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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: sproutsocial



This case study looks at Grosvenor Casinos and their partnership with Sprout to centralize social media efforts and engage, delight customers at 50+ casinos through the UK. Read their success story!

CASE STUDY Grosvenor Casinos + Sprout Social Double Down on Social Engagement Grosvenor Casinos, the United Kingdom’s largest casino brand, sought to standardize and streamline their social communication while fostering more one-on-one exchanges with individual customers. The company implemented an extensive and ongoing program for all of their social media advocates—more than 280 employees trained to handle social media for their 55 clubs in the UK. Grosvenor Casinos partnered with Sprout to better engage and grow their social audience in innovative ways. 1.866.878.3231

Quick Facts Hit Me: A Strategic Situation Grosvenor Casinos is comprised of dozens of individual locations with unique social media needs, so they commonly faced organizational, logistical, and messaging challenges including: Overwhelming Inbox More than 900 social messages flood Grosvenor Casinos’ inbox every day and the social media advocates found it difficult to manage their Location United Kingdom inboxes and respond to customers. One-way Conversation Without strategic oversight, clubs relied on a broadcasting method for 55 Grosvenor Clubs social media communication and did not engage in a two-way dialogue with individual customers. Fragmented Efforts When customer inquires came through social media, the multiple social media advocates within each club were unable to easily easily 300+ Social Profiles communicate and solve issues in an accurate and timely fashion. Lack of Analytics Grosvenor Casinos was unable to see, at both the corporate and club levels, which messages resonated and which fell flat with their audiences. 280+ Employees Trained on Social 1.866.878.3231

Highlights 76% Reduction in Management Time Focus on Engagement Pays Dividends To shift Grosvenor Casinos’ previously disjointed social media efforts, they began by launching global guidelines that included centralized outreach standards for each club. They coupled those guiding principles with a promise of empowerment for each club and provided them with the autonomy to engage their individual audiences. 500% Grosvenor then used Sprout to change the way they monitored conversations, interacted with customers, and collaborated with their entire team. With Sprout, the social advocates at each club were able to: 287 Refine Messages Increase in Responses Trained Social Media Advocates Identify that open-ended tweets and updates receive the most engagement and, in turn, switch the entire social communication strategy from announcement-based messages in favor of conversation-based interactions. Engage Audiences 440K Incoming Social Messages 45K Twitter @mentions Sprout’s Smart Inbox lets advocates easily sift through more than 900 daily inbound social messages to distinguish important conversations and respond in real-time. Create Content Advocates now establish and manage a content calendar within Sprout’s publishing feature from which they schedule messages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Collaborate Across Teams Advocates communicate through the platform and use Tasks to assign questions to the right person—thereby ensuring the issues were answered accurately and resolved quickly.

A Winning Hand In a 15-month period, Grosvenor Casinos transformed its corporate brand and their network of casinos into a strikingly more sophisticated, socially-driven organization. Major successes include: Reduced Management Time Sprout’s streamlined social inbox and tasking capabilities reduced time spent managing social media from 19 hours a week to 4.5 hours a week. Increased Engagement Grosvenor Casinos tripled their engagement and now responds to 60% percent of messages versus a mere 5–10% before implementation. Enhanced Oversight Sprout’s convenient Group and User account structures created an accessible environment for management to oversee the entire social strategy and provide regional or local guidance, feedback and praise. Consistent Social Voice The team developed a strong, mutually agreed-upon social persona for each club resulting in consistent tone throughout all communication. Streamlined Interaction Sprout’s single-stream inbox made it easier for Grosvenor Casinos to monitor, respond to and measure incoming social mentions and messages. Learn how Sprout can help centralize your social efforts and increase your brand engagement at

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