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Published on May 16, 2016

Author: brandwatchsocial


1. NOT JUST METRICS Kyle Scriven Motion Picture Association of America

2. AGENDA 01. Intro 02. Why MPAA A bit more about me What kind of data is important to us? 03. Partnerships 04. Q&A Why do all the work yourself? Shoot.

3. Introduction (Briefly I promise) About Me

4. Don’t judge me. Sports Nomad 4 I’ve worked in Digital for nine years. Senior Director, Digital at MPAA 01 02 Dual-citizen 03 ABOUT me. Don’t judge me. Sports Nomad

5. The work How we use Brandwatch Analytics

6. Analytics should be the backbone of any good Communications or Marketing strategic planning. You don’t need me to tell you that though. But don’t just limit it to that. How we use it. MPAA has been a Brandwatch customer since 2012 Traditional insights and data The fun stuff ANALYTICS PARTNERSHIPS

7. 7 This was done with Brandwatch’s managed services team. How about an Audit? Best to find out what people are saying first.

8. 8 Ratings discussion was almost equal to the amount of conversations surrounding our anti-piracy efforts. Actually the split was very different Piracy Policy Ratings

9. As a trade organization, we constantly try to be aware of the conversation around our important issues. It informs when we decide to interject, and the influencer tagging allows to understand how a particular conversation is spreading Issue Tracking

10. Fun stuff How We Use Brandwatch as a Partner

11. 11 A co-branded effort with Brandwatch to try to predict Oscar winners through levels of online conversation. What We Did 01 Highly successful with our picks. 86% Accurate 02 Placements in EW, Popular Science, ClickZ, Geek, Read Write and more. Great Press Coverage 03 Social Oscars.

12. 12 Social Awards Season Predict them all Totally revamped the creative and went expanded our universe of Awards shows

13. SXSW 2014 VIZIA Display

14. ARCHIE Brandwatch is helping us create the structure for streamlining our online monitoring across international offices Global Social Media Monitoring 01 Early stages of working to pull all of our varied communication efforts into one set of metrics to determine value Universal Metric/ROI 02 Upcoming Tasks

15. Questions?

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