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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: alvarogouveia792




The DSOP Publisher With the slogan “More than books, dreams!”, the DSOP Publisher sums up its existence and its performance focused on the Brazilian publishing market. After all, as beautifully said by Shakespeare: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” From such belief, DSOP was created: to publish works that let the reader dream and make it come true, being material or non-material such dreams. Particularly, the children’s literature catalog favors excellent titles providing elements to contribute to children’s development of taste for reading and fantasy, which are absolutely essential to the harmonious organization of psychic and social aspects of their lives. Among didactic and non-fiction works, the first collection of Financial Education for the Brazilian Basic Education stands out with books which contemplate all education levels.This material has already been adopted by hundreds of Brazilian public and private schools where the Finance course is part of the school curriculum. After the consolidation in the didactic, paradidactic and children’s literature sectors, since 2013, the Brazilian literature became another focus of this Publishing House. The goal is to create a catalog with authors, whose works are renowned in the publishing market, therefore contributing to develop the interest of young readers, particularly, in the valuable contemporary literature work.

Personal Development

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-16-7 Format: 14,8 x 23,3 cm 116 pages (FinancialTherapy AccomplishyourdreamswithFinancialEducation) InFinancialTherapy,ReinaldoDomingosintroducesthe methodologydevelopedfromhisownexperiencetohelp peoplecopeinhealthywayswiththeirfinancesinorderto achievebalanceandfinancialindependenceandenable theirdreams. Ontheassumptionthatpastgenerationshavenotlearned tohandlemoneyinastructuredway,inthisbook,Reinaldo chosetosynthesizetheresultofyearsofreflectionand observationofhumanbehavior,coupledwithdaily practicesandconceptsthathedevelopedovertime, whichisthephilosophyoflifethatledhimtogainfinancial independencebeforehisageof40. Accordingtothisview,FinancialEducationisnotlimited tothedisseminationofknowledge,itinvolvesacloser lookathumanbeings,consideringtheirbehaviorinregard tomoney.Chapterbychapter,thebookdiscussesthe fourstepsoftheDSOPMethodology(Diagnose,Dream, BudgetandSave)transmittinginformationandstrategies fortheplayertocompleteeachsteprequiredto accomplishtheirdreams. TerapiaFinanceira RealizeseussonhoscomEducaçãoFinanceira

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-17-4 Format: 14,8 x 23,3 cm 112 pages (GetRidofDebts Howtobalanceyourbillsandgetoutofdefault) InGetRidofDebts,thefinancialtherapistReinaldo Domingosdiscussesacontroversialissuewhichaffects mostbrazilianfamilies:indebtedness.Comparingittoa hugeiceberg,whichisformedquietlyandtakesshape gradually,Reinaldoshowsthatweoftenonlynotice thisproblemwhenithasalreadyacquiredafrightening dimension,underminingourfinancialstabilityand jeopardizingourdreams. Totackledebtandregainfinancialsustainability,theauthor suggestsarealchangeofhabitsandbehaviorsinwhichthe readerbeginstoseemoneyasameans,notanend,and fightthecauseoftheoriginofthedebt,notjustitseffects. Livre-sedasDívidas Comoequilibrarascontasesairdainadinplência

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Luyse Costa ISBN: 978-85-63680-35-8 Format: 14,8 x 23,3 cm 104 pages (Ideservetohavemoney! Howtobehappilyeverafterinyourfinanciallife) “Haveyoubeenasleepthroughyourlifelikearesigned SleepingBeauty?Lettingotherpeopletellyouwheretogo aslikethatsuggestibleLittleRedRidingHood?Areyou,like Cinderella,waitingforthePrinceCharmingtosolveyour financiallife?Orhaveyousettledforspendingpartof yourdayslikeSnowWhite,livinginthehouseofthe SevenDwarfs? Insimplelanguagebutmaintainingitsexplanatoryfocus, authorReinaldoDomingosshowshisreadersthetensteps onthewaytoreallyhavingmoney.Todothis,hesummons tenfemalecharactersfromfairytales,tohelphimteach. Thosecharactershelpedtoshapewomen’sthinkingin severalaspects,includingthefinancial. Eumereçoterdinheiro! Comoserfelizparasemprenavidafinanceira

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 9978-85-63680-21-1 Format: 14 x 21 cm 108 pages (There’snosecrettohavingmoney FinancialEducationforYoungPeople) Aimedtoateenageaudience,thisbookprovidesvaluable informationonFinancialEducationtothosewhoareabout toenterthelabormarket.Basedonissuesthatmakeyoung peoplelosetheirsleep,suchascareerchoicesandfamily relations,authorReinaldoDomingosshowsthatis importanttoestablishahealthyrelationshipwithone’s financesearlyon. Goingbeyondtheindividuallevel,itencouragesyoung peopletoreflect,touchingonimportantissues:taxes, governmentbudgets,technologicalentrepreneurship, awareconsumptionandeventhegreathumanideals,such associalandracialequality.Thus,establishingrelationships, promptingreflectionandtransmittingknowledge,Reinaldo urgesreaderstotakechargeoftheirownfinanciallives throughasimpleandefficientwayofdealingwithmoney, butonewhichpromisestomakeallthedifferencebetween beingableorunabletomakeyourcurrentandfuture dreamscometrue. TerDinheiroNãotemSegredo EducaçãoFinanceiraparaJovens

(PersonalAlchemy How to overcome self-sabotage and achieve entire prosperity) The book entitled Personal Alchemy leads to a deep reflection on human mind, in order to overcome negative thoughts which penetrate the unconscious, showing ways to achieve entire prosperity by means of a gradual and spiritualized “emotional evolution”. Written by George Patrão and Vinícius Guarnieri, this work leads the reader to personal growth, having as reference some techniques and lessons from known scientists, researchers and specialists on this subject. Authors: George Patrão eVinícius Guarnieri ISBN: 978-65-63680-58-7 Format: 17 x 23 cm 124 pages AlquimiaPessoal Comovenceraautossabotagemeatingira prosperidadetotal

(RightChoice How to make the right decision today in order to achieve a successful career tomorrow) In this book, Maurício Sampaio indicates ways to help everyone who wants to choose which career to pursue. Not only the anxiety caused by the adolescence phase, but also the moment of making a decision give rise to questions such as: “What do I really like to do?”, “Where should I study?”, “Which career should I pursue?”. Based on such questions, this work offers tools to help its readers to encourage relevant reflections and also to provide them practical exercises. Author: Maurício Sampaio Illustrator: Luyse Costa ISBN: 978-85-63680-56-3 Format: 13 x 17,8 cm 148 pages EscolhaCerta Comotomaramelhordecisãohojeparaconsquistar umacarreiradesucessoamanhã

(Positive Influence Parents &Children: Pursuing a successful future) In the work entitled Positive Influence, parents and educators will be provided with tools to help adolescents in one of the most important and impacting moments of their lives: the choice of their career. Having several options currently available in the market, adolescents may feel insecure and unprepared to make the right decision. Therefore, orientations and reflections from different thematic views are welcomed and also essential. This book relies on statements and practical exercises which clarify the possibilities of decisions if the subject is profession, ability, dedication to a job and professional success. Author: Maurício Sampaio Illustrator: Luyse Costa ISBN: 978-85-8276-026-0 Format: 14 x 21 cm 152 pages InfluênciaPositiva Pais&filhos:construindoumfuturodesucesso

(The FinancialTruth How to use the interest rates of life in your benefit) In the book entitled The Financial Truth, the reader is invited to assume the control of his/her life, changing some old habits which have been interfering his/ her rise which will encourage his/her considerable independence – including the financial independence – consisting of looking to oneself carefully in order to seek the truth. Author: Alexandre Damiani Illustrator: Cecília Murgel ISBN: 978-85-8276-014-7 Format: 14 x 21 cm 104 pages VerdadeFinanceira Comoutilizarosjurosdavidaaseufavor

Children’s and Teen Literature

(Alice’ssecretdream) Thesecretdreamofthemaincharacterfromthisbookwhoseauthor, SimonePaulino,revealsisthedreamofseveralBrazilianwomenwho havebeendeniedtheaccesstoformaleducation,reading,information andprofessionalization. ThisworkconsistsofthehopeandwishthatBrazilmaybecomea Wonderland,withmorefairnessandgreaterautonomy;whereall “Alices”maywritetheirownstory–andalsootherstories–signing theirownnamesandestablishingtheiridentities. Author: Simone Paulino Illustrator: Luyse Costa ISBN: 978-85-63680-79-2 Format: 24 x 18 cm 40 pages OsonhosecretodeAlice

(Clariana,theinvisiblegirl) Duringastormynight,aloneathome,agirldisappears.However,she isstillthere,despitethefactthatnobodycanseeher.Coincidently,that dayatdawn,herbrotherwasbornatthematernity. Basedonthissituation,theauthorformsthewebofClariana’sstory,a girlwhoseeksherownidentity.Thetheme,walkingaroundthrough thefieldofchildren’simagination,playswiththefeelingofvisibilityand invisibilitywhichiscommoninourchildhood. Author: MaíraViana Illustrator: Cecília Murgel ISBN: 978-85-63680-81-5 Format: 24 x 18 cm 40 pages Clarianaameninainvisível

Diana,Luana,Luanda Thisbookportraysthestoryofagirlwholivesonthestreets.Inapoetic tune,thenarrativebyAnaLaseviciusmakesussee,accordingtoa “normal”situationforbigcities,acompleteindifference. Themaincharacterfacesthedangersoflivingonthestreetsonher ownanddreamsthatonedayshewillstudyinaschool.Despiteher situation,thisgirlstilldreams.Thedenunciation,inthescopeofthis fiction,strivesforahappyendinginreallife. Author: Ana Lasevicius Illustrator: Luyse Costa ISBN: 978-85-63680-80-8 Format: 24 x 18 cm 40 pages

Author: Claudia Nina Illustrator: Cecília Murgel ISBN: 978-85-63680-82-2 Format: 24 x 18 cm 40 pages (Ninaandtheoillamp) Whydoesthesungodown,lettingthenightsodark?Whoturnsthe sunlightoffwithoutpermission?Whydowehavetosleepinthedark withnightmares,witchesandghosts? Basedonthisstory,ClaudiaNinaexploresthethemeoffearofthe dark,whichisverycommoninchildhood,demystifyinginyoung reader’smindeverythingrelatedtosuchriteofpassage. Ninaealamparina

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-15-0 Format: 20,5 x 26,5 cm 60 pages (TheMoneyBoy–FamilyDreams) TheMoneyBoycollectioniscomposedoffivebooks thattalkaboutmoneyinaplayfulandpoeticmanner, andtouchonreflections–evenifinasimpleway–on whatitencompasses. Inthefirstvolume,TheMoneyBoy–FamilyDreams, theMoneyBoyintroduceshimselfandthechildbegins tomakehisfirstdiscoveriesaboutthisthingcalled money.Withasimplenarrative,importantnotions aretransmittedabouttherelationshipbetweenthe humanbeing,family,moneyanddreams. OMeninodoDinheiro– SonhosdeFamília

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-20-4 Format: 20,5 x 26,5 cm 116 pages (TheMoneyBoy– GoestoSchool) Inthesecondbookoftheseries,TheMoneyBoy- GoestoSchool,theprotagonistreturnstothescene and,withthehelpofProfessorReimoney,hequickly learnstheimportanceofsavingapartofwhatheearns inordertomakehisdreamspossibleinthefuture. However,anotherveryimportantdiscoveryismade: notallofourdreamscanbeboughtwithcoins. TheMoneyBoyandhisfriendGastãoarethemain charactersofthisbook.Whilethereadersfollow thetwofriends’excitingjourney,thetextplantsthe firstseedsinthechildren’simaginationinvolvingthe conceptsofmoneyanddreams. OMeninodoDinheiro– VaiàEscola

(TheMoneyBoy– ActionBetweenFriends) In the third book of the series, The Money Boy - Action Between Friends, the protagonist and his friends face a new challenge: to become real entrepreneurs. This topic, quite current in our society, is dealt with using language adapted to children’s understanding. While they learn their financial education lessons with Professor Reimoney, the protagonists of the series discover these teachings go beyond learning about money. In time, they realize that they can apply the knowledge absorbed in class to issues that concern other aspects of their lives. Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-29-7 Format: 20,5 x 26,5 cm 88 pages OMeninodoDinheiro– AçãoEntreAmigos

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-8276-022-2 Format: 20,5 x 26,5 cm 72 pages (TheMoneyBoy–InaSustainableWorld) Inthefourthtitleofthisseries,theMoneyBoyandhis friendslearnaboutenvironmental,socialandfinancial sustainability. Together,theydreamofabetterandmoresustainable world,whereeveryonemayliveinharmony. Thistheme,whichhasbeenthoroughlydiscussed lately,isthepointwhichinvolvesthecharactersina storyfullofadventures,emotionsandchallengesto befaced. OMeninodoDinheiro– NumMundoSustentável

Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz Format: 20,5 x 26,5 cm 88 pages (The Money Boy – Young Citizen) In the fifth title of this series, Reinaldo Domingos concludes the lessons from themes discussed in this collection, basing its story on concepts such as autonomy and citizenship. The readers follow up the story of the Money Boy and his friends about lessons which involve independence and growth. Through the rite of passage from childhood to pre-adolescence, the characters’ routine undergoes changes from the management of the money received from their parents to the adventure of taking a bus and getting to know better their own city. OMeninodoDinheiro– PequenoCidadão

(The Boy and the Money) The Boy and the Money is a three-book series that approaches money in a playful and poetic manner, and touches on reflections – even if in a simple way – on what it encompasses. In the first book of the series, the Boy in the story realizes that many dreams depend on something called “money”... and that for some dreams you need more money than for others. In this way, putting together the pieces of the jigsaw that he himself forged, he designs a way to achieve his dreams bit by bit, from a single coin... Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-14-3 Format: 21 x 21 cm 40 pages OMeninoeoDinheiro

(The Boy, the Money and the Three Piggy Banks) Inthesecondbookoftheseries,theBoy,oneyear older,isdazzledbysomepresentsthathegetsfromhis mother:threepiggybanks.Fromthere,thecharacter goesonalongjourneyofunderstandinganddream building,throughthesimplegestureof puttingcoins intotheslotsofthethreepiggybanks. Withtheaimofaddressingthesubjectoffinancial educationforchildren,atanearlystage,thebooks introducesomeelementsthatsymbolizetheworldof money:coins,safes/piggybanks,amongothers. Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-18-1 Format: 21 x 21 cm 48 pages OMenino,oDinheiro eosTrêsCofrinhos

(The Boy, the Money and the Grasshopper-Ant) Inthethirdandfinalvolumeoftheseries,theBoy makesanimportantdiscoveryregardingvaluessuchas work,funandpeople’srelationshiptomoney. Oneday,whenhismothertellshimtheclassicstory oftheantandthegrasshopper,theBoy,whoisvery clever,beginstothink...hecomparestheanttohis ownfather,whodrivesatrainontherailwayevery day,workinghard.After,hethinksofhismotherasa grasshopper,hummingalldayathome. Author: Reinaldo Domingos Illustrator: Ariel Fajtlowicz ISBN: 978-85-63680-23-5 Format: 21 x 21 cm 44 pages OMenino,oDinheiro eaFormigarra

(AndThenThe RhinocerosWhoWantedTo Fly) The touching story of this book was originated from the creative mind of the author and illustrator Nadia Adina Rose, who was born and lives in Russia. While turning the pages, the young readers will follow up the story of a series of characters wanting to make their dream come true. Using a sensitive and surrounding language, the text and illustrations are involved not only in telling the story of the rhino mentioned in the title, but also about other animals, such as the short-sighted turtle that wished to see the horizon, and the iguana that wanted to see snow. The illustrations, also created by Nadia Adina Rose, are the result of the skillful mixture of techniques using papier-mâché and collage with the love feeling which the author developed about this work. Author: Nadia Adina Rose Illustrator: Nadia Adina Rose ISBN: 978-85-8276-024-6 Format: 34 x 25 cm 36 pages ORinocerontequequeriavoar

(PaperSeeds) The book entitled Paper Seeds has as its background the awareness of an ecological sense in response to a stimulus to the respect for nature. This work tells the story about two girls and the forest where they live in. Naia has always been the girl in charge of taking care of the trees and animals living in such forest, while Eyla fights for the progress of her habitat, what may incur in damages to the environmental balance. Based on this dilemma, the dialogues established on each page lead the young reader to reflections and feelings which are worthy to his/her development. Authors: Bea and Silvia Gil Illustrators: Bea and Silvia Gil ISBN: 978-85-8276-025-3 Format: 23 x 27 cm 48 pages SementesdePapel

(Footballiad) Originally written in verses, this book has now been converted into prose in order to have its translation and editing made easier. It contains 20 short paragraphs of 300 characters each, followed by 20 illustrations. It was inspired to some extent by Homer’s Iliad, representing the Trojan War as a game of football. Lightly and humorously written, the text describes how the Greek and Trojan teams confront each other. Illustrations patch the story together visually, with a farcical approach on this war, inserting the iconographical inheritance of this mythical conflict into the contemporary context of the world of sports, in a delightfully humorous tone. The appendix contains maps, images and entries about the main characters. Author: José Santos Illustrator: Eloar Guazzelli ISBN: 978-85-8276-033-8 Format: 33 x 22 cm 60 pages Futebolíada

(Emerald Dawn) Manhã is a poor and dreamy girl. Like so many others, she lives in the most distant neighborhood of the big city. Her family is so needy that sometimes she goes to school even without having eaten a small piece of bread. But one day she got a beautiful gift and so, hope came back, brightening her life. Emerald dawn is a contemporary fairy tale, without princes or witches, but with a lovely real character that suddenly sees her world filled with color and happiness. Author: Ferréz Illustrator: Rafael Antón ISBN: 978-85-8276-021-5 Format: 18 x 22 cm 48 pages AmanhecerEsmeralda

(The Lesson of theTrees) Enrico always has a question hanging on the edge of his thoughts and he talks nineteen to the dozen. Whilst Paola, his classmate, doesn’t even speak a word. To better understand his friend, Enrico seeks answers with the teacher Dino. To answer the boy, the teacher tells a touching lesson from the trees. What do trees, fruits, children and questions have to do with each other? This is the mystery that you’ll find by reading the book, by reading the characters and by reading the trees. A reading of the world, of nature and children, which is among the most beautiful ever told. Author: Roberto Parmeggiani Illustrator: Attílio Palumbo ISBN: 978-85-8276-034-5 Format: 30x18 cm 56 pages ALiçãodasÁrvores

Other Products

(Indication for Students taking University Entrance Examination) In order to have a good performance in exams, pass the university entrance examination and be successful, the youth should plan his/her actions and follow them accurately. Indication for Students is a great ally in this project. (Indication of Expenses) It is a simple tool which helps people to manage their expenses. By inserting information in the Indication of Expenses for 30 days, it is possible to identify which expenses cause great impact in their money and which may be reduced or eliminated in order to achieve their goals. ApontamentodeDespesas ApontamentodoVestibulando

(DSOP Diaries) The thematic appointment book for Financial Education was designed to the students to make use of it throughout the year and, at the same time, learn with the simple instructions in order to prioritize his/her dreams by means of DSOP Methodology and the pillars mentioned therein: Diagnose, Dream, Budget and Save. Written in a language that’s appropriate for each age group, the appointment book is available for Preschool, Elementary and Middle School students. AgendasDSOP

Editora DSOP Av. Paulista, 726 | Cj. 1210 | 12º andar Bela Vista, CEP 01310-910, São Paulo - SP Tel.: 55 11 3177-7800

Editora DSOP Av. Paulista, 726 | Cj. 1210 | 12° andar Bela Vista, CEP 01310-910, São Paulo - SP Tel.: 11 3177 7800

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