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Published on November 14, 2016

Author: Ondera15


1. Case Study: Representation By Onder Aslan

2. Chosen Form Of Representation The chosen theme of my choice is warfare, the reason for me choosing to discuss the representation of this theme is because it is a really interesting theme and something which I have been part of, as I have played many warfare's games including; Call of Duty, Battlefield, Brothers in arms and etc. So those are the games which I want to really focus on as I have experienced playing those games. Many people my age (teenagers) can relate to me as they are famous games which are addictive and well known.

3. Call Of Duty This is a well known game across the world and it gives a good sense into how world war was like. So this game represents warfare as you have enemy soldiers battling out against each other in the game. Also there's missions which you have to complete to move on to the next level. These representations connote that life was difficult back in the world war days as many people, innocent people were killed. I think that this is a brutal game but it gives me a good understanding of what soldiers went through back then and even now. If I was to change anything about this game, I would give the players the option making their own character, so that they feel comfortable and relaxed.

4. Battlefield This is another well known game across the world. This game also represents warfare as it is about the second world war. The action in the game looks realistic as they tried to match what happened in that time period (1942). The representations connote the agony and pain soldiers had to go through and challenges they faced during their time at the battlefield which is the name of the game which really shows us what us players are letting ourselves into when playing this game. I feel that this game is savagely violent, and if there was anything I could change about this game, it would have to be, better graphics as the graphics is not quite up to the standards of the graphics from which are in Call Of Duty.

5. Brothers In Arms I feel as if this game is not as famous as Call Of Duty or Battlefield but it is a really good game as although it doesn't have the biggest popularity of fans but it possibly has the best storyline. The storyline is set against the backdrop of the liberation of Europe ( WW2) which is interesting and good to explore about, which is why we have the game. The representations connote the nervousness going around in Europe as everything was all over the place and know one’s safety was guaranteed which people were paranoid about. This game is really effective and depressing. however , if i was to change or improve something about this game, it would have to be the platform and advertisement of this game as it not really known, so by advertising it, the revenue will increase and more people would buy the game.

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