Case Study: "State Farm & Gawker: Getting Readers to a Better State of Living"

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Information about Case Study: "State Farm & Gawker: Getting Readers to a Better State of...

Published on March 3, 2014

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Getting Readers To A Better State of Living MATT & JAMES: INTRODUCTIONS

Founded in 1922 by a farmer, G.J. Mecherle With over 80m accounts, State Farm insures more cars & homes than any other US insurer Processes about 35,000 claims every day Over 17,000 dedicated agents Customers First: Getting You To A Better State Of Living MATT & JAMES: INTRODUCTIONS Founded in 2002 by former Financial Times Journalist, Nick Denton Over 47m US Uniques (Comscore) Publisher of sites like Gizmodo, Deadspin, Jalopnik & Jezebel Over 30,000 reader comments per day Readers First: Whatever We Know & Whatever We Think

MATT & JAMES: How it started together...

History lesson: What is Native Advertising? JAMES: INTRODUCTION TO NATIVE

What is Native Advertising? The term “native advertising” has gotten a lot of play around the digital media industry recently, as publishers, platforms and other advertisers look for ways to differentiate their offerings and combat the continued commoditization of banner ads. JAMES –

“ When I use the term, I’m referring to ad units or creative assets that are native and unique to a particular environment or platform. I think the best example is the paid tweet. Only Twitter can offer paid tweets, only Facebook can offer sponsored stories, and only Pandora can offer the playlist (actually, that’s not entirely true because Spotify can, too). But all of those examples are ad units or messaging devices that are unique to those platforms. ” – Barry Lowenthal, President, Media Kitchen JAMES

“Native monetization is deriving revenue from a platform in that is unique and organic to the experience.” a way – Jon Steinberg, President, BuzzFeed “Despite all the hype, native advertising is one method for marketers to use content to engage with readers in a way that is more effective than standard advertis ing.” – Paul Rossi, Managing Director, The Economist JAMES

Native advertising is the natural frame in which content is delivered AND the understanding of what content is most valuable to the audience. The content should benefit the user, not interrupt or disrupt. MATT & JAMES

Native Natives: Can you spot the ad? MATT

Native Natives: Can you spot the ad? MATT

The Gawker & State Farm Approach MATT: State Farmʼs Objectives JAMES: Kinja Publishing Platform

JAMES: Explain tone, show sponsored post placement

JAMES: BetterState.Kinja.Com, Getting our Readers to a Better State

JAMES: Explain bringing in experts, Q&A format

JAMES: Real engagement

What Does Success Look Like? Over 20,000,000 media impressions Over 200,000 page views Over 500 comments 5%+ CTR on posts Any other back end metrics to look at? JAMES: INTRODUCTION TO NATIVE

Creation Co-Creation Curation Brand created Shared Consumer / 3rd Party Create, Co-Create, Curate.  Some brand will act as publishers and create their own content—ie red bull (create).  Vice Creators Project (co-create), Curation is either taking what already exists or asking consumers to create on their own.

The Story Telling Spectrum Entertainment Creation Co-Creation Utility Curation

“You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine. Do as you would be done by.” – David Ogilvy • Never Write an Advertisement Which You Wouldn't Want Your Own Family To Read.

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