Case Study: Nearly sold is not equal to sold

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Published on December 8, 2007

Author: rajeshlalwani



How blogs helped me buy a bicycle and what it means for marketers

28 November 2007 New Delhi Nearly Sold = Sold How blogs helped me buy a bicycle and why it matters to marketers like you and I!

Marketing and Communication are not the same anymore… Changed Realities are about options & choices. January 7, 2014 © Scenario 2

Broadcast V/s Narrowcast January 7, 2014 © Scenario 3

Random Clusters V/s Tribes by Choice January 7, 2014 © Scenario 4

Sales Pitch V/s Conversations Krishna like, we need to ensure that NO Gopi feels ignored! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 5

January 7, 2014 © Scenario 6

The age of reference January 7, 2014 © Scenario 7

People have an opinion Word of Mouth Matters January 7, 2014 © Scenario 8

The marketer understands his product best. “Bullets are our babies! Not one should go wasted!!!!” No ad or press release can replace this passion. January 7, 2014 © Scenario 9

I picked up a LA Sovereign bicycle recently! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 10

There were options between Hercules, Firefox… I wasn’t even aware of LA at that time. January 7, 2014 © Scenario 11

The entire purchase experience, not just the product matters to me! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 12

Layers of influence, on purchase decisions Expert Opinion Peer Reviews Company website Advertising Media BLT Others Markerter’s view January 7, 2014 (Transparent, conversational) © Scenario ? 13

Search is my new ‘clipping’ January 7, 2014 © Scenario 14

Shree’s blog said “Buy Firefox at your own risk!” January 7, 2014 © Scenario 15

What I witnessed was remarkable! For a change, even the marketer had jumped into the conversations. January 7, 2014 © Scenario 16

Who is scared of negative comments? I made an educated decision to buy FIREFOX despite some of those! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 17

Are you open to feedback? Or on the defensive? January 7, 2014 © Scenario 18

The difference between SOLD and NEARLY SOLD. I ended up picking a LA Sovereign instead. January 7, 2014 © Scenario 19

Customer focus! They got back with dealer numbers in 15 mins. January 7, 2014 © Scenario 20

Perceived value. Will find out if I made the right choice! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 21

The last mile.. My experience with the dealer decided it for me! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 22

Thank you! …and happy riding! January 7, 2014 © Scenario 23

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