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Published on January 15, 2009

Author: CarvedStone



This presentation of our Stone Design Portfolio features photographs of several custom stone projects we\'ve recently completed.

Carved Stone Creations is committed to offering a unique service to its clients by integrating personalized design services with the most unique, hand-sculpted stone products from around the world.

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Carved Stone Creations | 1 “Stone is our passion” Inside and out, set your project apart with the timeless elegance, beauty and sophistication of natural stone. Specializing in custom architectural stone and bronze, we pride ourselves in creating the most unique and extraordinary luxury home embellishments found anywhere. As your global stone source from design through completion, we’ll work with you every step along the way to ensure you only get the highest Quality custom stonework for your home. Our talented team of designers will craft your vision utilizing a full suite of advanced design software. The approved model is then hand-sculpted by some of the world’s best stone carvers, working with your choice of exquisite natural stones from around the world. Nothing creates a more dramatic presence than the look of natural stone defining your home or Business. For more information contact our design center: Carved Stone Creations, Inc. 2101 Progress Way, Kaukauna, WI 54130 866-759-1920 STONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO, VOL. I

Carved Stone Creations | 3 The owners of Carved Stone Creations gather inspiration from around the world to create many of the pieces in the showroom. The international collection of stone colors and designs available to you allow for virtually limitless possibilities.

Carved Stone Creations | 5 Like a visit to the Colosseum of ancient Rome, the great room of this residence boasts a travertine colonnade. In addition, a pair of fourteen-foot Corinthian columns flanks the magnificent two- story fireplace.

Carved Stone Creations | 7 The attention to detail we provide on your project is unsurpassed. An exquisite stone fountain is sure to add beauty and enjoyment to your surroundings. At Carved Stone Creations, we will guide you through each step of the design process by creating either a classical reproduction or custom design.

Carved Stone Creations | 9 Carved Stone Creations was involved as soon as preliminary renderings were completed on this Tuscan estate. The plan required dozens of structural solid granite columns and a twenty- five ton carved marble staircase. This required early involvement, as collaboration with the architect and structural engineers was critical.

Carved Stone Creations | 11 This residential exterior illustrates several examples of granite cladding, balustrades, and columns available to enhance your home. Notice the custom curved panels in both honed and rock-face finishes. The granite veneer is available as thin as ¾quot;.

Carved Stone Creations | 13 Each of the thirty-three meticulously hand-carved panels on this marble staircase feature designs modeled after the owner’s own history and interests. The sheer scale of this gorgeous staircase is awe-inspiring.

Carved Stone Creations | 15 Carved Stone Creations can provide for all your natural stone needs. This great room features a carved staircase, flooring, fireplace among other architectural details.

Carved Stone Creations | 17 Decorative stone range hoods are an easy way to redefine the kitchen and can be complemented with stone corbels, columns, or even a fireplace.

Carved Stone Creations | 19 The Isis Gold limestone accents shown here are an example of combining stone and wood into a luxurious unique design.

Carved Stone Creations | 21 Our limitless selection of natural stone sinks is sure to embellish any kitchen, bathroom, or remodel project. The fiery marble featured gives the warm glow of a vibrant sunset.

Carved Stone Creations | 23 Created with your personal style in mind, our designers will impress you with our custom, hand carved natural stone tubs. For a lasting warm soak, heating elements can be installed to preheat your stone bath.

Carved Stone Creations | 25 A water jet cut medallion will provide your floor or tabletop with a design made with unsurpassed intricacy and precision. Available in an array of colors and customized to your exact requirements.

Carved Stone Creations | 27 A Golden Orient travertine stone staircase graces this home with its elegance and splendor as it winds downstairs.

Carved Stone Creations | 29 The rich and varied color of this stone staircase, with bowed travertine treads and risers, are a perfect complement to the thin stone veneer wrapping the walls. Combining Old World warmth with contemporary design, interlocking Serengeti Gold quartzite can be installed vertically around a curved wall.

Carved Stone Creations | 31 A natural stone fireplace will add warmth and depth to any room, and will not go unnoticed. Let your home convey an old world charm with a handcrafted stone fireplace surround.

Carved Stone Creations | 33 Travertine is the most popular stone type for interior uses, especially in fireplaces, columns, and flooring. The intricately carved details and family crest make this fireplace a family heirloom.

Carved Stone Creations | 35 Adorn your game room or study with the ennobling influence of classical statuary or a finely detailed renaissance-themed fireplace.

Carved Stone Creations | 37 Your personalized one-of-a-kind fireplace from Carved Stone Creations is designed with impeccable detail to minimize, if not completely eliminate unsightly seams. Full-length hearths and mantels, hidden seams in shadow lines, and mitered corners are just a few of the qualities you will find in your stone fireplace.

Carved Stone Creations | 39 Carved granite architectural accents will add interest to your home, and can be full-faced or veneer to meet your specifications.

Carved Stone Creations | 41 Natural stone pavers have been popular since the dawn of civilization. Carved Stone Creations brings you unique sizes to emulate any design including our own Palatial Versailles pattern with sizes up to two foot by three foot.

Carved Stone Creations | 43 This unique raised patio features a twenty-eight foot diameter gazebo with a stainless steel decorative dome. Oversized blocks were quarried especially for the nearly eleven foot long granite beams to span across each of the eight Corinthian columns.

Carved Stone Creations | 45 Adding a focal point to your garden or landscape will truly make an elegant statement by providing both a functional and aesthetic purpose. This can be achieved not only with gazebos, but with statuary, birdbaths, and other custom designs.

Carved Stone Creations | 47 At Carved Stone Creations, we truly embrace the beauty and culture of Asian inspired pieces, as most of the artisans who hand carve our pieces have passed down this talent for thousands of years.

Carved Stone Creations | 49 From abstract art or classical statuary to life-size zoo animals, we will create any form of handcrafted statuary you desire. From a conceptual sketch or photo, we will create your unique masterpiece.

Carved Stone Creations | 51 Appreciate your granite fountain year round, exposed to even the coldest climates. Your fountain will maintain its functionality and timeless grandeur for generations to enjoy.

Carved Stone Creations | 53 Granite is typically the preferred stone choice for outdoor fountains and landscaping décor, mainly due to its minimal maintenance and unmatched durability.

Carved Stone Creations | 55 Wall fountains transcend ordinary design to make an elegant statement. Classical and contemporary designs in both residential and commercial projects create a tranquil and serene environment for all to enjoy.

Carved Stone Creations | 57 At Carved Stone Creations, we collaborate with designers and architects to provide custom commercial stonework in addition to our residential designs. Projects include interior and exterior stone cladding, wall fountains, flooring, and hotel bathroom vanities.

Carved Stone Creations | 59 Welcome to our stone studio and design center where you will experience our diverse offerings even before you step foot into our world-class showroom. Besides being all natural stone, each of these photos have one thing in common; they are all on the same building.

60 | Carved Stone Creations Carved Stone Creations | 61 Our design process of this grand marble staircase Each detailed panel drawing, in addition to the began with preliminary hand sketches. From four unique newel posts, required a full-scale clay this concept, our designers developed a three- model for approval prior to carving any actual dimensional model of the entire structure. stone.

62 | Carved Stone Creations Carved Stone Creations | 63 This special commission reproduction began with Special planning was required prior to photographing both the original piece and estate construction to coordinate the integrated site. A preliminary computer model was created to lighting and plumbing with the crushing weight determine the correct scale. Once approved, our of this fountain. More than eighty tons of designers created detailed shop drawings of every hand-carved granite was used to construct this piece ensuring a precision fit during installation. magnificent fountain.

64 | Carved Stone Creations Since its inception, Carved Stone Creations Inc. has been committed to offering a unique service to its clients by integrating personalized designs with hand-sculpted stone and bronze products from around the world. The company uses extensive research and development; coupled with three- dimensional computer visualization software to create the most luxurious home embellishments found anywhere. It is our belief that by continuing to bring such an innovative service, that our corporation will achieve continued growth and expansion.

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