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Published on March 8, 2014

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FACTS • 560 FOLLOWS on Google • Published by Bauer Media (large, successful publishing company) • Website, Twitter, Facebook pages • Monthly High Brow Music Magazine • £4.60 • 29th October – 20th Anniversary • Circulation figures 79,345, down 6.8 per cent

Target Audience • • • • Mean age of 37 ABC1 demographic Higher percentage of males Readership numbers: 210,000

MOJO •Spell/ charm •Sex appeal •Talent Popularised by Austin Powers (1997)

Banner four sections. 1st section, special offer, including a Free CD, (rock n roll) draws in the reader, ‘Music Magazine’ hand written, looks Classic and classy. Masterhead Black and silver, sophistication/classic look Eye catching, big, bold font 3D Behind the main image, spread across the top Section of the magazine. The slanted look of the ‘UP’ Highlights the fact that it looks as if. Its Shouting at you. Alliteration and plosives. The ‘P’ sound, emphasising The feeling of energetic, loud and gossipy The ‘136 Reviews’ highlights the fact, that They have been around for long, the oldest Record and achievements. Image Music Icon Paul Mactrney Pointing at the target audience Personal relationship, direct eye contact. Dressed in black and white, classic lookAssociated with brand identity. Paul Mactrney, represents the ‘genre’ well Suited to the target audience. Cover lines Red, black and silver, simple classic colour Theme Brand identity of being classic and sophisticated Red, stands out, key features in the magazine Selling point, eye-catching. Four main different font sizes, and only One font style. Image Black and white looks better on older People, also matches the colour theme ‘Beatles’ one of the main colours they Were knows to be seen in. Barcode is in the bottom corner of the page, with the date and time (classy)

House style- Font type colour themes, same font As the Masterhead. Street names & places Famous roads and ‘Vine street’ Representing Elvis Presley, Icon for Rock n Roll. Date added, Important in the media, shows what's current and what's not. Sections headers titles Keeps the magazine organised, and Easier for the reader to navigate, the Sections in the magazine. Article titles, enlarged and capitalised. Quote, added to make the feature, more Exciting, also says a lot about Lou Reed Makes him look honest and well educated, ‘Othello’- Shakespeare. Wants to be a tragic hero. Making him sound Interesting ironic The colour of the contents, contrasts Against the white background, in a white Font. Issue number shows off popularity 240 editions, emphasised how many issues That have been produced Image A single image, the whole rock look is there Costume- Leather jacket, with a plastic rain Coat over it, shades on, it’s a alternative Different look, wanting to stand out and Catch attention.

Shot Long shot Masterhead, log o brand identity, builds up recognition. Caption in each image, name of artist, and page they’re featured Red is a dominant colour and vibrant. It's associated with, Rock or a controversial Genre. Image layout Close together, separated by a thin white layer, making the page look neat and giving it a classic look Page layout Column's, squares and lines, columns Emphasising the layout of it being neat Witty- clever, ‘Mojo, filter’ High angle shot Unique to mojo having this feature Not the usual editors, one off feature Page number, by the logo

Main heading Typical, always massive title, traditionally Very large, big bold letters, with a font of its own Different font (TNR) Colour Scheme -Colours run on to the next page, colours from his TShit. -The white background is suitable as it’s easy and clear to read Expression Serious looking, not Looking into the camera Image: - His T-Shirt represents his personality (colourful & vibrant.) - The main image is spread out over two pages of the magazine Includes date Page number followed by the logo Album cover title Written in Italics Opening paragraph Drop letter, follows down taking up the first 7 lines. The writing is written is present tense, its happening now, artist also refers to himself as ‘Mojo’. Logo following by Page number

This advertisement appears in Mojo magazine as it will attract to their target audience. The brand ‘DR. beats’ is a quality and is expensive, it’s target audience has similar aspects to Mojo. The layout of the advertisement is neat, and tidy. It does this by, using two main colours pink and black. This advertisement will only appeal to people who are music lovers and want a quality sound and brand when listening to music. This advertisement, is very classic looking. It uses one main font colour, which is combined into its main image, making it look professional and cleverly done. The presentations is clear and neatly laid out. This type of advertisement, appears in the Mojo magazine as it also suit their target audience. The last advertisement is advertised in the Mojo magazine as it fits their target audience, both target audiences are similar, same interest, its personal to the theme. The artist of the front cover is easy to recognise which will appeal to the target audience, making them want to continue and purchase other copies of Mojo magazine.

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