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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: joeldaldrich



This is Communicative English for Cashiers. There some interactive exercises also. Good for listening practice at home or in the classroom.

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Click on any of the icons through out this presentation to listen to it. You may click as many times as you like. Listen to each saying and / or sentence and then repeat each of them. You may want to do this several times so you get the right pronunciation. The dialogues are all one conversation and are not broken into sentences for listening. Continue

English for Cashiers Are you looking for a job in a foreign country? Many foreign workers start out as cashiers. You can learn a lot of English in this job. Cashiers work in grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Cashiers play an important role in many businesses. The word "cashier" means someone who handles "cash" and other types of money in a shop, store, restaurant, bank or other business. Most cashiers receive training on the job. Your training may be difficult if your supervisor doesn't speak your native language. These slides will help you learn and practice vocabulary and expressions related to working as a cashier. Read and listen to the lessons. Then take the quizzes to test your comprehension.

For the purpose of these slides, we will use the general term cashier. Cashiers do much more than accept payment for purchases. They also handle customer complaints, direct customers to products, and share product knowledge. Some cashiers are also responsible for food preparation and cleaning. Some companies use other terms for cashiers including: clerk customer service representative (CSR) sales associate teller

Cashier Vocabulary Word action code adjustment age restricted items aisles associate bag verb bank card bar code bill Meaning a number cashiers type on the register to tell the computer to do something (#2A=void item) a change (usually related to price change) products such as alcohol, tobacco, and restricted movies and videos which cannot be purchased by minors long narrow areas that a room is divided into another employee who works with you to place purchased items in a bag for the customer a card that allows customers to purchase an item using money from their bank account (also called debit card) a series of lines that a computer reads to determine the product and price the total amount owed by the customer (also called receipt)

break bulk cash cash advance cash register change charge verb charge verb and noun checkout clerk coins a short time for an employee to take a rest from work items that are purchased in large amounts (also refers to items where customer collects the amount desired from a large bin) paper or coin money that the customer gives for payment money given to an employee or customer that he will have to pay back later system used to key in purchases; also makes mathematical calculations and records payments the money you give back to a customer to request a certain payment (They charge fifty dollars an hour.) to pay (payment) with a credit card the place where customers go to pay for purchases person who serves customers; usually stands behind a desk small amounts of money; circular shape (also called change)

company procedures competition counterfeit the rules and practices outlined by the employer for the employees other businesses that offer similar products or services money that looks real but is actually fake a piece of paper that offers a set discount on a product or coupon service consumer the person who buys and uses the products and services currency type of money used in each country (egg. dollar, yen) customer the person who buys the product or service fulfilling the needs of the people who buy products or customer service services damaged; does not work or does not look new defective deactivate remove security device debit to take money out (also refers to paying with a bank card)

denomination department store discount estimate float feed gift certificate; gift card gift receipt identification initials inquiry key in related to type of currency (egg. ones, tens, fifties ) a store that sells a wide variety of personal and household needs, such as groceries, furniture and clothing a price reduction guess the right amount the amount of money in a cash register or till before and after a person's shift to insert the end of a roll of paper into a slot a pre-paid card that a customer uses to pay for purchases a receipt that documents a purchase but does not include the price of the product photograph and official document that proves who a person is first letter of a person's first and last name a question to type a code into a cash register

(put on) layaway log manual merchandise multiple item multitask NOF on sale orientation peak time perk personal check price override POS system to put a product away for a customer who will come back to purchase it at a later time a record of sales information instruction booklet things that customers buy a product that a customer is buying more than one of (egg. five balls) do many things at once an error code that means a product price is not on file costs less than usual a time for learning about the company and job the busy time of the day a little bonus that employees enjoy on top of their wage or salary (egg. restaurant employees get free lunch) a written document that allows a business to retrieve funds from a customer's bank account change the automated price of a product or service Point of Sale system (cash register)

price tag produce promotion prompt service punch in/out rain check receipt reduce(d) refund register area register tape retailer ring in the sticker or ticket that tells customers what a product costs fresh fruit and vegetables a special discount or offer to help customers quickly record the start and end time of your shift using a time clock system a ticket given to a customer that allows them to receive an out-of-stock item or attend a cancelled event at a later date a piece of paper that records the place, time, and price of items or services purchased price is less than usual get money back the place where a cashier stands and serves the customer the paper that goes into the cash register and provides a printed record of all transactions a store or business that sells products for the manufacturer type the product code or service item into the POS

a secure cabinet where a large amount of money is locked up; requires a code or key to open sale a price reduction pass a product over a laser (scanner reads the bar code and scan transfers the data (price, product name) to the POS system) a table that identifies the weekly or monthly shifts for each schedule employee a device attached to products that will set off an alarm if it is security device not removed by the cashier serial number a number system used to identify products and services long rows of flat wood or metal used to hold products that are shelves for sale in a store a record of notes that must be handed in by a cashier at the shift report end of a work shift sign in/sign off indicate that one is starting or finishing supplies things that are needed to do a job (egg. calculator, pens, paper) the company or business that provides a retailer or wholesaler supplier with products to sell safe

swipe tally tax exempt tender terminal till transaction UPC void wholesale workstation slide quickly across (egg. Swipe your credit card through the card reader, please.) add up a special case in which the customer does not have to pay taxes money a single computer or POS system the drawer that holds money in a cash register the sale and purchase of a product or service Universal Product Code: a number the identifies the product and the retailer cancel a transaction the sale of a large quantity of goods to a retail outlet the area where a cashier works

Cashier Vocabulary Quiz 1. Another word for "money" is . 2. The drawer in a cash register is the 3. POS stands for . . 4. When customers bring damaged products back to a store they usually get a . 5. Clothing, books, and toys are examples of .

6. A card is another word for "bank card.“ 7. A product that costs less today than it did yesterday is . 8. Grocery stores are usually divided into many separate . 9. Customers who want to pay for their products should go to the . 10.Cashiers must have friendly skills.

Cashier Transactions Dealing with money can be stressful. It is easier to make mistakes when transactions are not in your native language. Take your time. Making mistakes can be costly. Many customers will not tell you if you make a mistake. Some companies will make you pay for shortages. Customers will be more patient if you are honest. Tell them you are training. They will also appreciate your effort to learn their language. Say, "Please bear with me. I'm still learning." As you become comfortable with the currency and the payment system your service in English will speed up.

Cashier Transactions: Language Here are some expressions to use on the job. Practice them with a friend or family member. Do you have a discount card today? Are you using any coupons today? I will need to see some ID to sell you a lottery ticket. (for age restricted items) I'm sorry but your card has been declined. Would you like to use another form of payment? (when a credit or debit card has insufficient funds.) Will there be anything else for you today? Is this everything today?

Is this everything today? And how was everything today? (service industry) Will that be cash or charge? How will you be paying today? Your total comes to $16.50. From twenty...and here's $3.50 change. Please swipe your card. I just need to see some photo ID to verify your check. Would you like your receipt in the bag?

Sample Transactions: Speaking Practice Sample Cash transaction Cashier: Hello. Is this everything for you today? Customer: Yes. Just a few items today. Cashier: Did you find everything you were looking for? Customer: Yes, thank you. Cashier: Okay. Your total comes to $8.70. (say "eight seventy" or "eight dollars and seventy cents") Customer: Can you break a fifty? I'm afraid I don't have anything smaller. Cashier: No problem. From fifty..$41.30 is your change. (say "forty-one thirty" or "forty-one dollars and thirty cents") Customer: Thank you. Cashier: Thank you. See you again.

Sample Credit Card transaction Cashier: Here is your order, sir. Two pepperoni pizzas. Will there be anything else? Customer: No, that's great thanks. Cashier: Okay. Will that be cash or charge today? Customer: Charge. Cashier: Okay. Please swipe your card in the machine...Sorry, can you try again please. Customer: Is there a problem with my card? Cashier: No, it's going through fine this time. I'll just need you to sign here, please. Customer: There you go. Cashier: Thank you Mr. Bates. Enjoy your pizza!

Cashier Transactions: Listening Practice Listen to the customer enquiries below that take place at a checkout area. Read the three possible cashier responses for each enquiry. Which is the correct response? Check your answers. Transcript 1. "I'm only buying a chocolate bar today. Can I use my debit card?" 1. Cashier response: -- Transcript Click for answer 2. "I'm new in town and I'll be coming to this store often. Do you have shopper discount cards?" 2. Cashier response: -- Transcript Click for answer 3. "Can I please have a pack of cigarettes? I'll take the small red pack on the top right hand side, please." 3. Cashier response: -- Click for answer

Customer Service for Cashiers In many businesses, the cashier is the first person a customer sees. In fact, in the majority of sales situations the cashier is the only employee a customer actually speaks to. Customers are more likely to return to the same business if the cashiers are friendly, helpful, and polite. Though your time with each customer is short, your role in their day is important. You could be the one to put a smile on their face and the one who convinces them to come again another time.

Customer Service: Language Here are some expressions to practice and use on the job. Did you find everything you were looking for today? Has it warmed up/cooled down/dried up out there yet? (More small talk) Are you interested in taking part in our promotion? I apologize for the wait. I'm new at this job. Thank you for your patience. I'm going to have to call to get a price check. Do you need a hand out with your bags? Have a wonderful day. Thanks for shopping at... Please come again. See you again soon.

Sample Customer Service Encounters: Speaking Practice Making a sale (up selling) Cashier: I see you've chosen some nice blouses from our fall line. Are you aware of our promotion today? Customer: No, actually, I'm not. Cashier: All men's and lady's fall tops are on buy one get one free. Customer: Oh, that's great. Cashier: Would you like to look around some more? There are some great men's dress shirts at the back of the store. Customer: No thank you. I can't shop for my husband. He never likes what I pick out for him. Cashier: (laughs) So, just these two blouses today then? Customer: Yes, that's all for today.

Handling a complaint Cashier: How was your meal today? Customer: Well, the food was good as it always is. We were a bit disappointed in the service tonight, though. Cashier: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to fill out a comment card? Or I could get a manager for you. Customer: That's okay. We know it's your peak time. We usually try to come a little earlier before the rush. Cashier: Well, I'd like to make it up to you. I'm going to give you a discount today. I'll take your drinks and dessert off the bill. Customer: Oh, that would be nice. Thank you. Cashier: No, thank you. Your satisfaction is important to us. Here's a coupon for your next visit. Please come again. Customer: Thank you. We will.

Customer Service: Listening Practice Listen to the customer enquiries below that take place at a checkout area. Read the three possible cashier responses for each enquiry. Which is the correct response? Check your answers. "I've just spent an hour trying on a bunch of spring clothes. I picked out these Transcript three dresses, but I just realized I forgot my wallet at home. These are the last dresses in my size. Would you be able to put them on layaway for me?" 1. Cashier response: -- Transcript Click for answer "There was no price on these shoes, and I couldn't find another pair that was the same. Would you be able to scan them for me? There was a sign that said fifty percent off." 2. Cashier response: -- Click for answer "I was wondering if you could help me. I did a taste test in Aisle 3 and I tried Transcript these crackers that were really good. I'd like to purchase some, but I wasn't able to find them. They were called Snackaroos." 3. Cashier response: -- Click for answer

Can you break a twenty-dollar bill? Jackie has a 20-dollar bill and wants to break it so that she may have some smaller bills and change for the laundry. Cashier: How can I help you, Miss? Jackie: Could you break a 20 for me? Cashier: Sure. How do you want it? Jackie: Could I have two 5's and the rest in ones? Cashier: Well, I have some 5's, but I don't have enough 1's. Are quarters fine with you? Jackie: Oh, that's even better! In that case, I won't have to worry about the small change for the laundry. Cashier: Here you go! Jackie: Thanks a million!

Talking about the guarantee. Cashier: Is there anything else you would like to buy? Customer: No, thank you. I guess that's it. By the way, in case there's a flaw in this CD player, can I return it? Cashier: Yes. But you must return it within 30 days. Customer: Is there a charge for that? I know other stores have a restocking fee. Cashier: There will be no charge at all. However, you must show us the receipt. Could you sign it here, please? Customer: Thank you. Cashier: All right. Keep your receipt. If something comes up, you can show it to us and we'll give you a refund. Customer: Thanks. I'll put it in a safe place.

Small Talk: Conversation Starters •Beautiful day, isn't it? •Can you believe all of this rain we've been having? •It looks like it's going to snow. •It sure would be nice to be in Hawaii right about now. Talking about the weather •I hear they're calling for thunderstorms all weekend. •We couldn't ask for a nicer day, could we? •How about this weather? •Did you order this sunshine? •Did you catch the news today? •Did you hear about that fire on Fourth St? •What do you think about this transit strike? Talking about current events •I read in the paper today that the Sears Mall is closing. •I heard on the radio today that they are finally going to start building the new bridge. •How about those Reds? Do you think they're going to win tonight?

•Looking forward to the weekend? •Have you worked here long? At the office •I can't believe how busy/quiet we are today, can you? •Has it been a long week? •You look like you could use a cup of coffee. •What do you think of the new computers? •So, how do you know Justin? •Have you tried the cabbage rolls that Sandy made? At a social event •Are you enjoying yourself? •It looks like you could use another drink. •Pretty nice place, huh? •I love your dress. Can I ask where you got it?

•How old's your baby? •What's your puppy's name? Out for a walk •The tulips are sure beautiful at this time of year, aren't they. •How do you like the new park? •Nice day to be outside, isn't it? •I didn't think it would be so busy today. •You look like you've got your hands full (with children or goods). Waiting somewhere •The bus must be running late today. •It looks like we are going to be here a while, huh? •I'll have to remember not to come here on Mondays. •How long have you been waiting?

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