Carriage Crossing Animal Hospital presents Cats and Carriers: Teach your cat to love its travelling home!

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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: MaraGerrietsAshbyDVM



Using bribery and other clever tricks to teach cats to love their carrier. Make travel to vets, groomers and new homes easier and less stressful.

Cat carriers may smell like a previous unpleasant visit to a veterinary clinic, humane society or shelter, they trigger cats’ instinct to avoid being trapped, but they are the safest way to transport your cat.

Forcing your cat into their carrier is a fight you can’t win. Struggling to force your cat into the carrier will encourage your cat to associate the carrier with fear, making it increasingly difficult to encourage your cat to enter the carrier on its own.

We’re using a tasty canned food, also try tuna, salmon, cat treats, dry food and catnip. Leave the door open and repeat for several days.

FeliwayTM is a synthetic copy of a feline facial pheromone used to make cats feel safe and secure at home or when travelling. It is available from veterinarians as a wipe, spray or room diffuser.

Set your carrier up in a place where your cat enjoys sleeping, take the lid off and add treats if necessary, soon he or she will make it their favourite bed and hiding place and feel more comfortable travelling with their new bed.

In an emergency you will not have time to train your cat to accept the carrier. Standing the carrier up and lowering them inside while holding the legs in both hands is a safe and non- stressful way to load a friendly cat in a carrier. Scared cats may be more safely handled by wrapping in a towel and placing in the open half of a carrier before replacing the lid.

Call us for complimentary advice on coaxing your cat into a carrier! Plus dog-free appointments, examination with sedation or general anesthesia, and other cat friendly tricks. Dr. Mara Ashby Carriage CrossingAnimal Hospital, next to RIM park inWaterloo, 519-725-1777

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