Cayla and Vert.x in Ceylon, by Gavin King

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Information about Cayla and Vert.x in Ceylon, by Gavin King

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: UnFroMage



Discover the Ceylon/Vert.x integration and Cayla: Ceylon's new web framework.

Cayla + Vert.x

Disclaimer • I make a very poor Julien Viet

Big picture • • Vert.x — a node.js-style web server for the JVM • Vert.x Ceylon — load Ceylon modules in Vert.x server • ceylon.promises — promises module in Ceylon SDK Ceylon Vert.x — embed Vert.x in Ceylon, integrate with Ceylon SDK

Big picture • • Cayla — a server-side web framework for Vert.x Cayla MVVM — a client side MVC framework with databinding (Knockout-like)

Promises Synchronous ! try { String s = do(); return “it works ” + s; } catch (Exception e) { return “it failed”; } Asynchronous ! Promise<String> p = do(); p.then_( (String s) => “it works ” + s, (Exception e) => “it failed” );

Demo • Let’s write a little program using promises in Cayla and Vert.x

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