Case Study of Financial Web System Development and Operations with Oracle WebLogic12c and Exadata

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Published on October 2, 2014

Author: Arshal08



To stay ahead of the technology curve, financial companies require the power, flexibility, and scalability of latest enterprise technologies for 24/7 services. Rakuten Card, one of the largest credit card companies in Japan, recently renewed its web front-end systems utilizing Java EE. This session provides answers to the following questions: Among the myriad of available technologies, why did it choose Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Exadata, managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager? How did it drive this huge project to completion in only six months, using only in-house development? What were the key success factors in launching and operating this mission-critical service? Hear about its extraordinary improvement results and how its selections are effective for financial enterprise systems.

1. Case Study of Financial Web System Development and Operations with Oracle WebLogic 12c [CON2820] Hirofumi Iwasaki(@HirofumiIwasaki) Arshal Ameen(@aforarsh) Financial Services Department, Development Unit, Rakuten, Inc.

2. 2 Agenda 1. Java EE with WebLogic and Exadata for Our Financial Systems Overview 2. Starting with GlassFish, Migrated to WebLogic 3. Hard Business Operations, with the Power of the WebLogic and Exadata

3. 3 Agenda 1. Java EE with WebLogic and Exadata for Our Financial Systems Overview 2. Starting with GlassFish, Migrated to WebLogic 3. Hard Business Operations, with the Power of the WebLogic and Exadata

4. 4 Global Rakuten Group

5. Rapidly Expanding Worldwide from 2010 • E-commerce in 14 countries and regions • All services and businesses in 28 countries

6. Rakuten Group Consolidated GMS US $51.4B 23.407 52.319 79.134 153.004 329.106 478.765 1154.786 832.354 1861.268 1474.570 3413.582 2746.821 5248.976 (JPY B) 4146.244 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

7. 1997 2014 7 Internet Services (1997) Online Hotel Reservation Internet Research (2000) (2001) (2005) (2003) (2006) (2007) EC in France in USA (2010) EC In Thailand (2009) (2004) (2008) (2008) EC in UK (2011) EC In Austria In Indonesia EC in Malaysia in Brazil (2005) (2009) (2010) Internet Finance In Germany Global Video streaming Global Video (2012) In Spain (2013) (2013) EC In Singapore EC In Japan Online Books, DVD Store Pay-per-view Video Service Portal Site Performance Marketing In USA Internet Auction EC in Taiwan Global eBook Streaming Global Social Messaging App (2014) Online Security Brokerage Credit Card E-money Internet Banking Rakuten Life Insurance Professional IP Telephony Baseball Marriage Consultant (2014) Credit Card Payment By Smartphone (2012) Point Service Phone Service (2013) Online Golf Reservation Others Energy Service Real Café Service Curation Service Expanding Business Portfolio

8. 8 5 Financial Services of Rakuten Group in Japan Life Insurance Credit Card E-Money Bank Financial Securities

9. 9 5 Financial Services of Rakuten Group in Japan § Big 5 Services § Each has Huge Transactions § 24/7 Non-Stop Services Life Insurance Credit Card E-Money Bank Financial Securities

10. 10 Requirements for Rakuten Financial Systems Financial Systems Requires 1. Rapidly changeable business logic as business model changes 2. Huge request capacity as business grows 3. Must be transactional

11. 11 3 Big Issues of the Rakuten Card Systems Credit Card 1. Outdated ! 2. Complicated ! 3. Difficult!

12. 12 3 Big Targets for New Architecture Sustainability Requirements System Flexibility Transparency

13. 13 Why We Chose the Java EE ? Portability Results of Financial Sys Vendor Support Community Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Nothing Good Not Bad Mediocre

14. 14 Why We Chose WebLogic 12c Product Productivity Reliability Scalability Support Price Operation Development WebLogic Server 12c Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Not Good Excellent Excellent Product A Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Not Good Not Good Not Good Product B Excellent Excellent Not Good Not Good Not Good Not Good Excellent

15. 15 Why We Chose the Oracle Exadata? Product Productivity Data reliability Scalability HA PCI DSS Operation Oracle Exadata Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Product X - Not Good - - - Not Good Product Y Excellent Excellent - Excellent Not Good Not Good

16. 16 PCI DSS Certification Requirements § We were supposed to be certified with PCI DSS, the card payment industry data security standard. Exadata is the solution. OS audit DBA audit Standard audit Fine grain audit Audit target Instance start and stop, connect with admin or listener DB operation with admin user DB operation with login, object operation with DDL/DML, data reference, etc. CRUD for specific data Output OS file, listener log OS file OS file, (DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL view in Oracle) User definition table, (DBA_FGA_AUDIT_ TRAIL view in Oracle) Audit log Time, OS info, DB instance, action, auth info, exit code Time, DB user, action, auth info, OS user, exit code Time, user, action, OS user, terminal name, query, etc. time, DB user, OS user, accessed object name, fine grain audit policy name, query

17. 17 5 Big Issues to Apply New JEE Architecture

18. 18 1. Policies: Case of Rakuten § Internal Development First, no outsourcing to external SI vendors. (Group All) § Financial businesses are also the target for the application of this policy. Educate NO ORDER & Develop Rare Case for Financial Systems in Japan In-House Development External Vendors

19. 19 2. Education: Read, Read, Read! RECOMMENDED for WebLogic 12c Good & Only Japanese EE 6 book Start from HERE 4th Edition Good Pocket Reference! For NetBeans 7 with EE 6

20. 20 2. Education: Online Materials Original Tutorial for Newbies (Start here!) NetBeans Java EE docs for Advanced Information

21. 21 2. Education: Simplify to Learn Old Architecture New Architecture Too difficult to learn many non-standard old technologies Simple & Easy!

22. 22 3. Architecture: Apply EE 6 Specs Rich Clients (no business logics) Call Web Presentation (no business logics) Business Logic (no presentations) Data Access JPA EJB JSF DBs Automatic Transaction Java FX JTA Messaging JMS MQ Connection RMI-IIOP Other Servers EMail JAX MTA JavaMail Call Call Call Call Call There's no rich client

23. 23 3. Architecture: Simplified Core L7 Balancer Front Real-time Web Site A Web Site B Internal Site Proxy Reverse Batch Exec Front Batch Services (aka APIs) System B Gateway Database System C Sub Proc

24. Local Weblogic Server instance Code and Test with Fast-swap 24 4. Environment: Ease of Dev. Centralized DEV DB = X X

25. 25 4. Environment: Easy Startup 2. Download Code from Repository 3. Install JDK, IDE, App servers -> Build -> Run on the local terminal 1. Join a project. 4. Refer JIRA tickets for tasks

26. 26 5. Test: Full Auto Testing &Validation. 1. Auto PULL Management Server 2. Auto Build & Test 3. Auto 4. Report Validate Hourly ZERO Violations

27. 27 Agenda 1. Java EE with WebLogic and Exadata for Our Financial Systems Overview 2. Starting with GlassFish, Migrated to WebLogic 3. Hard Business Operations, with the Power of the WebLogic and Exadata

28. 28 In Mid 2011, We Didn’t Have WebLogic 12c Yet § Chart of the mid 2011 Java EE app servers Vendor App Server EE 5 Servers EE 6 Servers Open Source GlassFish 2.1.1 3.1.1 Oracle WebLogic 10.3 - IBM WebSphere 7.0 8.0 Red Hat JBoss 6.0 7.0 (partially) § We wanted to apply Java EE 6 for our new system, but not released. § We decided to use GlassFish 3.1.1 until the EE 6 applied WebLogic (12c) released.

29. 29 Impact of the Migrating within the Project § Non-Interchangeable Development Code GlassFish à WebLogic – Different container behaviors. – Non Java EE, different each server special APIs. § Scheduled Impacts for Migrating WebLogic Configurations – Cluster configurations for high availabilities. – Other setting adjustments. – Bug checking and applying patches. – Connecting Oracle Enterprise Manager.

30. 30 Investigation of the Differences Code Base BEA WebLogic 6.0 based + Improvements Felix OSGi modular based kernel Web Container WebLogic Original Tomcat Container EJB Container WebLogic Original GlassFish Original Remote Invocation T3, RMI-IIOP, SOAP RMI-IIOP, SOAP Transaction Processing WebLogic Original GlassFish Original Persistence Container WebLogic Original TopLink Based Runtime JRockit, Oracle JDK Oracle JDK

31. 31 Schedule for Migrating from GlassFish to WebLogic Java EE 6 Development with GlassFish Migrating to WebLogic (12c) Development Operations Java EE Development with WebLogic (12c) Production Release Configuration of Java EE 6 applied WebLogic (12c) and Enterprise Manager (12c) (Dec, 2011) Production Release Finally the new WL was released at the end of 2011

32. 32 Non-Interchangeable Point: 1. Container Initialization § Single WAR including JSF and EJBs – GlassFish 1. EJB initialize (@Startup) 2. JSF (Servlet) initialize (HttpServlet#init()) – WebLogic 1. JSF (Servlet) initialize (HttpServlet#init()) 2. EJB initialize (@Startup) § Inverse initialization pattern – Affected for the server initializations. – Absorbed with the wrapper classes

33. 33 New Functions of Moving from GF to WL 12c * Basically We Didn’t Use These Functions

34. 34 New Function: What WL 12c Knows About GF Config Glassfish Weblogic Support context-root context-root security-role-mapping security-role-assignment role-name role-name principle-name principle-name group-name principle-name session-config session-descriptor session-manager:manager-properties:reapIntervalSeconds invalidation-interval-seconds session-manager:manager-properties:maxSessions max-in-memory-sessions session-manager:manager-properties:directory persistent store dir session-manager:manager-properties:timeoutSeconds timeout-secs ejb-ref ejb-ref-description ejb-ref-name ejb-ref-name jndi-name jndi-name resource-ref resource-description res-ref-name res-ref-name jndi-name jndi-name resource-env-ref resource-env-description resource-env-ref-name resource-env-ref-name jndi-name jndi-name class-loader container-descriptor delegate prefer-web-inf-classes jsp-config jsp-descriptor checkInterval page-check-seconds keepgenerated keepgenerated scratchdir working-dir * Basically We Didn’t Use These Functions

35. 35 Non-Interchangeable Point: 2. Remote Invocation § Different EJB remote invocation operations. Wrapped for absorbing. § GlassFish (5 properties, no security) Properties prop = new Properties(); prop.setProperty(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, “com.sun.enterprise.naming.SerialInitContextFactory”); prop.setProperty(Context.URL_PKG_PREFXIES, “com.sun.enterprise.naming”); prop.setProperty(Context.STATE_FACTORIES “ ryImpl” prop.setProperty("org.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialHost", “theservername”); prop.setProperty("org.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialPort", “3700”); Context context = new InitialContext(prop); ARemote remote = (ARemote) context.lookup(“java:global/…”); § WebLogic (4 properties, with security) Properties prop = new Properties(); prop.setProperty(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, “weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory”); prop.setProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL, “t3://theservername:7001”); prop.setProperty(Context.SECRITY_PRINCIPAL, “weblogic”); prop.setProperty(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, “thepassword”); Context context = new InitialContext(prop); ARemote remote = (ARemote) context.lookup(“java:global/…”);

36. 36 Agenda 1. Java EE with WebLogic and Exadata for Our Financial Systems Overview 2. Starting with GlassFish, Migrated to WebLogic 3. Hard Business Operations, with the Power of the WebLogic and Exadata

37. n Scale-out enabled architecture 37 Atomic Database Scaling Old Database New Scaling model (Exadata) ・・・ RT group Batch group n active-active cluster to avoid single-point of failure n Non-stop failover n Parallel operation for high performance Stand-by Real-Time Batch SAN Active Fibre Channel switch (1~8Gb/s) InfiniBand switch (40Gb/s) Real-Time Batch n Batch traffic adversely affects online performance n Single point of failure for non-stop service n MySQL limitation for update transaction performance n Shared storage limitation with another service's bad performance affects n 5 minutes in fail over n Divide online / batch servers n High performance networking n Independent storage for 24 Hrs / 365 days performance guarantee Storage ・・・ n Not scalable architecture ×

38. 38 Single Database, Single Schema Strategy Exadata X3-2 Web Area Replication (APB) Merged to Single Exadata INTRA Area Ultra-huge financial online transactions with ACID props.

39. 39 Migration of Application Front-End (Apache)" Front-End (WebLogic)" External Service" Back-End (WebLogic)" Old App Architecture Back-End" Database" View PHP" Action with Business Logic" Web Service" API Service" Data Service" External Services DMZ (Apache)" Static HTML, Images, CSS" View Facelet" External Services Exadata" Backing Bean (no business logic)" Business Logic" External" Entity" DAO" Entity" Transaction Boundary Transaction Boundary BEGIN COMMIT WebLogic Plug-In" BEGIN COMMIT New App Architecture

40. 40 Fast Deployment Operations WebLogic Server Single WAR for API WebLogic Managed Server Real-Time Batch Deploy Deploy For Management WebLogic Management Console Same WAR, for different servers. Automatic multi server deploying

41. 41 Non-stop “Production Redeployment” WebLogic Server WebLogic New Module Request Dispatcher Old Module Request with current session Requests Request with new session Auto versioning, Non-stop redeployment WebLogic Managed Server WAR Automatic multi versioning, parallel operation Old modules will be un-deployed gracefully when all old sessions are invalidated.

42. Managing Servers by Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) 42 Introduced Oracle Enterprise Manager Easy to Find Performance & Status

43. 43 Our Requests for WebLogic and Exadata § For WebLogic, – Appliance of latest Java EE specs ASAP!! § We know the WebLogic is the basement of the Oracle Fusion Middleware, but we want the latest EE for our products. § Yes, we’re waiting the next WebLogic version supporting JEE7. § For Exadata – Make patches easy to operate § Huge costs for updating quarterly update patch. § Complicated procedures for non-stop upgrading. § Hoping for the next generation updating technology.

44. 44 Contact Hirofumi Iwasaki (@HirofumiIwasaki) Arshal Ameen (@AforArsh)

45. 45

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