Carnival in New Orleans

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Information about Carnival in New Orleans

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: carmencanoyratrabado



An exercise based on a video on Carnival in New Orleans

Carnival in New Orleans

Vocabulary  Float  Costume / Fancy dress  Parade  To dress up as ….  To wear a fancy dress  To make fun of….  Bands  Fancy Dress party  Lent  To fast (not to eat for  Easter  Mask  Pancakes sometime)  To promise to do something

Part 1  Where can we find the origins of Carnival?  What was the feast of Saturn about?  What was special about Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras for the Catholic community?  Who brought Carnival traditions to the New World?

Part 2  Mardi Gras in New Orleans is packed with the ancient elements of the _____________  Most of the groups have names taken from _______________ mythology.  To keep the masses happy the Romans _____________ things to them.

Part 3  Nowadays, what do people throw from the floats?  What is Carnival about according to the reporter?

Part 4  When was the first documented procession in New Orleans?  From the beginning it was a mixture of_______ traditions.  The floats are decorated with a theme. What message do they try to send?

Generalization Parents tend to buy their Parents tend to buy their children’s costumes raher children’s costumes raher than make them than make them Friends usually Friends usually take part in the take part in the parades parades Most people Most people dress up for dress up for Carnival Carnival It tiss I i e peo easyfo peo asy fo p r fanc pe to o ryyoun fanc l le to o oung yydr rgan g dess rganizz re ss part i e parit e ess ie It is common to make It is common to make traditional dishes traditional dishes

Preferences an’t ccan’tt le e eop l / don’ ’t eop / don p p s ome enjoyy assks ome/ enjo S S d / ak m gm t tand earin ssan wearin g d w in min d m uy bbuy t r too an feer rrthhan eef ee t rr tsspp raahh n t s tt m reen ees r heem Paar tuum eet th P tm k os m ccos maak Children love / /like / /hate Children love like hate dressing up dressing up Mosstpeo Mo t peo le p wou p ld ke would lov lewould lilike/ / would lov e / /would e w hate takkepart ta e partin ouldhate to inthe parr d to the paa d a ess e I Iactually prefer actually prefer cooking to cleaning cooking to cleaning

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