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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: zedbiz



Canadian Anti-Spam Law - Marketing Strategies to deal with the impending enforcement date of July 1, 2014.
How to deal with obtaining expressed consent.
What you need your CRM system to do for you.
Informing and training your employees about the Canadian Anti-Spam Law.

Canadian Anti-Spam Law Marketing Strategies How to deal with CASL on July 1, 2014 The thoughts and ideas included in this presentation are based on my own personal interpretation of CASL and are not intended to provide advice. Discussion is encouraged on these ideas.

CASL takes effect July 1, 2014  Prepare, Plan and ACT Now!  Affects all your business email communication  This will affect your marketing strategies  This will also affect your Sales Processes  Your Sales People NEED to be informed

CRM System must Perform  Every contact – Track type of Consent  Keep record of the details of Expressed Consent  Date  Who consent was given to  What information they gave consent for  Tracking Implied Consent ◦ Inquiries – 6 Months of Implied Consent ◦ Clients – Business Relationships – 2 years from date of last transaction ◦ Business Card exemptions ◦ Website listing exemptions

Business Card Exemption  If you get a business card from someone with an email – you can send them CEMs  As well if they inform you of their email in another way  Informed Consent – valid for two years* * Need to verify with CRTC

Inform and Train  Everyone in your organization needs to be informed and trained  Anyone can be liable for up to one million dollars  Businesses can be liable for ten million  Make sure everyone knows what this is about.  You don’t want emails going out incorrectly

Increase Communication  Start / Increase communicating ◦ Over Communicating  Need to gain express consent before July 1, 2014  Create an effective strategy to ask for consent and does not offend people.  Work with both clients and prospects

Higher Quality Content  Give them the information they want  High Quality  Targeted to their Pain  Personalized  Educational

Build Relationships  Increase the responsiveness of your communication  Increase customer service channels  Deal effectively with complaints  Personalize your communication  Use multiple channels

Engagement  Find a way to create engagement  Ask for feedback in your email communication ◦ Ask them to do a task ◦ Click on a link ◦ Share an item

Clean your CRM Database  Match emails with correct contact data  Watch for generic email addresses  Get the correct business information  Ensure you have the contacts business email ◦ Company wide expressed consent is an option

Create correct Sign-up Forms  Expressed Consent cannot be tied to any offer or other business arrangement  They must take action – check a box or enter their email separately from a business transaction  Include your contact information  Include explicitly what you will be sending

Create Good Emails  Every Email must contain: ◦ Sender of the message with contact information and/or who the message is sent on behalf of ◦ Mailing / Postal Address ◦ Unsubscribe Link  Although the link can go to a website where they choose what to unsubscribe

Sales Inquiries  If they ask about your product / business ◦ Can send them information ◦ Implied Consent for 6 months ◦ After that – NO EMAIL ◦ During that 6 months you need to gain their trust, build a relationship and attempt to gain Express Consent

Marketing Strategy? Start Today!!!!  CRM System Operating  Clean Data  Inform and Train  Communicate with Everyone  Obtain Express Consent

Marketing Specialist Jack Zenert Expert in Email Communication CRM Systems Marketing Strategies CASL Advisor 403-201-4444

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