Internet Telephony solutions for Telecommunication Service Providers & Enterprises GARRETT COMMUNICATIONS (USA):Networking products for Ethernet LANs JUNIPER NETWORKS (USA): High performance routing and IP management products for Telecommunication Service Providers MOLEX Premise Networks (UK): Integrated structured cabling solutions CUBIC (DK) High quality modular racks and cabinets SILVER SCREEN (RO): High quality modular racks and cabinets Product offering Slide12:  Have no distance limits… The Projects of Slide13:  Project: Athens Area Network of the Manpower Employment Organisation LAN Installation in 20 local Branches all over the Athens basin, and central WAN interconnection Slide14:  Project: Fisheries Organisation (ΕΤΑΝΑL): IT Network of the Major Fish-piers Networking of 11 fish-piers all over Greece Slide15:  Project:Greek Manpower Employment Organisation Network of Centres for Support of the Unemployed Network of 51 local Unemployment Centres all over Greece Slide16:  Project: Greek Manpower Employment Organisation Network of Centres for Advancement of Employment LANs in 50 Branches and WAN interconnection with the Centre. Slide17:  Project: Network of the General Secretariat of Civil Defence. LAN Installation in 67 locations and WAN interconnection with the center. Slide18:  AIR LIQUIDE HELLAS ALCATEL CABLES HELLAS SA AMERICAN BUREAU of SHIPPING-GR) AMER-NIELSEN MARKET RESEARCH ASTIR PALACE HOTEL, VOULIAGMENI BAYER HELLAS CARAD SA CINEMA PERSPECTIVES SA CLUB MEDITERRANEE CONTINENT HELLAS SA COSTAMARE SHIPPING CRETAN PLASTICS SA DANZAS DELOITTE & TOUCHE DELTA SA DOW HELLAS EKO ERNST & YOUNG FRENCH INSTITUTE OF ATHENS FREZYDERM HELLAS FULCOR CABLES HELLAS SA GALILEO HELLAS GINIS TRAVEL AGENCY GITONA PRIVATE SCHOOLS GREEK AGENCY OF FOREIGN PRESS GREEK FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (ΕΤΑΝΑL) GREEK MAGNESITES Networking Installations in the Private Sector (selection) GRUP SA HELLAS P&I SERVICES Co. SA HORSE RACING UNION OF GREECE I.M.PANAGIOTOPOULOU SCHOOLS ICI HELLAS AE ZENEKA HELLAS SA IMACO SA (NITRO Radio-NITRO Mag.) INFORM LYKOS J & P CONSTRUCTION Co JANSSEN KARENTA SA KATERINA Ltd (HUGO BOSS GROUP) KNORR HELLAS KOMVOS LTD KORFIL KOTSOVOLOS SA L’OREAL - ANELOR LAMBADARIOS LAW OFFICES MAGAZINE PRESS SA MARINOPOULOS GROUP MAVA RENAULT SA MEDISPES Ltd MEIRC SA MIGATO SA MOBIL OIL HELLAS MOTOR OIL HELLAS MOUNT OLYMPUS INVESTMENT Ltd MOURIKIS SA NECTAR SA OLYMPIC CATERING SA PAPOUTSANIS SA PHARMEDIKA SA PIAGGIO PIERRE FABRE HELLAS SA PLANET NETWORK CONSULTANTS REUTERS RILKEN ROLCO VΙΑΝΥL SA SABENA SERVIER HELLAS SKLAVENITIS RETAILERS TECHNICAL EDITIONS - 4 WHEELS TECHNOCAR - SEAT TELERATE TOTAL HELLAS TOURNIKIOTIS VERNICOS YACHTS VIOCHALKO GROUP ELVAL SA ΕΤΕΜ AGENCIES METAL WORKS OF ATTICA SA PRISMA SA WARNER MUSIC GREECE SA WHITE CROSS CLINIC WHITE LIGHT SA XINIS SCHOOLS YALCO etc, etc.   Slide19:  ABN AMRO BANK NV (GREECE) AGRICULTURAL BANK OF GREECE BANK OF CYPRUS BANK OF GREECE BANK OF SAO PAOLO BARCLAYS BANK CHASE MANHATTAN BANK CITIBANK GREECE (Corporate Banking) EUROBANK - ALICO - EUROBANK mutual Funds - ΕUROBANK CARDS SA. - EUROBANK INSURANCE SERVICES - EUROINVEST GENERAL BANK OF GREECE (Personnel Pension Fund) GREEK AUTOMOBILE & TOURISM ASSOCIATION HELLENIC-BRITISH INSURANCE CO. IONIAN BANK OF GREECE - IONIAN LEASING NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (former REAL ESTATE BANK) PHOENIX GENERAL INSURANCE CO. SA PIRAEUS BANK (Former XIOS BANK) PRICE WATERHOUSE A.E SAUDI AMERICAN BANK STOCK BROKERS SA (HRIMATISTIRIAKI SA) et al. Networking Installations in Banks, Insurance Co’s (selection) Slide20:  Networking Installations in the Public Sector (Ι) (selection) RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS DEMOCRITUS NUCLEAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE NATIONAL CHEMICAL LABORATORIES NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH NATIONAL METEOROLOGICAL SERVICE NATIONAL STATISTICAL SERVICE CENTER OF AVIATION TECHNOLOGY HELLENIC PASTEUR INSTITUTE etc. PUBLIC SERVICES & UTILITIES AIRPORT OF SKIATHOS AIRPORT OF SPATA (Partial) ELECTRIC RAILWAY OF ATHENS AND PIRAEUS GENERAL WAREHOUSES OF GREECE GREEK POSTAL SERVICE HELLENIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANISATION (OTE) •OTE TRAINING CENTERS MARINE WORKERS UNION PIREAUS PORTS AUTHORITY PUBLIC ELECTRICITY CORPORATION TECHNICAL CHAMBER OF GREECE (Τ.Ε.Ε.) WORKFORCE EMPLOYMENT ORGANISATION •CENTER FOR ADVANCEMENT OF EMPLOYMENT WORKFORCE HOUSING CORPORATION etc. GOVERNMENT MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE HELLENIC AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE GREEK AIR FORCE MINISTRY OF FINANCE PUBLIC CONTROLLERS ADMINISTRATION MINISTRY OF PUBLIC ORDER INTERPOL MINISTRY OF JUSTICE ATHENS COURTS OF THE FIRST INSTANCE OFFICES OF PUBLIC PROSECUTORS OF THE FIRST INSTANCE ATHENS COURTS OF APPEALS MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT & WELFARE MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF EQUALITY GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF CIVIL DEFENSE PREFECTURE OF ATHENS COMPUTER CENTER OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES (Κ.Η.Υ.Κ.Υ.) MINISTRY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY PUBLIC REAL ESTATE COMPANY MINISTRY OF CULTURE GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF ATHLETICS etc. Slide21:  EDUCATION AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS FINANCIAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS GREEK LANGUAGE INSTITUTE INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KOZANI TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF PIRAEUS UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS UNIVERSITY OF IOANNINA UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS etc. HOSPITALS ALEXANDROPOLIS - AREA GENERAL HOSPITAL ALEXANDROPOLIS - NEW GENERAL HOSPITAL ATHENS – ATTICA MENTAL HOSPITAL ATHENS - AEGINITEIO MENTAL HOSPITAL ATHENS - ALEXANDRA MATERNITY HOSPITAL ATHENS - EVANGELISMOS GENERAL HOSPITAL ATHENS - G. GENIMATAS GENERAL HOSPITAL ATHENS - GENERAL HOSPITAL OF THE ARMED FORCES MUTUAL FUND ATHENS - GENERAL STATE HOSPITAL ATHENS - HIPPOCRATEIO GENERAL HOSPITAL ATHENS – GENERAL HOSPITAL OF THE RED CROSS ATHENS - INJURIES REHABILITATION HOSPITAL (ΚΑΤ) ATHENS - LAIKO GENERAL HOSPITAL ATHENS - SISMANOGLIO GENERAL HOSPITAL ATHENS - ST SAVVAS CANCER HOSPITAL ATHENS - ST SOPHIA GENERAL CHILDREN’S HOSP. ATHENS- VOULA ASCLIPIEION GEN.HOSPITAL CORINTH - PREFECTURE GENERAL HOSPITAL HERACLION - AREA GEN.HOSPITAL - CRETE IOANNINA - AREA GENERAL HOSPITAL LESBOS - VOSTANEIO GENERAL HOSPITAL PATRAS - AREA GENERAL HOSPITAL PIRAEUS - METAXAS CANCER HOSPITAL PIRAEUS - TZANIO GENERAL HOSPITAL PIRAEUS-NIKEA - ST. PANTELEIMON GEN.HOSP SERRES - NEW GENERAL HOSPITAL THESSALONIKI - PAPANIKOLAOU GEN.HOSPITAL THESSALONIKI - AHEPA GENERAL HOSPITAL THESSALONIKI - HIPPOCRATEIO GEN.HOSPITAL TRIPOLIS - EVANGELISTRIA GENERAL HOSPITAL etc. Networking Installations in the Public Sector (ΙI) (selection) Slide22:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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