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Published on October 15, 2007

Author: Janelle


Regional cluster/Brokerage:  Regional cluster/Brokerage Virtuelle Fabrik Network of 60 SMEs, Switzerland Focus – machine building Network manager/Broker Network marketing Acquiring orders Searching for partners according to specifications Negotiating conditions SME benefits Additional orders Learning from collaborating partners Brokerage platform SME competence profiles, orders, documents, additional information (members list, events, etc) Temporary network Order Manager 2-4 SMEs join for each order Providing product development, manufacturing and delivery Customer Source: Auditor Relationship Management Network Coach Quality Assurance Regional cluster/Brokerage:  Regional cluster/Brokerage Virtuelle Fabrik Why is it there? Initiated 1997 in North/West Switzerland by Aargau University in collaboration with SMEs 50% fundings for the 2-year starting period, official start in 1999 with 20 organisations Entrepreneurs built the foundations themselves, supported by academic partners Motivation: Ability to accept complex orders, knowledge exchange, cost optimisation, remaining independent while benefiting from network partners Why now? No specific reasons. Why here? Switzerland depends predominantly on SMEs that need to safeguard their (international) competitiveness Three VF exist now in different regions Regional cluster/Brokerage:  Regional cluster/Brokerage Virtuelle Fabrik Who is there? Organisations from machine building sector; formerly only production, now design, engineering, production, mounting, services Academic Support from local university Roles: Broker Order Manager In/Outsourcing Manager Network Coach Auditor Management Organised as an Association, 5 CEOs as Leaders + 5 Working Groups Who is there now? The network has grown to 60 organisations Regional cluster/Brokerage:  Regional cluster/Brokerage Virtuelle Fabrik What do the participants do? Collaborate in projects Collaborate in working groups; special issues can be treated in sub-working groups, they are the key for network evolution Meet at roundtables (5x per year) to get to know each other and exchange experiences What about? Production, Network Evolution & Partner Acquisition, Education, Finance, Marketing (e.g. shared fair exhibition stands) Special Issues Regional cluster/Brokerage:  Regional cluster/Brokerage Virtuelle Fabrik How does the CoP function? Each partner has to pay an admission fee + yearly fees (1,500 – 10,000 CHF), depending on firm size Each partner has to attribute at least 8-12 days per year to the network How is the CoP supported with technology VF platform supports through Order Management (visible to every member) Project Planning Controlling Messaging (Forum, Mail, News) Document Management Task Administration …

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