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Published on November 22, 2017

Author: bjurgenson


Written Proposal Podcast : Written Proposal Podcast Caroline Clausen Students are tired!: Students are tired! It has come to my attention that students are feeling exhausted and unmotivated. They are having trouble focusing on their classes What is the solution?? We need to switch cafeteria menus to organic!: We need to switch cafeteria menus to organic! My proposal entails phasing out all non-organic foods and switching them out for organic foods. Negative effects of pesticides : Negative effects of pesticides As a reminder, pesticides have plenty of negative effects on the human body. This is just one more good reason to begin the switch of the students menus over to organic ones. Organic food sales: Organic food sales As we can see, organic foods is more than just a fad. People are realizing the benefits of eating not only healthier, but organic. As we can see here sales have slowly risen over the years. We can make this happen for our students! Let’s take a look at the very real benefits of organic foods : Let’s take a look at the very real benefits of organic foods How do we make this happen?: How do we make this happen? Existing order in the system- must receive and utilize product After this, start ordering organic produce instead of commonplace produce. We can then move onto grains (bread, pasta etc ) followed by meats and proteins and finally dairy This process should take 6-12 months to complete. Budget: Budget -This endeavor will cost approximately 2000 dollars more per delivery once we have switched all food groups over to organic. By increasing apparel sales we can increase income to Kstate and offset some of the expenses from the menu switch! Our design team has some neat ideas for Christmas K-state sweaters Conclusion: Conclusion We can make this happen for our K-state students! It is worth the effort and being able to boast an all organic cafeteria menu will be a good sales pitch when bringing in new students!

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