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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Almuudena1



This is a work of the organization subject. Here, we can find the differences of Mercator, Robinson and Azimuthal's Projections. Moreover we can find an example of Treasure Hunt game for little children and finally, an example of a media distortion that can change the vision of students

HIDE AND SEEK Cristina Gil Carmen González Rosa Campillo María Maestre Maria José Gomez Almudena Molina Cristina Fernández Ana Cristina Artés .

TOTAL AREA: 449,964 km2 TOTAL AREA: 1,002,450 km2





Name: Francisco González Age: 9 Primary School.

Animal Scavenger Hunt BIG mammal Black and Lives in Asia Eats bamboo Small mammal Black fur Flies at night Eats mosquitoes fur

HUGE mammal fur Lives in arctic Eats seals LARGE reptile Green scales Lives in swamps Eats fish birds Mammals LARGE Fish Gray Lives in the ocean Eats fish

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