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Information about CATCH THE GREEN WAVE

Published on June 29, 2009

Author: MagnumFloors


CATCH THE GREEN WAVE : CATCH THE GREEN WAVE SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY BUILDING PRODUCTS The 40,000 LEED specifiers and manufacturers are partnering with GREEN MARKET : GREEN MARKET SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS. In 2010 according to the Green Building Alliance the green building products market is projected to be worth $30-40 billion annually. According to the Home Builders Association “by 2010 40-50% of homes built will be green.” 34% annual growth Obama green stimulus Government tax credits Carbon Credits GREEN BUILDING MARKET : GREEN BUILDING MARKET Currently over 3.6 billion square feet of office space is involved with the LEED Rating system according to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Green Building now comprises 10% of the commercial construction, up from 4% three years ago. (This number is expected to triple within the next two years). Thirteen states now have mandates for green construction and the number is growing. Green building is expected to increase 34% this year alone. As builders demand more green structures thousands of manufacturers and retailers are aggressively shifting to “green” product lines. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS GREEN FLOORING MARKET : GREEN FLOORING MARKET In the last year we have evidenced major “green” products changes in the flooring industry Both Shaw Industries and Mohawk Carpet have converted their backing systems from PVC. Home Depot’s Eco Options catalogue currently offers more than 17,000 eco-friendly products The number of manufacturers that are becoming FSC certified and Greenguard certified are continuing to grow at an unprecedented. Walmart is executing a plan to become the largest eco-retailer in the world SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS Who is : Who is SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS is a Web-based platform that supports a manufacturer’s web site by cataloging its green products and providing the 40,000 LEED approved professionals and 5,000 of the most influential architectural companies the ability to evaluate each product against the United States Green Building Council’s LEED standards. GreenerFlooring does the calculations necessary for the LEED rating system and produces the product documentation in a saved project folder or as a PDF necessary for inclusion in the design submission process. Manufacturer’s Flooring Products Greener Flooring Online platform 40,000 LEED AP & 5,000 Leading design companies $60 Billion green building Market LEED Explained : LEED Explained Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction & Major Renovation is a Federal Government program administered by United States Green Building Council. LEED has developed and implemented the National “green” building standards for all construction. The LEED standards are applied through the 40,000 LEED approved professionals and architects. Since 1989 LEED has grown to encompass more than 14,000 projects in 50 US states and 30 countries covering 1.062 billion square feet of developed area. Today LEED is recognized as the “green” standard for all commercial buildings. 80% of all architects surveyed are implementing LEED specified products on all commercial projects. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS. Architects are “ looking for a better way” : Architects are “ looking for a better way” At the inception of LEED one standard for Green building existed. Today there are over 60 and the number is growing. The cost of understanding the new LEED requirements is increasing and costs continue to rise. The ever changing LEED standards are very confusing, increasingly complex and very time consuming to implement. Architectural companies, LEED AP’s, builders and contractors are spending too much money on LEED compliance and are “looking for a better way”. There is disconnect between architects and an easy method of accessing certified green products. Architects are becoming very wary of green claims and are looking for better information to support their product selection. The industry realizes that an easier, more reliable and faster solution needs to be developed in order to encourage future green building. In the green building market, there is a lot of frustration and architects are spending their time trying to gather accurate product data while manufacturers find their sales teams tied up trying to resolve environmental concerns. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS. Easy 1-2-3 step process : Easy 1-2-3 step process GreenerFlooring allows the commercial buyers, distributors, retailers and even the general public to search through your manufacturer’s products - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - to decide on your most desirable LEED compliant products. With the easy-to-use three step process products are selected and a full report is generated. This manufacturer’s products information is quickly provided to specifiers, architects, contractors and builders as a part of their building design. The GreenerFlooring platform enables the user to evaluate a product, or group of products against the LEED environmental rating systems and to then generate the documentation necessary for inclusion in the certification process or building project. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS. Typical Manufacturers’Environmental Yearly Spending/Cost : Typical Manufacturers’Environmental Yearly Spending/Cost Marketing & Communications $36,000 + Sales Force Training $14,000 + Maintaining Rating Systems $40,000 + Market & Business Intelligence $60,000 + Internal Software Development $150,000 + TOTAL = $300,000 EVERY YEAR SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS Manufacturer’s benefits : Manufacturer’s benefits The GreenerFlooring online tools make it easy. Easy to demonstrate how products contribute to a green building project, easy to provide valuable environmental answers your clients need, easy for the sales force to more clearly define your commitment to customer service. And finally, the GreenerFooring system is easy on your budget and is free to your customers. With Greenerflooring , your customers can search your product line, evaluate flooring products against the LEED rating systems, and document the results for submission on their green project. This has the result of little time being wasted on unproductive conversations and meetings and at the same time delivering the answers needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — live on your GreenerFlooring web site. The yearly subscription for Greenerflooring is less than the cost of hiring someone internally to keep up with rating systems, less than the cost of a couple of ad placements, and less than the cost of hiring a 3rd party to handle these requests. For manufacturers that want to directly expose the features of their products to the most influential decision makers of this emerging green market there is no better platform . There is no doubt that the Greenerflooring program is the most cost effective and efficient method available. To deliver your “green” message. SUSTAINABLE. HEALTHY. ECO-FRIENDLY. WHAT NOW? : WHAT NOW? To learn more about Greenerflooring please contact us at: GREENER FLOORING Tel: 1-843 -225-3373 Email: Online: Thank you. SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY, EARTH-FRIENDLY FLOORING PRODUCTS.

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