Case Study: An Apple a Day Keeps the MP3 in Play

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Information about Case Study: An Apple a Day Keeps the MP3 in Play

Published on October 18, 2008

Author: aSGuest1303


CASE STUDY: An Apple a Day Keeps the MP3 in Play : CASE STUDY: An Apple a Day Keeps the MP3 in Play I created a PowerPoint presentation for my portion of my team’s study case for Marketing 1102. I have used some of the new skills that I’ve learned in my Business Systems 1000 course. Enjoy! Slide 2: The A Team Changing the way you rock to music Case Study: The iPod Slide 3: Three Alternatives As a team we have decided on three alternatives that Apple can pursue to increase their 83% market share of MP3 Players. Slide 4: The Affordable iPod Our first alternative is to introduce a new affordable iPod. This iPod will have many of the features of our high end iPods but at a cheaper cost Slide 5: Advantages Disadvantages We are providing a desired product to those who could not afford it before We can attract a lower income buyers By attracting another class of customers Apple will increase their market share The quality may not be as high as the more expensive iPods Not all low income people want iPods or are willing to purchase an mp3 player The lack of features may turn customers away Slide 6: “Apple takes pride in its history of innovation and thoughtful design. But technological leadership goes beyond what’s in the box. How we impact the environment is also important to us, and environmental considerations are an integral part of Apple’s business practices. From the earliest stages of product design through manufacturing, use, and recycling, we take care to keep our activities and our products environmentally sound.” – Apple website iPod Green Slide 7: iPod Green Because of Apple`s strong commitment to the environment and the world`s ever increasing concern of the conservation of our environment, our second alternative is the iPod Green. This new iPod is environmentally friend and is made from recycled material. It is energy efficient and made from recycled materials. Slide 8: It conforms with the world’s ever increasing concerns regarding the environment It joins the “green” movement It reuses what would normally be waste products Potentially higher costs involved in manufacturing the iPods The time it takes to build the iPod from recycled material The product may not appeal to enough of the market Advantages Disadvantages Slide 9: iCreate is an addition to the apple website where you can create, design, and personalize your iPod. iPod, meet iCreate Slide 10: It is designed to the customers’ personal tastes and specification Its different from what any of our competitors are doing currently It can be accessed world wide Because customers can choose exactly what they want their iPods to consist of, they are in control of how much they want to spend The extra time it will take to build The extra cost of labour to build the different variations of iPods There is a higher chance of manufacturing the iPod incorrectly because of the many variations Advantages Disadvantages THANKS FOR WATCHING! : THANKS FOR WATCHING! All pictures have been taken from The A Team FMGT 1F

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