Castles Don´t Fit Into Classrooms, a Fafu webinar

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Information about Castles Don´t Fit Into Classrooms, a Fafu webinar

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: huldah2



Fafu´s take on how our current education system is catering to different learners. What does challenging behavior tell us about brain structure? How can we take important knowledge from neuroscience and redesign our education system? Why is play so important?

Castle don´t fit into classrooms! Hulda Hreiðarsdóttir

Castles Don´t Fit Into Classrooms How do brains develop? Why do we try to standardise that process?

Learning is an organic process empathy imaginatio numeracy n Motor skills literacy speach play Create a vision Self discipline Make choices Communicatio Sharing knowledge n Problem solving relationship s It does not follow a linear curriculum

The Education System Struggles with understanding brain development The problem with this idea called an “education system” is that it follows a linear curriculum and measures human value in a system that has no parallel with human brain development. How can we change that?

Learning is based on sensory experiences The brain weaves a network of knowledge connecting new knowledge and experiences to older data and that way making sense of the world

Different brain structures build different networks and rely on different sensory experiences Movement Auditory Imagination Visual Tactile Taste/Smell Nature

New understandings are constructed on a foundation of existing understandings and experiences

Fish Is Fish Childrens book

Children carry their previous experiences and knowledge to the classoom

What happens if the classroom does not recognize their way of learning?

Need For Movement Adult / Child Communication Different Skills Difficult behavior Pressure & Anguish Lost Opportunitie s Different challenge s

Behavior Gives Away Their Blueprint

ODD ADHD Disorder labels Good or bad? ADD LD

What can we do?

Re-evaluate what skills and talents are important

Bond and nurture beyond behavior

Stop teaching! Start inspiring learning and feeding passion

Go outside!

Use open ended Learning resources Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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