Case Study For Philo Theo using the theory of roy model adaptation

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Information about Case Study For Philo Theo using the theory of roy model adaptation

Published on January 19, 2009

Author: davejaymanriquez



Case Study For Philo Theo using the theory of roy model adaptation

Presented by: Dave Jay Sibi. Manriquez RN. Roy's model offers a classification for stressors that may affect adaptation. Her system concentrates on adaptive behaviors and the set of processes by which an individual adapts to environmental stressors. It is composed of philosophic assumptions, classes of stimuli and coping mechanisms. Person: A biopyschosocial being creating a united system that searches for balance Health: a state - adaptation due to successful coping with stressors a process - responding positively to environmental changes Illness: ineffective coping on a continuum from death toward adaptation Environment: external surroundings and influences that affect a person's development Nursing: Foster sucessful coping through manipulation of stimuli. It can help man adapt to changes in his physiological needs, self-concept, role function, and interdependent relations during health and illness Adaptation: the process and result where thinking and feeling persons use conscious awareness and choice to produce human and environmental integration. Roy's Adaptation Model is composed of modes of behavior, classes of stimuli, and two subsystems. Four adaptive modes of behavior resulting from coping: physiologic, self-concept, role function, & interdependent relationships Classes of stimuli:The combined effect of these stimuli show the person's adaptation level. A person's adaptation level determines the zone that shows the range of stimulation that will have an adaptive response. If additional stimuli land outside the zone, the person is unable to respond postively, and thus, ineffective coping occurs.

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