Cavity of larynx

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Information about Cavity of larynx

Published on November 27, 2016

Author: mohamedakmal1



2. Index  Introduction  Inlet of larynx  Vestibular folds  Vocal folds  Vestibule  Ventricle  Infraglottic  Applied

3. Introduction  Laryngeal cavity is a tubalar shaped cavity.  It extends from the inlet of larynx to the lower border of cricoid cartilage  Superiorly it opens into the anterior aspect of the pharynx just below and posterior to the tongue.  Inferiorly it continues with trachea.

4. Inlet of larynx-  Oblique opening  Boundaries- Anterior- Epiglottis Posterior- Interarytenoid fold Sides- Aryepiglottic folds

5. Divided into three regions by 2 folds of mucous membrane on each side- 1. Vestibular folds 2. Vocal folds

6. Vestibular folds  Two in numbers.  Each is a fold of mucous membrane  Extends anterioposteriorly across the laryngeal cavity.  Contains vestibular ligament, few fibres of thyroarytenoideus muscle and mucous gland.  Opening between the two fold is called Rima Vestibuli.

7. Vocal folds  Also two in number  Pearly white sharp band extending from the middle of thyroid angle to the vocal processes of arytenoids.  Each consists of vocal ligament.  Opening between the adjacent vocal folds is called Rima glottidis

8. Superior view of larynx through the laryngeal inlet as viewed by laryngoscope

9. Regions/Parts  Divided into 3 parts- 1. Vestibule or Supraglottis 2. Ventricles 3. Infraglottic or Subglottic

10. Vestibule  Lies between laryngeal inlet and vestibular fold (false cords)  Boundaries:- Anterior- Posterior surface of epiglottis Posterior- Mucus memb. over anterior surface of arytenoids. Sides- By Aryepiglottic folds Posterior view of laryngeal cavity

11. Ventricle  Lies between vestibular and vocal cords.  The mucosa bulges on each side to produce an expanded trough-shaped cavity.  Tubular extension of ventricle projecting anterosuperiorly b/w vestibular fold and thyroid cartilage is called Saccule. Posterior view of laryngeal cavity

12. Infraglottic  Lies between vocal folds and inferior opening of larynx i.e lower border of cricoid cartilage.

13. Applied anatomy  Singer’s nodule  Large foreign body lodge in inlet.  Small foreign body lodge in ventricle  Laryngocele

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